I am aware of the issue of Americans that hate and attack me all the time but I do not think it is as apocalyptic as it seems; the fact is that they make those excuses of the one up the British seem to have over them all the time but it does not detract from the fact I see most of the social and political instability they foster in the UK as something that forms an excuse by which to tell politicians of the importance of sticking to the rules. So that if separation of powers was not just a ceremonial thing and was really separation of powers in words and deeds, then it will be easy to see that the UK is the UK and the US is the US, which is not to say there is considerably myth going on if a collection of fools think that abusing me violently which they always end with a claim they demand satisfaction too is something and forge other explanations for because I am scared of them – it is one of those matters about which I would not tolerate them in the UK and in the US their problem will be settled around those book sales they like to damage as well; same old story about the fact I am aware of support I provide for law enforcement in the UK which works along the lines of the fact the Monarchy wants to be famous and although they and their criminal organisations of conspiracy want the same fraternisation of Monarchy, they do not wish to be exposed otherwise they will not be able to run their criminal racket and so when they kick it off, it will have been too later to complain by then; I mean it was the predicted outcome that the fact they can have me beaten up anytime will mean when I grab that their societies and peddle it, they will get on media to show themselves off. On the matter of how media fume all over because of things I have done to clip them as well; it is nothing new either, I would have expected somebody to act in that way if I handled the person the way they do me. I mean the sky network for example is filled in hundreds of shopping channels, so is the BBC one and the ITV one and these are just major television channels but these idiots want to run their party and make money shopping channels on my profit margins and more so every day, no matter what I feel about it; hence when they make noise about being more and more angry every day I want to see them blow me as well. Of course it is true I have one rule for one group of people and another rule for another; I have a set rule for my friends and another rule for those who need my services, they complain and seek the same rules I have for my friends because they want to use my services without paying for me and it is a betting about which we must find what the end product is as well, so we can see already they think the media is the place where they can do so and they never, ever, ever, listen and it’s not just them either, they make friends with this like no mans business every single day. The other part of mistakes that politicians at work make for example that they pick up on is the matter on the other hand of how to get people to have a business if they cannot get a job; which is something I usually find completely amazing because an entrepreneur is somebody who makes things and sells them to people for less than they are worth in order to make a profit – so it does not make sense how people become their own bosses when they cannot find jobs. Of course they say I have done it so why can’t other people do as well; which is completely detached from what I am doing i.e. rather the fact that when I did not have my enemies all over the civil service and it was easy to find work, I made plans for my business which these goons snooped into my personal life and second guessed all my activities by being insolently astute at me for the purpose until they could guess them correctly to completely wreck it in order to make riches and fame for themselves and what I have just done is rebuild by extracting all I need from them and so what I have done to them is punishment for pulverising the first leg of my business, this is just the second, not a process of getting a business if I cannot get a job. Now with respect to how I offend important people at the establishment, this is something about which I find very little station to have conversations about because these guys really do see their privileged backgrounds as the reason to get involved in my affairs and then knowing that a perversion of theirs is not a problem of mine but their own set out to play temporary antichrist with me and all my possessions for their feeling. When done and okay to stop and move on when they feel I have become weedy enough for their girls to threaten, they suppose there are things I have done or said which I must now go back on as such which of course completely looses a sight perspective of who I really am all together. They speak of their privileged background and all I want to be left with is the fact I was selected to assist the Duke of Edinburgh and to support the Queen; it is not for anybody else to underestimate my importance, I do so yes, but others do not. Hence I can understand when they say I will get into trouble with them which always makes me laugh, especially when they say so along the lines of what their media fools think with respect to claims my business has no set out shape or form – a matter with respect to which they have not been asked a question but as memories go, last we checked they claimed I was terrified of purple power because they always stifle my life and take up my stuff and do it and now they are the same claiming my livelihood has no shape or form which suggests they have killed off every arrangement that my fans have, hence the reasons they think they can handle my products and deploy my equities and become the people who run my show in order to make me take down books I write that does not favour them but when they are busy with such things, we hear none of the complains. I always say in the end that the question they will answer me when this is over is the exact point at which I brokered my equities with them anyway; since everybody can see that I did with those who were the minority in a world where young people could not attend church on account their parents were not moral people and had the support of the civil service on their side, so the outcome of matters here is that the Arch Prince that should have built a sanctuary for everybody now lives on television through violent scandals and yet again while they are at it, we hear none of the complains. It boils down therefore to their vanities of living a single life and clearly they are not dealing with the vanities of my single life here at all, which is what I mean when I say stations are scarce at which to position myself to talk of such things whenever they raise it. I do not know about competition either; with respect to how the Duke of Edinburgh was an amoebic Royal and I was selected to assist him, I am absolutely formidable, so if they have competition they can go right ahead, maybe I will get into trouble with those businesses that have matured anyway or they might want to look into their attitude if they want to make more profit, which is not to dispute the fact I and not them am the one that spends a lot of time with matured women anyway, so their tasks is well cut out as it were. It’s all well sorted at present; there is now incredible proximity between ladies in waiting and the pornography industry and men performing National security service so I suppose the next thing they are likely to do is become stock market and financial market fraudsters; In the end they speak of their privileged background and their media friends of course but it is the same old story; we know them around here and it is not very far fetched a say that they will soon end up as characters in video games and all that stuff that results from the establishment managing villainy – I mean video games these days are not so one sided anymore and you can choose to play the side of the villains but yes anyway they do end up as characters in it never the less and we are here not talking about their Politicians leaving us with media politicians and popular culture idiots shredding people’s lives to get rich and famous. Of course there is the idea what I do with pornography is what I do because I am really a sex freak, the first part will have to do with being vilified on account of sexual impropriety which is something people will be doing when they think I am weedy hence anybody can do as they please with me which is due to their insults or cannot see that homosexuals and big government idiots like them always get at each other’s throats when they have no money but betray people like me whose lives they wreck to force us to fight for them to make friends with it other to oppress for more power. The other reason is that they think my court is something that exists and vanishes when they say so because of their lack of sight to see the existence of women that get other women to help them do things and people like me who no matter how important do my thing anyway; I have made it clear the Court is only occupied by married women but I suppose in the end their case must be that it is about vanities, where of course it will apply therefore that their own is about mid life crisis and mine about pleasures of being a single man. They say I need to stay out of the lives of people and how they interact but these things continue. I mean the suggestion comes through a lot that I lower myself and that it is a huge problem but in actual fact of which I do not at all; just a set of idiots who unlike the rest of us spend all our energy working for, creating or inventing something, they spend their own working out how somebody else can be made to deal with every little problem in their lives, then they get their hands on media and combine it with their civil rights and boom, we have it; that process where you are enlisted by your boss to do something and they enlist you as well to do their own too, become really lucky by making you the person they cause a lot of distress and suffering in order to get good things from you, make noise about how it could be bad when it feels so good and make a lot of noise all over the place over various other matters onto the part where there is no way that you could have been more important than they are now that they have more money and then the topping for it comes when they cannot get by unless they climb up somewhere to berate and abuse and curse you every single day; so that when you handle them as well for it the reasons would rather have been instead that these things are not provocative but that it is the fact you feel over privileged and do not think people have the right to exist. Eventually it brings us down to the matter of my working court for example; where they want to handle the personal life issues of those women for them, knowing that they have their own homosexual arrangements where they do that and people will be very cross and distressed as to why they would want to own other peoples arrangement as well but typical of how they are big government idiots who would only kill their children that have become homosexuals when they have no treasury given money to play around with and homosexuals will ruin people’s lives to force them to provide protection just so they can make money and return to make friends with the big government idiots, they make out they want it because they want to use it to make money and this is just a typical example and there are other examples spread all over the place – so I do not lower myself at all in anyway whatsoever, what expresses this the most is how they claim I interfere with people’s lives, considering such matters for example as the way I conduct my affairs allowing republicans and popular culture goons to get on, such that it has come to a point where they work with each other in the Popular culture industries but I never interfere with that, they make it up and above all like to boast to people they have access to my personal life and can give anybody who wants anything from it and therefore parents are never evil, like my stupid mother is for example, bearing in mind she started it all for them years ago since it is for her foolishness to decide if I am a Christian or not which is entirely typical; so what troubles me a lot these days is wonder of where that stupid labour party goes when they travel around the world to find fools like these and bring them into the UK because they really are that hard to find actually. I mean you travel the world and you travel the world and you fail to locate where fools who want modernisation to try and look like those they can never be and more so at the purposeful extinction of those who live their lives morally and like to be able to tell people to ask them anything bearing in mind they claim to have access to the personal life of the guy everybody is talking about but give the labour party 48 hours and they will find a whole village and give it a visa and bring it into the country on your behalf, so that when you handle them as well it will have had nothing whatsoever to do with that. I recknon the longer I spend in their localism and refuse to hand it back now that this process of harming people to get good things in life has reached a point where it is a habit that they cannot kick, the easier it will  be for women to steep them in that stupid violence, so it is just the beginning.