Naturally, I am aware that the biggest problem a Royal Estate and its commissions really have is that of betrayals from within; because the only means to success is decisive victory which enables a process of the creation of an existing job that must be a success as well to manage the outcomes of such a victory.

So I should reiterate not only the evils of civil rights and popular culture but the clear fact that I had wrestled with the evils of society and won normalcy from them and must now therefore place structures with which to manage normalcy for my part of winning the victories quickly and early enough to make a job writing books which are market viable by which I get to perform this responsibility and so if anything goes awry, it should be known that Black people are entirely responsible for it - regardless or not of whether they complain about the destruction of their cultures which only purpose is to see I am responsible for removing food as they put it from the mouths of insolent spoiled children, which is both an idea I got from them and what they claim is the reason behind their behaviour towards me when they handle my possessions and in turn will earn me the revenge of their bigger and more.

As for Politicians, all their problems are a factor of their insults and a seeming problem with a lack of respect; the financial crisis it creates for me and thereby access it gives to their idiots, mobility it gives to criminals be they racial criminals or not. The claim that my antagonism of the Politicians is as responsible for the breakup of the UK is in the same bracket of course as those stories about how I need to submit to the governance of these other stupid people children that find ways of getting themselves elected into government offices as it were: I mean when they started it happened because it was fun and I was being teased, today they have told so many tales around wealth distribution and social inequality I will remain that way for the rest of my life as there is no way out with a big mouth and that is the sort of thing we are talking about here - I do wonder if it is possible to get to resolve the matter of being insulted by UK Politicians by talking to them about it, it does seem that although the ball is in their court that is a long way from reality so I have no idea what they are complaining about either - it is getting increasingly personal of course, just like being subject to their governance. It’s like the old case of people feeling I have thrown away all I have which is not really true as the only thing that helps goons to pillage my income is still the insults of these Politicians of which there is no way of dealing with through discussions only i.e. if I need to look after a Court and some temperamental mistresses all over Europe and other people that are drawn to me as I am to them, why on earth would I want an appearance on the red carpet for example, yet they would claim along with their celebrities of which there are so many idiots in that line of business these days anyway churned out by an Industry that is funded through tax payers because of Politicians to help idiots that are way past their sell by date to experience fame and yet I may even be told to let them be in order to avoid problems, when we all know there is another me swirling around town and around the world doing whatever it likes which I cannot control, I mean cannot control as in they are bluffing yet again as it were - when all this started it should be noted, it was a case of one of those occasions where the things they can do to undercut people at the most basic of their instincts fundamentally meant that Politics is the way to do things and when they mention such things they are talking about right to jobs and right to livelihood and even right to personal life - today it has become something else and they are off making use of my work by abusing me and more so without paying for their own copy so as to stir up this need to test if it is their own absurdities I put myself through hell to deal with or my own that is stifling my book sales as it were.

I am not necessarily unaware of the idea I am in a twisted point because Politicians have put me there to show me what is what and if I dared to prick them again there will be even graver consequences. It is utter nonsense; the truth is that if I did what I have done recently when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in Downing Street, more so bearing in mind that at the time I was of the age between 18 and 24 and if I said I did not want a job because I thought being in University was a better use of time, I would get popular support for it, they would have been putting their Mouth where their money is at this stage - so I have to assume somebody wants to extricate the condition of another that is angry enough to go back and chase the process in question; otherwise these foolish Men would be a lot more busy driving a Public transport Bus or just spreading leaflets to get into Public Office, keeping their insults off and letting me be. They will say this is an example of the fact I have it but do nothing with it - and I will say they need to get to work, pay attention to the one that pays their salaries and leave me alone. It is much the same as the story they cannot stop telling of how my position encourages sexual abuse when everybody can see that a cash strapped Royal Prince whose private parts everybody has access to as a matter of their need for fantasies and power and distant abuse and to have things doing that nobody can tell them off for, meaning they can feel special by doing whatever they liked, is probably a worse form of abuse: - it is much the same as the story of how I have no respect for those who laid down their lives to create the civil rights I have today – whereas we all know the bloody idiots have no respect for me as well and are still laying down those stupid lives on my account as we speak, while pretending Racists normally murder total strangers as it were. It is not a matter of two people having opposing views of the way the world should work and one killing the other, that we are talking about here, it is a story of who deserves the most respect of which I do not think their own is hurting badly enough yet as it were.

I do not think the matter is a difficult one; the reality is that they are all doing it and will be happy to take your life to meet such an end i.e. somebody will know that an item is something you earn a living from and that if you do not, you may become homeless and if so in Winter you may die but they will turn up half the time to ensure they spread controversies around it and gossip how amusing it is to do so with their friends, show up in public places to call  crowds on you and start to threaten you and groom you for extreme violence where you look the part for the victim, the other half will then show up to take pictures of their foolish Women all over it and splash out on the Tabloids and if these idiots do not make money in such ways, then it is apparent that they will not be able to make money; so they need to clear my space, as I am rather unable to tell which is racist anyway.

I do not think this is a massive problem, it’s the ideas Politicians put forward concerning their view of activities others engage in, which is designed to ensure that somebody comes to harm - hence evil people like these have always had a habit of organising themselves into communities built on being victims of hatred and persecution because it not only helps their version of cohesion but it also ensures that another person is responsible for the actions of somebody else, even when such an action had led to a crime of murder, this I if I may point out, is even less important than the need to ensure when unholy and sinful things happen, entire Communities are to bear consequences or have taken part either by others doing it on their behalf or being pressured into doing it. So, my question is rather a simple one i.e., why is it that even when the cost of bullying is so high, people still fight so hard to ensure it is a behaviour that they regularly engage themselves in? I am not talking about blabbing Media and Political idiots telling me which side of either left or right I am supposed to be either, that has already led to problems associated with their stupidity and the need to attack me and steal processes by which I do what I do without showing my face in public, through the means of handling my business and therefore my finances as though everybody else was both as stupid and needed the same things.

They do say I bring it on myself by getting around pricking some Tyrants here and there but of course before then their primary stupidity and involvement with me was aimed at showing that they live in Parts of the world where they can afford servants and more so because I look like one - hence I must assume that big Mouth is not wagging anymore, hence story has changed. They do say I can do nothing about Men and their society but of course I can always keep from being bullied by evil Men and can always keep evil Women off my business and earnings and American Government cannot question me about their freedom for it; so, it all serves to complicate the fact their insanity is now based on spending my income on themselves because that is what their Politician and Media fools want. The blabbing is all very well but nothing has changed of the fact that it does not become any less insulting when it is about the Country.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland