Ultimately on the matter of my sense of superiority and the lessons I have learned from it, I could never tell who propels them to make the stupid statements about superiority anyway, what I know as a matter of certainty is that the insults are growing into matters about which there were attached greater consequences, therefore it was best that each time they showed up here to picked up a Book I wrote to read and try not to do something that will put them out of their depth like so, by seeking other ways to get involved with my concerns all together. This nonsense is nothing unusual on the whole, although they believed that they were an unusual occurrence this is what idiots who steal my diet to perform a series of activities that will take revenge on Police for enforcing law and order in the neighbourhoods look like ad loved to shoot off its big mouth about a sense that I did not pose a threat to anybody and I think that I will eventually figure out a way to kill it, if this nonsense is to come to a conclusion the way that I would like it to. The Politicians have suggested when I say such things, it is significant and it would make sense for them to know what I was up to and yes it is, we have arrived at s stage where the specific issue associated with their need to spend what I did at private security industry on themselves, to top up their manhood and womanhood, pick up my Bookshop service processes for other gimmicks while keeping their salary, has come to conclusion but the outstanding problem is that my financial well being has vanished while it was being resolved so it is another five years about which their interest in me and its practical jokes will produce reasons for revenge that they will hate coming up. Another question raised is that I am some sort of reluctant socialist which I am not at all in anyway Church teaches us to be charitable and so it applies that when you do not look after your source of income, you will end up in a bad way financially nothing like being Karl Max with ideas about the demise of Capitalism because everybody is jeopardised at all times, more a matter of the way that human beings got to handle scarcity and choice and we know that if they refused to pay people money, it meant that they were expecting somebody else to do it. It is not their face on the bank notes and it is not their signature on it either, it stands to reason that the best way to get a banknote which belonged to you, was to get a real job and working on me is not one of those these are matters I am planning to resolve in terms of deciding how the incompetence of their need to get involved with my concerns which goes against the way the systems and structures they involved themselves with was set out while refusing to pay for a product and trying to get rich by setting me out as a social punching bag, each time that people needed to feel happy enough to buy a product, will progress towards the future, once clear on those incompetence, we will progress to the part where we got to decide how they will cease to pay for products that people were selling by abusing me, which encourages these idiots to perform all the stupidities I had to tolerate. It is an old story; rips up my career and finances to chase its popularity gimmicks by involving itself with concerns while shooting off its big mouth about a sense of superiority not matching the idea that a low life like me was Royalty, somewhere along the line, it refuses to pay people money and an economic crisis ensues, so it sets me out as a character that will be abused and attacked to encourage the Public to part with money at the market, rather than pay people more, so I have now had to answer its stupid questions on whether I was a mad man or an economist. That said, I want to run this matter of my own schedule and am very well aware that this is what it looked like when Capitalist did not want to pay workers more wages, not their schedule; besides which it continues this behaviour abusively while it suggests that what is is stealing from me does not exist so my literary empire was worth around 25 Million pounds, potential creative equity on a pound for pound basis, now it is worth a couple of thousand pounds if I can sell the Books, supposing I did nothing about their stupidities. The Books do not cost an arm and a leg, so I imagine most of these stupidities were a function of provoking me, brushing it under the carpet and coming up with new provocation that will run me down by to such an extent that it ended up in the Law Courts and got resolved while it kept the original provocation as a tool for dominance and control, picking up my PR and my earnings disobediently but it has not worked and their stupidities were messing with an Arch Prince, every chance then that it will end very badly.

They have refused to engage with Books at a Bookshop while getting involved with it to find ways of handling its earnings, their behaviour also prevents the rest of the Public from getting involved as well, leaving me cash strapped, at the same time the effects being that most of these sorts of activities were performed by shop managers, celebrity and society gits, the three have officially refused to vacate the space for the public and of course are helping to develop civil service narcissism that will target me because I am on government support, coming on the back of the fact I ran my finances in a certain fashion to avail me to social conditions applicable to economic matters I was working on and they trashed the finances completely blabbing of the way I had acted to affect their social influences, only to shoot off the big mouth all the time about me being an embarrassment, clinging to my earnings with a sense that I was undeserving of respect and I am not out being entitled to success when I say that hurting them mortally will likely be the way I got to resolve it, is an understatement.

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