The story we cannot be free from is that all I did was a waste, I had already lost all I had and it is utter nonsense as we know that building a popularity crowd to say that others on the basis of the size and quantity of bad things they did in order to do some good that involved violent actions which protect others, the kind of careers they were entitled to, was to be decided – it is an indication that not all instances where the Police have lashed out, whether it resulted in murder or not, are actually racially motivated, which goes to show I have not lost anything but the people I have failed to get into a fight with when I am bullied by them, are now about to perform a series of actions that ensure they were caught up in gang wars. I might say they needed keep from my Books and make comments about their career, if they did nothing but build a crowd that expects them to get involved with an Arch Prince instead of buy and read Books at a Hermitage, whereby they then develop[ Popularity that is based on the stupid crowd expecting them to live up to the claims they knew where my Books and Office were located and could not keep their hands off the cookie jar, which is likely to get worse if they had financial problems but it does not help to diminish facts of the way they twist events when they clashed with the Police, to suggest that Police action was racist, especially considering such outcomes as I will one day see my Books and my income margins in other people’s TV shows and Films in which they were the stars. It is not a complicated matter either, I simply need to run off a process that allows me to address every stupid thing famous people did in my direction in a way that a lay person can understand but at the same time, I wish I had a break and could do without the work.

I do not think that the matter was a crisis like we hear them say I think I am a lord able character but am actually very irritating, as I have since spent too much time with popularity idiots who had a good enough distance to hang about somewhere and run off social criminal anomies that will push me into trouble with the Police, thereafter which the idiots will have liked what I did anyway and they are never nice, at the same time which there was no reason for contact or conversation the big mouth blabbing all the time. Currently they spend a lot of time immersing this nonsense into service processes at my Hermitage, every single service process, at least twice a day and the outcome is the need to exhibit themselves on Media making statements about access to my Royal privileges, protection from the US government and a case of their disobedient stupidities having babies on it etc, so I had since devised a structure to display those stupid pictures when I pick them up, as the privilege people, which will cause some real problems for the British Government if they interfered with the Queens interests and of course the proper crisis will be the way that society people responded to it and another group of people who operated at the lower levels of the Monarchy and really enjoyed the company of the lower classes, wanted to get around with it. I have given them their exit, to keep from my Books and make comments about their careers but they have preferred wrecking my income margins to make statements of dreams that I had lost everything and then it made sense of society gits making money to spend on services they were providing, hence they needed a trick to maintain such a job, concerning which getting caught up with their lifestyle and its consequences meant I smelled all the time and my bottom hurt, which is set to decide what my wrath looked like too.

There isn’t a single thing these idiots have done with my concerns in the past 15 years, which have been backed up by a legal premise, I could draw a line under it and run a Bookshop or backtrack to when it all began but they are currently so disobedient that keeping from my Books and refraining from comments made about my career was impossible. They do claim people have made comments about people’s careers from the dawn of time and yes they have but these are not normal comments; they are an abusive way of systematically destroying everything I did with my audience, which had since progressed from a disobedience to handle my property which stifles my income, to a preparation to put my big launch day and everything that will follow from then on, through tribalism tit for tart, that worked well for them because they had a Media presence, it needs keep its mouth shut about an Arch Prince and stop making comments about the career applicable, especially if they had their own to make the comments on more so – there is no self-pity to it. The claim is that I bragged about it which is utter nonsense naturally, as there is no need for the Queen to take big risks if I can prevent popularity gits getting paid for being famous on the public image of government operatives, while the problem was mainly the doing of the Prince of Wales who failed to stay married to his popularity wife of two Children but cannot stay away from the Popularity people at the same time, that said which we know that there is not a specific leadership on the matter if the Queen had not made a move on it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland