Now statements made about how I must relinquish what I do because it actually belongs to the Monarchy and I lie a lot and make up the fantasies to get off and do them do not have any links with what is actually reality. The truth is that I am permitted by the Queen to do what I do for the Monarchy and the Royal family and the first problem is that of those that mess with it first of all because the more they do is the more I will be given more opportunities to do more and then the other are the Popular culture fools, for those the Queen has not only stepped away from the middle classes and even some lower classes to give a no body access to the Monarchy but they have also decided that the Queens decision about my position as well as my personal feelings about what is my property will not fly and so therefore I cannot make a living from it. If I take any stand on it they like to tell me stories about what I cannot do about it when in actual fact it is rather difficult for them to get anywhere near the Church claiming it will make them feel weak in the tummy and of course that their stupid tummy is the basis on which my life is determined – from the way I act affecting them in the tummy to what I say affecting them in the tummy the reaction is that they must gain access to and do whatever they like with my earnings in revenge and it never goes away instead the annoying boasts about violence come through. I personally do not expect them to get off yapping rubbish on me in any affluent neighbourhoods like they suppose they want to get used to doing. I mean people ask such questions as it were obviously because they want me to wonder whether I should go back to my old life or should stay with the life I have currently got. I mean that Popular music and popular culture industries anyway; I know their function is to mop up the excess aesthetics of what I do when I get involved with things that are too low for me but clearly it is in my face all the time because it is the one that will be deployed to get things done as it were hence; of course I naturally do not want to see any of it and so for now its about how there is nothing I can do about anything, with false confidence on media that is of course another thing they have created a place they like to be maintained by insulting and abusing me until I handle them as well.

There is another issue of course about social media and the fact it is a dangerous place for people. I personally do not think it is dangerous by accident; it is the reasons I picked up an account in them anyway, the day I saw somebody make out a hand gun gesture on his head and made out it referred more to me. So I took up an account in various social media as well and made them uncomfortable; I mean even now the way those accounts work is still that when I get these abuses those who do it get followers, when I defend myself I get some followers and then they leave soon. I had to make a few things clearer about myself and who I am because most of these things contrary to their boasts that there is nothing I can do and that I am a coward can be determined easily by such facts as that which have to do with writing books that are commercial items on the basis of doing something about people getting to like the place they have created by insulting and abusing you, which they will be happy and willing to kill a human being for, so obviously when I shoot them there will be anything left to care about how their tummy feels and therefore my entire life should be determined. The other side of it of course is that it plays out along the lines of a certain group of people they always like to make out they wish to conquer, then tell me new players in my life is what I am afraid of which is utter nonsense and that is another function of my work; that when they conquer these people they make noise they want to conquer to get a taste of it, who is next? So it does actually apply they do not have to conquer anything before I have a go at them as well. As for those that like to kill people, I mean it is as though we will return to the old ways where older people get to determine who stays alive and who does not as a society and then they will have to kiss goodbye to Politicians president and Prime Ministers and say Hello to Monarchies, especially in Europe – the US on the other hand had already been through that stage – the wild wild west period and then the period of extreme openness and Liberalism and then the period of social intolerance and racism and now they are Liberal again, so it is normal for every idiot over there to think that the UK is the place to start off and build from.

I am not saying it is a problem, it is generally something that Politicians should not get involved with i.e. there are people you will get into trouble with for doing the correct thing and so when you do, you must set out to ensure there is balance in society as a result of their actions towards you, otherwise Politicians will end up making decisions on what they see and it will be unfair towards you. Some Politicians get involved with it because they are being abusive while the idiots that like it think it is because I want beauties and glories that are beyond me and that is why I malicious the Politicians involved as well. I mean what is the worst that could happen; a strangulation of the economy bearing in mind when these goons do damage they will have to sit it out for me as well? However it is not a problem either, it is something we all do to ensure that when we get out of bed the next place we go is the bathroom and the next is the dining room and the next is work place; I am just in a place where I have to do both the fame side and the Political side nothing special. The fame side of which brings us to why I don’t want to see any of the Popular culture bearing in mind there was a time I got involved with it but of course at that time the issues were much the same but at a different stage; first it was the fact I am a Christian and if I say anything about the gospel to anybody the parents will make them homeless, then it became the one about how boys do worse than girls in school because girls have the help of men that later take advantage of them and then it progressed to a fight between boys and girls in school in which girls usually lost with the end result that when they do, they want to be rich and famous and so the men who work these things therefore have endless resources and I end up with rubbish being sung on my property or sung by idiots who make videos that indicate they have been thinking about me. Finally of course is the issue of things like Girls do not do University anymore because they are better off doing music school where people learn to be manipulative to abuse certain people to get rich and famous and generally girls do not do University anymore because people like Simon Cowel are in Town and then the reason it has to do with my personally and with my personal life is that of the fact my public life is determined by media rumours and so that of these girls is as well and therefore when they seek work people will tell them to strut their stuff instead of give them work and that therefore means I must give up my place for a girl. So they always generally like to think that everybody likes them which is very far off from the truth or any kind of relevant fact. I do not think contrary to popular ideas that getting involved with Politicians is likely to do any good, I mean classically yes it will but all those spin doctors and so on are a real issue. However I must try to do all I do with a sense of respect for how simple people want their jobs to be or I reasonably conclude they want their jobs to be and nothing else.

Now they say I say these things but excuse the Film industry, the issue with film rather being that people complain these days I do everything and leave none for others which of course is not strictly true as such. The fact is that people always like to think films just come from no where, when in actual fact it comes from the centre heart of every generation and they especially like to make out what we are doing at the moment is temporary and will end at some point and things will go back to what they are used to but it is not clear what they want what they are used to for when that is history and I always say with respect to it that they need to get a job. As for the idea that mentioning such things will create problems there isn’t any I am concerned about; I have made myself clear about the problem of fascism in Europe, violent greed in Asia, Africa and the East who are these so called new players in our lives that think I am afraid of them and that there are people they want to conquer. The prognosis is the way it is turning out at present i.e. I saw 100 million pounds being spent on a film and how do people spend such an amount of money on something as useless as a film?-now you are here telling me what I can and cannot do. It will not happen that way with my income and on my property and besides which it is really playing out very well too as people have been finding ways round their tricks to hurt them and even more people have been getting to the Cinemas to shoot and kill them; these are crimes of course but the ways they are created cannot be ignored.

At the heart of all these matters is the fact that when the Queen permits me to do a thing I cannot earn a living from it and for the black ones it is even given a name that is to namely as to be called faith and they run it off at Church too. They claim the reason for it is that I give women reasons to be demanding then give them power over men, credible of course from men whose music never ceases to mean a Political statement and of course have never really tired of Political paedophilia especially when there is fun to be had from seeing to and threatening the Christian with financial insecurity and they are yet already through with wanting a mini US in this country with their insults I suppose, so we are not going anywhere apparently, I mean for a start their insolent advertisements are nothing less than an any excuses from any direction yours or mine absolute power of bullying, it tends to explain much too about why they fundamentally want to live on other peoples income and the benefits of other peoples lives; which of course once they taste only death will separate them and their insults from hence the games and death threats issued with a big mouth all of the time.