Their most prized statement made these days is that I am a low life who expects others to be afraid of me. It is rather difficult to understand, as I am building this up to a state of utter enmity with Celebrities and Media - where in the case of Journalists, people qualify at University by ripping up my career over a Royal Hermitage that I am completing academic work to manage and they were more entitled to, at the end of which their Government Office goons could not run out ideas on new forms of discrimination that happens to be another personís responsibility, only to set about a career that involves getting on my Media Equipment to put a name to their faces and set about pushing me into involvement with Gangs and Criminals in order to create a sense that the work they did was incredibly relevant to the public, once I had moved the Gangs and Criminal tendencies on, set about planning its stupid future along the lines of using publicity and public influence to control me on-behalf of Celebrities, Industry trouble makers and Fast Cats and it has never been explained why the idiots always have to plan their career and personal finances in such ways, knowing what really happens at the Markets just like it is that when you are not leaving your rubbish in your backyard it ends up somewhere in another personís backyard far away, when people take money from the financial system which they did not earn, it has been taken from another personís bank account far away. The Celebrities wouldbe the fools who wreck the academic work to make me into a character that complains about wickedness and obscurity, unwittingly building a Public image that he cannot control because he had no money, only to progress to a stage where everything I did to recover the career is either followed on by their wise arse civil rights idiots with distant violence which blesses them with everything and is set to make me go from writer to mentally disturbed character because they are currently finding it impossible to keep their stupid hands to themselves with respect to how I am being used, over a big mouth they have got, while they encouraged their local fools to build communities that got imagination up my bum, that was used to stop me in my tracks. I cannot say they have weighed up the options well either, I am done tolerating their involvement with my Books and Public image and they are free to keep blabbing about some low life who thinks he should be feared.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland