The suggestion is that I am irritating but I have never explained it Ė I am not irritating, these are all products of a bunch of characters that were out of everybodyís league, their mates were criminals at the same time, they needed other peopleís incomes and had to invent a trick to ensure others were sorting out the consequences of the way they lived while their silly Politicians thought it was amusing when not complaining too. What they have been doing here is a case of realising that the interest in me had become toxic for them, so they had to invent an abusive campaign to express the fact insultingly, that they would like me to shut up Ė they had soon realised if this was instead channelled towards working on anything I might do to prevent them making their own money with my livelihood, they would be much better off, what has replaced this two issues that are the only things happening here, is a state of affairs which suggest I am finished, dead and buried, while they spy on me when I had no clothes on and took it to a whole new stage, as stupidly as possible.

It is a simple case of intense organised distraction which keeps me from meeting my financial needs, all we know about it being the complaining. They claim naturally that there is nothing I can do about their money at this stage but itís a classic case of my involvement with Industry courting enough trouble for their celebrities and fashion idiots to pick up my service process and build me a version of me that they will like, so when they boast like that they believed we had arrived at a stage where working with Industries meant that I worked for them as well and therefore could not stop their money. Generally, they have all got more of what is getting to their heads and need to spend it, spending it on me as is irrelevant as a question, they just need to waste it, alternatively I have given them the exit and would rather fancy they kept from my Books and restricted their comments to their own careers. Theory is that I cannot take them on, reality is that those stupidities that set people out as punching bags to befriend rich people and build a crowd on it, showing up here to expect that I did something with Public work so I might be taken advantage of because they are not nice people and did not think there was goodness in others, is not actually going to do much about peoples hatred and wrath against their middle and lower class stupidities as such, whether or not there was an idiot who spent his money making trouble for others behind it, running off his stupidities to ensure my career did not mean anything to anybody, hence the idea I served their stupid money, the money itself, considering that I don't need theirs and will not settle for a share of what is offered for the insulting usage of my own property Equity and Assets, to make profit with it, wreck my Bookshop and get me to rely on money they are spending at the markets, set to become a problem that I had to solve as it were.

It is suggested that I hated black people and I donít, itís a matter of client spending their own property to broker with me or me having work to do with Clients which then set the stage that allows black people to get involved with where I had done the best work for my career as though I am one of their own, in a condition that meant that they did not feel inferior. The damage this causes is immense naturally and you may tolerate it to any extent you wish as such, there still will come a time that you had to decide what you really wanted, whilst we see how it is degenerated into something ugly when their insolence had grown into a claim that I cannot take the money they have made from it away from them which pains me, outcome is that I will flip every other aspect of my projects that had ended up with market, as per what is compatible with what they have handled and I will want to do so during business and economic cycle for maximum effect, the result intended is to ensure all understood I was causing the destruction that I had to regain a process where it was understood that a Bookshop was a place where people paid for the Books that they read. The rest of it is claim that I stand for the Government and not the Public while we know that if they got a product, should that product make the creator or seller better off, they will forget the benefits and show up with a crowd to fight the same producer over wealth and social inequality but if it is given away like in my case, doing so determines that they had no respect for the patents and property of those who do. The follow on being that I did not care about freedom and failed to understand tyranny, what we see is like we see in terms of racism, where there are racists and black people outnumbering the Police, what stops carnage being what the Police stand for and not peoples individual strengths but when an Office asks where a crime had been committed, the need to wreck peopleís lives and show up on media to berate victims all the way to first grade will become so important that Media salvation will take the issues out of the hands of the law, get people hurt and put it back there on account they had to make money Ė same as we agree with them when they claim that they have to do these things because their women cannot tolerate discrimination due to the interests of children but if we made sense of such statements it meant that not only were conservatives who believed these matters were easily handled by the way people organised a work place and received clients, were the inventors of racism and discrimination and that our women were particularly guilty of it. I really donít care what they want as such, I am tired and done with it at this stage, need to ensure they understood that any solutions to problems they wanted here, were located in the Books, if they found none, need move to another Books somewhere else Ė just like they claim I needed them while I donít, much a story of picking up my service processes to get between me and Clients, so it becomes quite clear that I do want them for something if I wanted them and it involved the business of working markets where peoples chased bottoms and if they didnít, I would do it for them as it were, having been this nonsense had run its course. Cause of all these being that the academic and career environment was made toxic for me, so I am better of chasing my finances while studying in my spare time and keeping the Royal Bookshop running, the need to wreck this and keep but benefits for their lack of compunction and the way their money problems relied on others since added up to their incredibly insolent civil rights.

Outstanding is the process of picking up my civic duties to get off fighting my wars as a show of my inferiority, to add to incessant insults from their stupid children who cannot make use of the freedoms of expression or attend public conferences without throwing an insult my way, to suggest they were superior, something they were very good at like a call to beat up women at the market place and become a certified low life - now we have their stupid Celebrities learning Martial Arts to tackle me by, the great Liberals looking for all the trouble they can find and churning my tummy with the stupidities that helps them find it amusing, while complaining I want access to the stupid society as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland