These are the risks to properties with which I held together and looked after the 4th richest economy before the economic crisis began; Asia, far Eastern and South Asia Corporations and Industry vandals who like to have destructive fun that makes them money, African fools and an obsession with media who cannot have enough of fooling around while securing another persons income for their needs and of course British Politicians are mad. No such thing as spooning off American Interests or spooning off the cultural practices of idiots therefore which is entirely typical and I want my property and company restored the way it was.

They claim that without the destruction of my property and pressure they put on me, I would not be doing my Royal duties and it is utter nonsense too – we know if I got my hands on their culture and society, they would need the National Media, National Civil service and National Parliament to show I am cursed by my Parents.

The claim I have been doing it anyway can be measured by the damage to academic work, finances and career that their stupidities causes when their society goons have a need to push me around and tell me what to do all day long while they got into government building to wreck everything I did to ensure I wasn’t pushed down, now what we know is that the same goons are making a mess of their lives complaining about my attitude as insultingly as possible and the only thing they want to do with that is attack me because I am the one with ideas on what to do about it, so its unfathomably stupid. The prognosis being that I am going to handle their culture and society again, so they get to need everything that exists at National level to show that I am cursed by my parents.

It’s the same tale of the vandalism that is funny and amusing because they know where my Books are located and we know when Industry fools get their hands on the stupidities they build up from such nonsense the blackmail will go from churning my tummy and pretending I have no idea what Satanism and evil looks like, to people shooting endangered Animals overseas to claim they know where my Books are located and will handle it if I didn’t co-operate with their needs and when I found a solution that works for me on the matter thereof, they will peel me away from it with all the power in the world.

I am now told that none knows what I am like under the skin but it detracts from them getting to discuss why the Labour Party wants league with African tribalism to insultingly secure my Office for one of their own, as idiotic as we know the civil upheavals in this Country that is mostly due to their insolence and abuse looks – it detracts from the fact the thing they need to discuss is why indeed each time they meet people, the outcome is that they introduce themselves in a sense that they had built a community with which they decide where the Country is and that community will be full of idiots whose lives from then on will be built around getting their foolish imagination up the anus of their victims. I don’t have a problem with it at face value as it has become rather clear they have been dealing with a milder version of me spending their House on myself so I become even more beautiful than the beauty that brought it on and if they blab nonsense about homosexuality at me it will get all hay wire – some have been going off to do my stuff at Buckingham Palace for it and so should know it is what I am really like under the skin. They speak of oppression matters all the time and it leaves me wondering which oppression they were talking about when they spend most of their time on personal decisions which gets them into a corner that makes it impossible to live in the one and only society that they have got and then show up to demand things from others that make no sense to give or share until it becomes a violent situation; usually if the consequences are not delayed none can tell that their behaviour is fundamentally linked to their criminal activities whenever they are not doing any but I have here delayed consequences for my part, so I no longer exist in a life where I can only describe their stupidities as an adage – we find soon it grows into a battle to tackle how extremists respond to it, we find that soon after the battle to tackle extremists has taken up everybody’s time, we ended up in a battle for dominance with them and the only reason it happens is because they are so stupid that if you are not whacking them over the head with a large stick or something, such behaviour runs without limit. The part where they say I omit the business of what Royals do with it is entirely different story; the one involving the Royals has nothing to discuss about it, as my position is that when enough Celebrities that get around my concerns to make a mess of it and get connected to other Royals had suffered enough, most Royals will spend their time on their own duties and I will not be left looking like the one that got ahead and needs to be tackled by the privileges that others have. I mean its difficult to tell what the appeal is anyway; the business of co-operating with Daddy characters who have a need to get imagination up peoples bums, make a mess of peoples lives and get Celebrities all over peoples public image because they have an undying need to serve famous racists and the ethnic minorities that copy their behaviour – what seems to be the appeal when this is the highest level of Political instability that you can get out of your office and out of your way to stir up, beats my imagination but I have already dropped out of University because it meant the goons were always watching me on CCTV, to do strange insults where the Crown gets down the throat and into my tummy to make a bad smell, getting hoodlums to attend University with me and boasting at the local Pubs about confiscating an Arch Prince’s Office all the time, only to get Celebrities all over my Public image in a grand scale; the Celebrities boasting then that it has happened which response will be for my part as well that they will suffer enough to ensure other Royals do not find co-operating with their need to make a mess of mine in order to get near the Monarchy so appealing. We have seen new ones emerge these days; the part where they must now invent a process of getting their Children to inherit their Civil service Offices which feeds directly into the fact their criminals want to learn how I stay on benefits while they wreck my finances and pillage any opportunity to get employment and I am living on benefits for it – hence about to develop into something of their Media and Celebrity goons no longer winning their Contracts by deploying my Assets because they got a response that meant I was deploying benefit money to spend their savings on myself, plan my life on their wallets – nothing therefore to discuss about it, I cannot remember an occasion in which the Queen wanted anything to do with these Daddy characters, cannot tell where they got it from.

They speak of my part in the matter all the time and the only part I have played in the matter is that it all hinges on the destruction of my academic work since without it we have a case of do the job and society goons brought in new ones from the backdoor hence its never done, when you have the academic qualifications its do the job and everybody knows there is a job that was done with a reason behind it – the only part I have played is picking a neighbourhood where I can write my Books and the outcome being that I should have picked a more affluent one to avoid people with desires wanting to do my Books were wealthier people existed, not that I would catch on anyway, so the part Royals play in this is that the neighbourhood I picked to work my writing career with is the reason for the highest levels of Political instability in the Country and its quite unprecedented. The rest of the times it hurts when I do what I do all over again because when I Writer is Published, that should have been the end of that specific job; they would never say they show up here to contribute to the problems by trying to see me work for Books I have already Published, we know they are convinced there is a part I have played in their misery. The point of Royals picking up this Society trouble makers thing largely being that they are making a Statement that we all think the Queen is a Saint but she is not which has nothing to do with this Bookshop as well. I am accused as such of not being as emotionally attached to the Royals as they are to me, which is not the case but each time I am emotionally attached I hit a brick wall that suggests they are interested in the best modernity that Money can buy and if it helps them run their Royal Offices and keep people from Tribalism, its perfectly okay but personally I think the antagonising of Religion generally means the whole thing will be fraught with problems, although its not for me to say. This then being the point where all sorts of idiots who have become addicted to my responses when I am hurt and their stupidities on Media had become profitable will say they had the crucial advantage which is incredibly annoying as the idiots are complaining but I need to start selling Books at this shop whether or not they existed and I need to start selling as soon as possible, especially as their stupidities for all the ego they exhibit are not sharing the salary thereof.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland