The idea here is that I am a womaniser which really does not make any sense – as we all know it is a handful of characters who are just annoying because they always undercut me where I am likely to feel pain and distress, their entire social outlook taking some time to be crafted in this way and set out to target me. It goes beyond the fact that they do not know what respect is and develops into a matter of the full range of their stupidities, especially when they had worked it out in terms of the rest of us being accounted for while they were interested in giving people who work security services a hard time, once finished with that, wish to get involved with those that have worked the security services and any methods that had been used to put them in order will be used on everybody, hence we are all accounted for but they will never be understood, thus people claim my view on the female community is that they either must be tame or I am playing a double standards role. I for my part have seen wild women and Girls all the time; it will show up and say that I am a man and need do something about that thing that will hide behind trees and spy on her and I can only remind her she is only 15 but then the point is made never the less, besides which if I have not responded well, she will know exactly where a path leads and go down it anyway – what we are describing here however is not wild women, it’s a handful of very abusive and destructive gits who work out how to chase a certain lifestyle and come up with abuses, insults, tricks and gimmicks they want to get accustomed to at other people’s expense, in order to make good of it and passing insults at me is one of the main developments while I keep it going at this stage because I have not yet settled up on a specific response that I can say really sticks so I may get used to it as well and have not yet had as much fun with it as I would like to. I could never make sense of where the womaniser accusation comes from anyway – we all know that being careful with the way I got about the opposite sex because I tended to be completely off the grid with the younger ones, have wrecked University studies, financial pursuits and left me single at 40. It is an old story – celebrities will get involved with my concerns and they will as well but when Celebrities do, I can carry through with my career without being disturbed, when they do my whole life is shut down because they were so impudent they have never handled things that do not belong to them according to purposes intended, when garnished with their abusive sense of entitlement, we end up wondering if we can make sense of what they claim is the reasons the shooting and stabbing on the streets occurs.

The other story being that there are people who control me and order my steps into responding on such matters and more so the way I do but I am aware of this as well; this will be the ageist men who chased about to trash my University studies because of an obsession associated with how my personality can be used to help people get paid for being popular and the need to eliminate all items that got in the way – I mean it’s a question of when people stop and where people stop if I had not stopped them by myself. This case of controlling me has been the outcome of a process where I lived up to my warnings of getting after their retirement as well and they claim it is a process of showing I am no saint and would respond to the world around me the way they had, which is also incredibly stupid because the academic work lies in ruins nevertheless and makes me a happy person.

They do claim they have gotten the better of me anyway and its utter rubbish; I mean they have inhumanely spent my time undercutting me at my finances and financial complications and other forms of social standing matters that can facilitate fun abuses they wish to channel at me, whereby the culture and society gimmicks were bad enough but their career based insults and foolish children who want to play with my finances have been added to this was well, never mind hoodlums being shoved through the academic system on my social life and public image, all of this and what I have listed above being left out of the story when they complain to Politicians about some morally upstanding persons that are making a mess of their civil rights. The outcome of all these is that I am now partly making sense of the gimmicks that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, even though I am aware this is usually a product of years of abuses that come as a function of structures people had built to hurt other peoples by, which they claimed added up to a business that was offering investment opportunities or jobs and from here they can talk their demagogues at me until I am mentally ill and I have no idea the exact stage at which they got accustomed to blabbing it at me every day anyway but we all know that they believe at this stage that I am dead and buried while I am actually very far from harm. Leaving to be answered the question of whether we were living with an assumption that these insults will one day develop into something of a suggestion that I am entitled to financial wellbeing hence the intense interest in me for it as such.

They do claim they had reasons for targeting me naturally and It also goes without saying that if I wanted to do something about it, I would be seen on a pedestal, asking them to play a practical joke on me one more time – otherwise it is a matter of their stupidities chasing a certain lifestyle and seeking out ways to ensure that my wallet was paying for it if I liked it or not with a big mouth. It is only growing into a sense that I needed to handle their culture and society, so that each time my work was spent on their gratification, I got to spend and waste it as well but the part where their interest in me will end very badly, is when this begins to grow into a big thing that involved making sense of their city centre insults, the culture gimmicks and abuses, with intent on seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes over the stupid communities that supplies the crowd which provides them the false confidence by which they may handle me all the time and with a sense that they could never come to harm doing so. It is an old story that I plan the career to the last detail and then they will move mountains to show up here with those stupid communities and set about doing it, unless there were facts, I am unaware of, the idiots do not have a reason for handling me and do not have a contract for handling my Books.

