I know they are always asking if the whole matter is going to become a problem anyway – I wouldn’t know, all I said is that they want to talk about what rights their Country bestows on them which means that they can be financially well off than the Citizens of most other Countries in the world but what they show they are really after if my Royal Estate and I am saying they can turn up at my place to get it and cease all that nonsense I have to put up with at Media and Advertisement and the Parliament and all over public places as well; there isn’t a single successful person out there on this planet who did not at some point in their lives take these their activities to heart deciding it had to be dealt with in a very intensely personal way and I do not think I will be unless I do that as well especially on their African friends.

I mean it’s the old story of how the question is how good people still get by when the world is full of evil people that have the upper hand either way, the story has never been a magical one but rather the reality that some of us are actually endowed with talent for establishing normalcy and it is time in the west the end comes for the secrecy with which we protect their rights as well – they are too fond of sleeping with Communists to do us up and drive us into war and too fond of sleeping with us to do up the communist to create the same effect but my part piece is the bit where they not only have no principles whatsoever and are loyal to nothing but themselves but also especially the bit where their idea of what they see is that it is theirs if they want it when the reality was that it belonged to others if they didn’t create it.

I understand it is said they have their copy of my literary archives and I will never be free of their needs but of course the reasons I put it on the University Computer was to ensure the story of a mystery around me was curtailed, the result of which was realised in the end anyway i.e. their bone head children passed the exams and chased the best jobs their gay publicity, while I failed mine and they set out to confiscate it: - I did set out in any case that they had the copy of it anyway and I did set out they gave some to the British Establishment in their bid to climb social ladders of course but in the end it is the same old case of fat idiots betraying me the same way they see celebrities do when they complain about paparazzi to sneer those who pity them – so the question is whether fat bitch is that good looking but at the end of day I was built my renaissance by HM and she built me some alliances as well to that effect and I am to use these things to get refreshed when I get down to the duties, what they will do here is get after the one I had before she got interested in me in the first place to a point where I build up one that will refresh me when I feel like kicking them all the time; so of course they have copies of my Literary archives and I am blown away too - but above all the men that helped to savage my academic work so when I was forced to deal with the matter do it with a certain degree of respect for them are now through to hell.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland