So the popular idea seems to ride on people’s desire to know where my position of wealth equality really is; the fact on the ground however is that it may have been happening but I have never seen any such irresponsibility as people who a) think their business model is something they are saving for the future and b) is something they do not like as much as they like to spend mine to sell their stupid products, these destructive idiots secure an unprecedented amount of Political support for their activities on Media and around the world but most remarkably do so from wealth distribution and wealth equality idiots. So technically if I were to act to help them with it, it does not necessarily mean that doing so would make the stupid bastards better off; so they will use their own to do it, since a process where they don’t want to is becoming confrontational and of course when I say I will cut to pieces those things they consider to be their pride and joy and therefore my biggest headache over my book sales and that their stupid media, I have no idea why they like to think I am bluffing as well.

I am told that I made a mess of everything and am now fixing it for accolade which is utter nonsense – what happened is that the abuses channelled at me by culture and society trouble makers as set to ensure they beat me down and told what to do and how to exist as to make them financially better off and comfortable and my need to handle their society and ensure they knew I will sell it for money and buy weapons if threatened was to ensure I could beat them down and tell them how to exist and what to do as to make me financially comfortable too; mine was the one Politicians stopped, their own was the one Politicians spent tax payer funds to support, so since they have had it all their way for years now, nobody can actually tell why I still have to put up with their stupidities and abuses every 24 hours, except we deduced that they want a response and some will say such a thing was a very wicked thing to do on the part of the Politicians but the Politicians wouldn’t say it was, we know they are the ones who complaining about it more than I do these days and that the way these idiots provoke me means I am going to do it again - starting with the fact nothing prevents me from taking out a Student Loan to get back to University and off benefits at this stage, save being inflicted by that nonsense where I am made to smell of what I ate each time I step outside of my door, while their stupidities got around the streets doing business on how much label of 'bum' would look good on me.


The idea on the other hand however that I caused the damage there is to peoples economies and the global economy today and am now hoping I will fix it before the powers realise I need to be punished, the bastards really do believe the reason people write books and put them up for sale at the market place is so that people can have a means to punish them if they want to obviously. The general consensus must therefore be that when I say anything about wealth equality if at all I do, I am talking about them as such, so of course they will use their own to do it one way or another and we are not talking about that noise with respect to trouble I will get into on the violent front either as nobody can work out why they are such a collection of violent bullies and whatever on earth seems to have been their point of provocation therefore. The pompous guy they like to teach a lesson is their economic model and so they want a fight as well with a big mouth. Clearly the usual stuff and I bet if I got my hands on them they will have lost the thirst for the violence and left me seething with rage so I might end up committing a crime or something. For the much trumpeted respect issue, it is not that I have no respect for people who have sold millions of copies of their music CDs but when it is done with my stuff because first of all they are saving their own for a rainy day and secondly because they do not like their own so much anymore and prefer mine, I think they want respect from me because they want me to put some fear into them. Of course I think it is irresponsible to mention facts about how these things happen due to some Politicians that think evil cultures they get around with is more important to them than a Public office they occupy as paid for by the electorate is because if it is how the economy must operate and the Communists were about to do the same, we would end up with a serious problem over all; clear signs the idiots do not seem to see war as a bad thing because they think government is supposed to test its weapons on the enemy and then use it on the enemy whereas reality is that government tests its capability on its citizens and then uses the weapons on the enemy and it is a price that they will have to pay which is not voluntary as well. I know my books are worth a lot of money and they are evil greedy things but I need to release that liquidity of its value otherwise those who are doing so threaten my existence not make any stupid wealth equality happen and I will clear out and wipe out their existence as well for it. The usual prognosis of the destructive irresponsibility is on one hand some over reliance on a condition where they are helped to build a future on the basis of Parents who betray their Christian children and sell them out to such evils in the world and then try to build some attention seeking for themselves out of it and on the other, to make fame and fortune my sharing the lifestyle of rich people with poorer people to sell entertainment products which if not linked with me and my work will have been the real rich peoples lifestyle and theirs too of course, shared.


The most important argument that preoccupies these idiots especially with respect to their new found obsession with communist economies is that old claim of course that I have no respect for the respect and privileges that leaders get, whereas the reality is that the idiots counting from the streets to the White House in the US have done nothing with their time but make sure a Royal Prince with a Global Intellectual space and a Literary Empire in it is cash strapped, so that he might have things they want to obtain and have the means to do so, about which at no point will anybody catch them dead doing something about the extremism they stir encourage breed and recruit from the facts of such actions, not to mention the things that criminals say and do to harden themselves at crimes which cost the lives and properties of people and Law enforcement that they were elected into government office to serve in the first place as such - anybody; Prince of Pauper either way would find an occurrence of that nature which happens with such attrition around him as though he has no right to property and money that belongs to him, infuriating but of course it is also fair to note these idiots do not actually exist or live with the same perception of the world as the rest of us, hence that conversation about privileges and respects leaders get which I get all over the place about on account I do not get one like that - the problem there is that they make up these lies as I have mentioned before from the tramps on the streets to their fellow idiots in the White House in the US and then seek to acquire my finances and property as something they can spend to show people it is real which anybody would think is tough talking they cannot back up as well; I have put up with it for the best part of 8 years on a daily basis with a media they can play around with, hence respects leaders get which people think is fair to be angry about when it is not put into perspective.

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