They do say that it is a matter of the fact if I wanted to do something about it, I didn’t have money to spend on what I wanted to do, which is utter rubbish naturally, as I can always look into my social life and any Royal alliances and Political alliances, seek out equities I can develop and then women will show up to protect me from popularity bullying and put up products on it that they will buy until I got into trouble and even so, they still didn’t have contracts that allowed them to handle my Books, hence doing so is clearly looking for trouble, the trouble they enjoy when they have not lost the one that is their pride and joy yet. So, I have been asked if I can tell why they behave in such ways but it’s an old story about being incredibly uncivilised; the person who will do a job that earned £20,000 at age 23, will have started practicing for it when they were 15 and if they are 23, in a position to do such a job but are too damaged to, we had no doubt their idiocy must have achieved something magical at that stage apparently. Then there is my personal favourite where they had a habit of handling women, they are not accustomed to dealing with, playing wise games all the time while they had not a foggiest clue what was going on. It’s an old story of how a process of getting on a public platform over it is that which they have not estimated properly in my case – they will split us into two groups and one group will be the bread winner group, where those who want to employ and do business should go because there was money and it was penises everywhere, the other was the female one and when they had jobs and businesses, you made them spend money on items you wanted to get rich by at the markets, via abusive processes that were also sexual in context; should I adopt a Public platform on this over their perverted interest in my financial wellbeing, it’s not going to be as easy as chasing ageist gits with ideas about those who are successful at markets sharing wealth because they spend their time on a lifestyle that came with consequences and wanted others to suffer because the money they made was spent buying what they needed in a way that did not bring them satisfaction or developed into a sense that they were buying what they wanted, of which the same behaviour has been channelled towards my career and worked viciously for the last 16 years, the entire time of which thinking the complaining looked good on them for my part, only meant they thought it was the correct reality. So, their method of working thus has nothing to do with me, so my Books got wrecked, my academic work trashed, and my health is now being damaged on grounds I am spending time trying to get involved with people beyond my league. So eventually we hear that whilst I claim they are uncivilised and people needed to practice crafts and skills, I was guilty of making a mess of peoples crafts and skills as well, when we all know that was all a case of them versus the Police situations which Politicians usually responded to via those colloquialisms about doing your stuff, doing my stuff, cases of people behaving in a way that eventually produced outcomes where somebody had done their jobs, which they had hijacked and they are also very well aware that it does not make any sense whatsoever now that they have.

Eventually we hear that they fear the consequences of this behaviour they loved so much, where they wreck people’s lives and set up victims on an abusive pedestal to grab the little things for piling high products and selling cheap to get rich fast – especially when they know I am aware of the way it produces an outcome where they were a certain way and then they had relationships and produced Children who were certainly likely to become homosexual. Then again one should ask when they were expressing these fears as such, if it isn’t the service processes of a Bookshop where I had written Books that solved these problems for them in the first place and they had set about ripping up the market, even creating those outcomes whereby I am left to look like somebody that set about informing others I had written Book because they know most people would respond insultingly, while I was spending time and resources setting myself out as somebody who has built a conducive environment for people to read what I had written, this behaviour thereby crashing my finances and ensured their continued involved with my concerns was heading towards a bad conclusion and they will likely get an announcement as such when it kicks off. They claim I cause most of my problems because I share what I know while I try to make a living with it and this is a silly claim naturally as I have always done property equity administration as a way to work the Hermitage Company after I had stuffed their heads with what I knew because their interest in me was very perverse – it became problematic when Ghanaian Idiots picked up some American friends and turned out with Publicity to say I am not going anywhere with what I am doing until they got rich with it first, it was also the start of their problems because all I did to move on their insanity and the way it affected my career was simply put up on media to serve as another person’s  career, which outcome was an inability to account for some 3 years of my time, making me seemingly inconsolable, as it is something I can no longer tolerate, if I live on bated breath due to their talk of the town insults being thrown at me to facilitate popularity narcissism. They do say I am mired in disgrace which is utter nonsense but is an example of the main issues here i.e. the way that the gimmicks they build up at my expense turns up on media so intensely that I had to respond and then it became an item that was passed off to suggest that it was how I lived and what was expected of me every day – I mean it cannot be that hard to develop a boudoir for writing and an environment for people to read, then set about 9.00am to 12.00 noon for writing, 1.00pm to 4.00pm for responding to Client needs, 5.00pm to 7.30pm for academic work – what I do instead is spend 24 hours clearing out the consequences of their own popularity, which brings us back to where we started i.e. I am not the womaniser they claim I am. There is this idea they push on that I never get a thing done unless I had taken my business out of on others, while the truth was rather that it had since relied on them because I did not control how the Public responded to my Books and so if the Bookshop must be run properly while they had fun finding out whether they can control how much money I had in my bank account, they had to be the ones to make it work whether or not they had the time to – it is an old story about the way they want it to stop and the way I would like them to run publicity on who I really am, not the short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement, giving way to questions on how I got stuck with them, due to the ways that bodies covered in the most expensive makeup was used to distract me from my work and make a mess of career and social life, while they claimed that I was a low life getting involved with them, hence culture gits and street hoodlums are paid off for getting involved with me as well; speaking of this need to have to see it stop; the short abusive videos they claim adds up to advertisement needs to stop if they are interested, as this is not their lives and the full private diaries that help me cope does not belong to them as well.

I. Uno I

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