I hear of this case where it is not exactly clear what my person and the content of my character really is, such that nobody really can tell what stage it is that I was so provoked as a person that I had legal right to defend myself but of course the reality is rather that these People want to enjoy life and answer the questions about what it really means but whilst they do want to get involved with my personality and use it and damage it and never pay for what they use, leaving me with the sense that I need to affirm myself on a mirror before I step out of my Door which I really do not have time for and get left with depression instead – there is therefore the other question to be answered of the fact that there is actually nothing wrong with my personality. It is not the only type either – the other is for instance that I spent time fasting and praying and got a visitation from a heavenly being; what will happen in about 12 Hours or more is that a Goth popular culture idiot will make a music CD suggesting I stole his beauty and they will gather as a community soaking themselves in twisted evil self-improvements that mean I have to come up with more, telling lies all over the place: then we hear that my Behaviour puts People’s lives at risks - whereas there is a way that actually works and its involves certain abuses that are meant to set their Leaders out as superior persons, until a path is carved out between the Offices those Leaders occupy and the Criminal world and then what is left becomes a struggle to determine whose sensibility was being used to commit the killings, while I am left with a wrecked writers career and a Business Empire Trust from which I cannot release much needed funds and the cycle continues viciously.

It comes down to their popularity culture eventually and what I have done to earn their hate is the mild version of making sure I can get along and they can do, where showing up to chase my private parts at important public venues will likely mean that I ensure their celebrities end up at Society and society ends up at Celebrities like I have already done, to make them understand my work place is not my toilet as well, since the last time they took it up and decided all by themselves. It goes without saying when it starts to get serious and I get my hands on the celebrity and popular culture, it is possible I am bluffing when I say they will never see it again and yes they do say it’s the same kinds of things they see in Africa where people can just get up and decide others cannot be celebrities naturally but we still have the same problems where the simplest need to plug somebody else’s life and shaft them to solve a problem of sales basically means media fools must address and arch prince and hit him at the highest points of his career and family life to make it operable every day and we can see it’s not just me and that they do it on a daily basis and issue threats alongside to ensure it is a sustainable behaviour they can count as career as well; so I am elaborate about it because there is that idea that if I convinced them I will shut down their celebrity culture and popularity insanity it was a credible threat, they will actually stop it. A simple thing like plugging nonsense into people’s lives to make advertisement sell must be done by boo boy hitting people at the top level of their career and family life because it’s their incredibly stupid nature, talking more nonsense at me all the time. Then there is that talk of how I never really make my position clear and uncomplicated to others, which would be as simple as making it clear that when Journalists love to address me I find it insulting and will dig up society and place it on their bottoms, of which they are winning as well as it stands, rather than have a convention about what kinds of respect I want; the reality of it is that they become more concerned about those scandals and what that girl will do with my public image at an advertisement that is just a few tens of thousands and will make them a few millions according to their last projection and the result of getting involved with me is that they do not do the journalist jobs while I am the one who suffers for it financially, what they then do is a stage for lies set and threats issued in my direction to make a bad situation worse, then they also pretend most of my activities are random and spontaneous and would rather have had little to do with me being left to my public service while they spent time of their journalist work. It feeds into that story of things British do to support the bad things Americans do, while we know those who peddle such things are in league with revolution sensationalism that comes from Russia as well: so that what we are left with is an assessment of what they think is important and the Scandinavians think making deals with society to keep a marriage matters more, the French are all about Fashion and lifestyle, the Spanish are all about Celebrity and adventure and so on; so it adds up and we find they have only one thing in common i.e. stupid girls on the left and goons from had bottle on the right who chase people private parts so they can get to steal peoples public image as exist for the silly way they have lived their lives. They have all gotten used to the world wars as it stands, gotten used to the fact that what you want to do is take your family and get lost on a remote Island and suddenly discover you can ring up and get transported back home when your holiday is over, what you cannot understand is what makes people come to a decision about solutions involving ethnicity that leads them to kill thousands and millions of people in the most barbaric manner imaginable as well – then we will hear that not only is everything British fuckable but the elite of British Military behaves in the same way, which does not bother me in anyway as the elite of everything British behaves in the same way; as for being fuckable and their inability to tell the simple truth, it only continues until they have something to complain about. So they will say we ensure the US does nothing but War whereas we know they are the ones doing that and the and need to do some stock market and fashion while the US builds trade centres and teach Terrorists lessons overwhelms every other sensibility every single time and now the problem of terrorism has become so complicated because of them as well; what it does at the basic level is still what it wants to play out at US National stage i.e. it will gather women and manage them and then each time people touch it and get away with doing so, it will display the naked pictures of them women to save itself and it gets to a point where some of the pictures are so grotesque that you are left asking why he does not take his clothes off to save himself instead and then he will use your own to do it and secure his exit in that way – so when you do understand the nature of a thing and how it intends to get itself out of every sticky situation its stupidities have led it into as such.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland