I am said to be chasing this whole clash with Celebrities issues while most people are simply unable to make sense of my actions. The reality on the other hand was the fact that we are expected if we had careers, to show up somewhere and do something for people that will get us paid, the problem that exists between myself and Celebrities is that all I do to show up where I am expected to get paid, is usually mired in gimmicks and practical jokes about how easy it would be for them to display what I was meant to do as their own achievements. This has trashed my finances for the last 12 years and my University studies before then too. They do love to show up and put up something of a routine that suggested they were a threat to me while they are not; what really happens is that they need me to suffer until I thought that the money they had was something I sorely needed as well and this suffering has now lasted 18 years without an outcome where I was broken as such, therefore indications there isnít a prospects they will achieve such a thing in future and the torture needed to end. They speak of getting to understand my real views as somebody who has so little respect for people that are financially successful, but we know that it was all built from plugging their teenage gimmicks into my social life and is now the main reason they set about dominating me with money they are making, meaning the whole thing had long failed to progress into a real job for them. By the way which those who are good at this questions might want to try and tell us all what they suppose is wrong with the famous idiots too all together; it was clear if I eliminated facts about the evil that transpires in show business, it would have been impossible to explain the motives for these activities and we can therefore see why it should not be taken for granted that they are no longer talking over me like characters who are in need of services from an exorcist because somebody has been helping them blab their gimmicks on my finances instead.

I donít think that it is a crisis as such but I would rather like to do without the work of tackling it Ė I mean the need to take pictures on my social life in order to get famous, which show up on magazines to make a mess for me at street top shelves, can always be followed by a process where I built them publicity they didnít want over the patent breaches that facilitate such nonsense and the pornography that results from it. We see this behaviour reciprocated by their minions who are most convinced above all else, that they were a threat to me; their whole lives being built around going into the academic environment to complete university studies on the premise of trashing another personís life and playing with peoples careers for as long as they had jobs to do Ė the sheer joy that you are available for this nonsense will leave you sick with an eating disorder and as long as it continues, the stupidities will do nothing but express the fact they are very destructive fools who think that they were incredibly important instead. The main problem here is that what they describe as trend, really is what people expect me to show up somewhere and do for them in order to earn money and pay my way like everybody else and they needed to understand if they were complaining about me, that it is not a trend, much like they want me to shut down a writing career and show up somewhere to work for their stupidities, while the Books did a better job on the culture and society goons they were complaining about, then what they were set to pay me for working in service of their stupidities and this is an example of the way that a handful of idiots who have no idea what they are doing, show up here to trash my finances in order to appear as though they were important, adding to the history of woes that are a product of their stupid popularity, which they are about to pay for in this place Ė we see it play out at the Monarchy as well, where they bring up stories about which daddy characters were fighting my battles and yet when they had fought your battles and you set about expressing your gratitude for what they had done to protect you, all hell broke loose because they had no idea what their stupidities were doing in the first place, threatening public stability in the process. I for my part do believe I have issued the warnings that they needed keep away from my Books and keep their insults off my social life and public image for long enough.

I have heard this stories about tackling Celebrities being a fools venture but it isnít a fools venture here Ė I am not out to stop them from being Celebrities, they are supposed to play a role that gets them Public involved with culture and society because if there was none doing so, there was ample prospects that the culture and society would be forgotten about all together Ė then again the concerts are not free and itís still difficult to ascertain exactly what the problem of the famous and stupid really is, however which I have suffered it enough to be clear they want some of mine as well. so, it is all a handful of goons who take very seriously the idea they were important, making a total mess of my whole life because I am not seen putting myself on a pedestal that will help me exhibit my existence and it goes back to the number of important aspects of my concerns that their foolish popularity had destroyed, setting the stage for how it is to end, if they do not wish it to end amicably.

Much like the other story that it is difficult to decide how we get involved with Celebrities and make it into a problem on a later date which we donít; what happens is that they get involved and for those who do, the act of doing so is not financially viable if everybody is able to do it as well and naturally, for the Celebrities that do get involved, if the reasons for doing so is broken, then it is broken and finished Ė what causes the tension being that it never makes use of anything according to purposes stipulated while its corrupt fat cats claimed to have been making rules at the Monarchy, soon it finds me build up wealth equity structures where women put up investments and buys products until I got into trouble because it hates women, thereafter it gets its daughters on it and buys the products to abuse me and trash both my social life and career in order to teach me a lesson when it buys products its children put up on my wealth equity structures, which is completely ridiculous and amusing, should have been the end of the story, until the Duke of Sussex had fabulous ideas.

I. Uno I

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