All I want from them is where my writing career is left alone by them; not all Books are discussed by its readers, people must have a privacy to read Books and this is my line of business and they will not part with the money that pays for a copy of my Books if I am not selling a Royal lifestyle alongside. The other side of the story they claim is that I talk the talk and they are only asking me to walk the walk; but when I mention Industry goons employing criminals in the neighbourhoods that has got to be talking as it were; not the part where any goon that is able to travel to auto convention goes there to rip up my empire to get rich because that is what Media draws bad attention towards me for; the reality being that since this behaviour of stealing is what black people do at home even with their own children, the confusion is that the rest of the world cannot tell which is which. All I am saying therefore is basically that I may not tell them to stop driving around those stupid cars looking for my anus all day long on account of the lifestyles they have seen and enjoyed by ripping up my Business empire to get rich using Media and celebrity culture but I do not want to see them around my Public image and Public life anymore especially the diplomacy areas – otherwise it is a game I enjoy as well because when people think they have gotten used to it, especially the striking peoples body parts, then ripping up my sales aspect and then have to be shown how to roll it back, I do not have to get off my half priests position to hurt anybody in order to do enough damage to make them comply as they will inflict that on themselves all together. The others who like to claim I made myself out to be a war monger when I am not are just as good as the sense that if I do not show the millionaires their place the lies on account people have access to my market and money to lap it up with, will definitely continue to bottom out my sales and cracked up out of my league to wind me up every day but in their case specifically nobody knows why any would set themselves up as the kind of person that has little tricks by which to go off to stock market and end up with a few thousand, that then allows them to spread themselves all over the neighbourhoods and the internet to rip up my business and make fun doing so all the time but we all know they think when I tell them they can blab about inventing my financial wellbeing and wanting to get into a conversation about which part of industry I created which I then hope to gain from, if they have the fucking guts, they do think I am bluffing.

So, they say I am at War with the world, but I am not; it is just reality that people are too fond of reacting in very evil and destructive and violent ways when anything I do brushes them but a little – for me it has become a question of whether what I did was a bad thing of which when it is not, I am right to expect them to ask questions and not issue threats.

It does not mean I discount their success when I say they are stupid but like to think they are clever; it just means I am dumbfounded as per how it would be clever to know just one thing and set out making it into a routine obsession to tell others who know many things more than you do, what to do, all the time. Hence for those of them that are clever; their crowds are usually made of people who chose what to work on, which is usually another person’s life and property every time they have a task to perform but it is never what they have conversations about when they disagree with me, the one they do is about society and violence all the time and how it will harm and affect me if I interfere with their needs, hence my position being that it will thereof somewhere in hell too – while the former case is as such one that they will never ever get to handle too.

They do say they are fans, which has no basis on reality; the reality is that they are always full of themselves and like to think it will come to no harm for them if they desired or read my Books while keeping a loutish behaviour and so what they have learned to do is get involved with me on the effects of the loutishness which turns my tummy upside down all the time and shows I need to make them stay off my Books and finances by their means or mine.

In the end it is an old story about being bullied by Evil Men and Evil Women and in my case Civil rights idiots as well and when you do not wish to be bullied by these three groups of people, you can always make a conscious decision not to be. They do say the word evil is broad but it’s a matter of what I purge as people I do not want involvement with when I have gotten a world around me that is run by Politicians who ensure people who come to no good when they are in control are financially better off than I am at my expense and therefore will not stop lying, to stop laying i.e. such Women as keep these kinds of skills and involvement and the means by which they do it with people’s lives and treasure them as priced possessions with which they make their way in the world for instance.

It is never an emotive issue; I do think about doing something concerning this need Politicians have to make stupid people of the public financially better off at my expense and the damage to my work in the process but in the end if they are financially well off as a people, it does not cause any harm, never mind the fact Politicians are doing what they are supposed to do in the process. The case here is that we know they are stupid people, and all is well when no scumbag shows up to use them to do my public image and my life and my career – journalists like to have a go as though they have got the power and I am not the one complaining – the world is only getting to find out what they will do when they know what I know about everybody else too.

It is like the racism Politicians complain about at present when they cannot secure themselves a scapegoat with the use of government funds that was their personal property i.e., the fact it is about the Country in all their Europe and the U.S. does not make it any less insulting.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland