Am I concerned about MPs that want to be in places where it is possible for them to harm me in order to push Political agenda? Of course not, no body appointed them to ensure I was doing my job and I am not doing the same to them as well currently hence the way it stands. Now with respect to other things people say such as big society that should be allowed to raise its own funds for the purpose of rivalling the welfare state and so on, I have no idea why people say such things anyway. It is as though they felt like living in some country where they travelled for their holidays but are making rules in the UK. So while you have a country where people get off to attack and completely destroy the lives of young people on account the UK should be a republic is their reasons, somebody wants big society to rival welfare state and it is the biggest load of rubbish I ever have to listen to on Television. The point they continue to make is that this big society will have all the power and young people will be completely unable to help themselves but it is not true; the social side suggests that what their biggest sense of confidence is based on is insults which has a lot to do with the fact that when they see peoples well raised Christian children they decide that those are weak and cannot stop attacking them, until some child will set them up on a pedestal and mock them until they become seriously ill. I don’t for my part and that is why they get encouraged to think that some Christians are superior to others which is how I end up telling them racism does not exist. I know they know all about intrusion but it will never save them, intrusion was my turf; except I am not like they are and all I really want is full and unfettered control of what happens to my work nothing else.

The idea I will be completely helpless if they had control of the services is not founded on fact, they simply have no idea what I will get up to. I mean it is like the devil in my house as it were from all the personal information I furnished them, which they told me I needed to give in good faith so I can make myself available for jobs and education and the rest of things I needed to do most of which has nothing to do with them and was meant to benefit me and they also said that the reason I had to give them that information was because it is the way that getting jobs is done.

I mean the main prognosis people ought to see is that the reason religious people always make enemies with Politicians is because people like to say that they sit down and invent things to believe in and then sit around and do nothing but criticise others who have made their own choices in life about how they live, until they get to a point where they set up churches and write books about it for example to be famous and or rich. This Politician buy because they cannot see facts for example such as the truth that throwing homosexuality in the face of two men who are friends is scandalous and although we live in a liberal society does get to have an effect on them with respect to outrage, decency and the general state of gossips and likewise the way people might treat homosexuals who may not necessarily have gone public with their sexuality before then. So for me, when I write books that do not involve them, I am persecuted intensely everyday for a decade until I can write nothing else but, so that they can make friends with businesses and we already see where this is going; we have already ended up in a place where businesses understand if they go along with it they will have to run their business with culture and when finished make profit and make the idiots rich and famous too. So nothing works like they claim it does. Its talks they want about things I said with respect to those who think their money especially when they have gained it destroying my work exists to help them insults and abuse me and therefore have no limits; which they heard me say something about people taking their money and going off to do gangs, so that I can do that violence they dish out for me to the point where I do the money as well before it is over. This was when I am being liberal about these things; with respect to the civil service and people controlling public services to keep me unemployed for the rest of my life, there is a set sequence of things I can and must do about it, the simple fact about all they need to know is that the civil service is all about me; it may not necessarily have been the case that when I gave them my details I did with intention to claim benefits but either way it goes, what happens with respect to that civil service does all to my benefit and has got nothing to do with anybody else, sometimes not even my wife and children – this is what they do not understand and therefore like to yap off all the time. Like Scottish independence arguments being based on the amount of money we expend at the EU to bail out Euro zone countries; I mean it is the silliest and stupidest argument ever I could possibly come across i.e. how on earth bailing out Euro zone countries has anything to do with independence of Scotland aka if you bail out a company you get to change the management and so the real question should be that of what our responsibility has become now that we have bailed out these economies and not whether or not there should be independence in a certain country and which therefore brings up the question of whether they think they stand a better chance of fulfilling the responsibility of managing these bailed out economies if Scotland stands on its own. It tends to show other things as well like the fact all these bailout should bring the Euro zone closer together but what is does it divide it further; it shows what is going down – I mean I cannot set up a business in Greece because my country bailed out the economy there and this therefore gets to expose the fact they are still certain of a future when they stand up on public media to use my work to get famous which currently has no chances of ever happening and yet if they push it there will be worse results that will show the world they can rebuild the left whenever it is damaged.

The idea that the old are getting richer and the young poorer is absolute rubbish. They are not, what they are doing is getting together to give each other money and find ways of depriving the young of having any money and with that then set off on media and public office to do violent things which creates an effect that suggests it, which makes me feel like hurting them seriously as well all the time, since it is not their own lives or property to use in such ways.

We hear them complain something of things I have done to them which is violent but clearly they have continued to pursue their dream that I will end up in a gang and beat up people to make them feel special and there is no reason they should not be ending up in a civil war as well – that is their own gang. It just mostly becomes so intense when the prognosis at which they do it is suggestions I insult them, it infuriates me incredibly because doing so gets to blunt the edge of my livelihood so to speak. Some may say I have achieved much by the things I have done to ensure they go no where while I have structures to shift them aside and build a future where I have money but there is no such thing in my mind because the way I view them is very different from the way the world does generally, especially the celebrity ones that show off all the time and are very violent while no body has ever asked them a question about anything whatsoever.  To me they are a bunch of trouble makers that have done nothing else with their time but turn up at my place to damage things and get on media to create an effect which suggests what they want to feel and this therefore forms an excuse by which they can do such damage without consequences. So I know they are losers but the truth that must never be ignored is that all these process of making young people poor while old people are rich is entirely born out of a process of standing up on the streets to see younger people have freedoms that you have not personally permitted them to have. I know I would feel such pain in my heart if I was an older man but to actually get to act to damage their lives in order to cause them the same distress just for existing like that is something else entirely and of course they have their evil charitable organisations they have been trying to cover up on me and run at my expense for a decade so far where children help them out when they need too, so in their minds they are invincible; clearly in mind very evil invincible old idiots. Now I know I love to say things the way I say them but it does not detract from the fact the reason I am always being attacked is that I could be fitter than I am; so like their friends from overseas and the secrete societies they belong to by which they control who gets to have money, while they have everything and therefore travel here to suppose they can talk to anybody how they like hence get to tell me I insult them which is one of their biggest problems as well, I do get to feel like getting fit on their faces or something sometimes. So they will never stop saying either that I have not done anything before I get around boasting but clearly if I did hurt somebody mortally I would never get around boasting; I just wish to ensure that I make such a stand when I am pulled away from my Christianity and bullied for long enough to be dragged into violence that the culture from which they do these things will be dead as long as I continue to live, so I can only say it is never really a case of their obsession with insulting people like they do me or wasting my time like they do as if it is theirs.

What I am saying is that it is a myth, they are not becoming richer but I find it astonishing that the media gets to report it when the media is their biggest help. There they say they are on my side but I love to attack them when in actual fact what they love to attack the most, is the idea that I will create something that provides me a means by which I don’t have to crawl on my knees to beg anybody for anything and see it taken away to the point where those I will have to crawl on my knees and beg for things will be them; such a steep deal with a big media mouth when we can see that even the Politicians and business men would think it a tasteless fight if I had the time to make the whole thing into a job that I am or others were doing. Now as it stands, even when I have done that, media are still keeping up facts about the times when I had not yet and that tends to threaten everything which has in turn resulted in this condition where I get to make it clear I am not necessarily meant to be or become personal friends of their politicians, especially the Americans ones that I ought to show no quarters if they and or their followers cross me like they love to do, otherwise I will never get to sell my books.

So in the end we hear them say things which suggest I ought to take what I have and go before it goes bad for me but before then they speak of how these things happen because of what I have done to make Politicians powerless, whereas I have only defended myself from people they think should be beating me up on the streets everyday, without reason of course. With respect to taking what I have and going away of course it is these kinds of insolent parting shots that are the biggest problem in the eventuality itself because if I actually do that, what they do will become funny on Public Television which is bad for the health. So unless they guarantee me, then I should honour no such insult anyway.

All I want is a respect of market autonomy around my business and property otherwise by my scheme of things, they will not have it either. So I am aware it is possible for them to sure their footing and send out the media, who will then gamble away the global economy attacking me so that they might have the security to hold me accountable for anything I damage in defence of myself but it will never be a new thing since the media are always getting involved with anybody they like and love to make those noise they do about how they are on my side when they know they are not and even I do not expect them to be so stupid. It is the secrete societies they belong to and the women they want to have sex with as objects that is the real matter here; the ones that got through the net of the housewife that is meant to stay at home and think about husband and children hence become classically moral people to abuse for power and now they have their career and seem like items that are completely worthless for the purpose of violence. The first time that this got out of hand and involved me is the means by which the results we are talking about now was created and the next time I will be at it, I will hurt them at the money and we are not talking about high street low lives in peoples royal families, those do not become serial killers these days so a media idiots can get killed and shine off his dead mans teeth telling me not to get involved with her because it will free her from punishments he had placed on her before he died but for now while that has not occurred they are on a high; my property goes in the photo industry and the advertisement industry and television every single day for people to earn my income and not work for their own and then of course there is the best part where the actions of these girls whom the parents are always giving one work after another culturally oppressively gets to mean that the royal family works against me or any of the royal families in Europe does.

It is the same old matter; they turn up here to wreck things and get on media to create effects that all losers want to be able to i.e. spiritual victory for their wickedness and I am fed with it as well.

The idea that most people will buy the notion I am the power grab guy that encourages them to do these things by stirring it will never pay off, like the media thing about being on my side in order to wreck my work and show that in their view I was doing the wrong thing. It will remain the same old matter of me ripping their worlds apart in order to ensure that they get to understand that when a person has a job, the purpose is that they wish to earn from it; I will take any necessary measures to ensure that is clear to them on no uncertain terms. Like I said, I have had enough of it. As I mentioned, when a person has a job they expect to earn from it not have it turned into something everybody fights over so Political idiots can use my refusal to bend to their will as a sign they are excused to grab power and hurt people, leaving me with cash flow crisis and set backs in academic work by which they make it possible: I expect respect from them enough to recognise market autonomy around my products and do not care if they happen to have become richer while the young become poorer or not, otherwise they will not have it. Some claim they get bashed every time they try to help me but that always happens to have been people who know nothing about me, have bought none of my books but presume to do so about my work as well and worst of all, do so in order to get off talking about how older people have become richer and younger poorer, which I suppose is the outward show of an inner boast about how they control me the kid with a big mouth which I always wish people the goodluck for anyway. I have always shown a tendency to plod my way all over people who do such things, so I never get to mention of measure it as a matter because it is my assumption that they are considerably aware of the risks that they are taking. It is beyond me how people could be so stupid as to claim they are a person who exists at the UN and every government House in the world with their stupid media cameras, then turn up to help me so much, which tends to show that they want to ensure I am not myself because they have made plans to cash into my life which I have never given them permission for but they have done as a desire fulfillment of what they can do if I get to prevent them from peddling my faith in similar instances, so they know it is provocative as well.