We have seen the outcome of the changes in the world have largely been as I have predicted them to be; men especially on media running around poorer countries to find means of oppressing others with the plight of the poor there, while at the same time helping their violent trouble makers to money by which the systems of government will be unsettled. So the Muslims had noticed this first and taken steps accordingly but it has cost them a lot of lives as well, I bet they want the same thing in other much poorer areas of the world too, which will not change the facts about what has always been the case. Now it remains that they accuse the older generation of corruption of course but it appears that those were corrupt with being strict on personality corruptions, while they on the other hand are corrupt with personality and with money and so will pose a really challenge to us younger people and have always done so, except not in the real world; they were still making sure you can only get a job when you give up yourself no matter how impossible they have made it for you to live with a process or idea of doing so and it is a corruption that they will ensure they spend tax payers money on, a corruption about which no expense is too great. I could say I have settled security for my age group and the next generation competently of course but it will be an incomplete statement if I did because I am still working out matters of my occupation i.e. their abuses does not mean that I do not have a job even though they may be used for corruptions of involvement as a means of punishing those who do not let them into anything they want with violence. However we can also see the part young people play to aid them, where my books fit in and why they love to attack my sales and of course while they get to turn to the far right the clear truth that no economy can become operable with such activities going on in media and with the Political system, which completely eliminates the idea that I hold keys to their insolent economic success or recovery. Now with respect to the idea I get around collecting peoples ideas and wait for people to act to have inspiration, there is no such thing. I mean all there is to say about it is that there are men who do such things but I do not think that people should expect government office operatives to do it as well, I am not saying women should not act to earn a living but they ought to draw a line somewhere. People do not do such things from government office unless they are Politicians who are clearly incredibly stupid people and do incredibly stupid things when they want tax money but harm and destroy everything about those that create it, then make friends with those that pay none of the taxes no matter how rich they get. In the end the truth being of course that in a real sense Politicians have not got the ability to destroy peoples livelihoods and the only means by which such things happen would have been when those who own it have not worked hard enough to be successful but these particular group know about this cut off point and always ensure that the owners of the properties they get out of their way and office to do damage to know that they are doing such things – so that when I mention something about a person shooting dead a Politician and stories emerging that it was all an assassination and not the struggles of life that they made violent about which the other side and not them won, they will tell me of course I encourage people to kill Politicians as though I can do a better job than they can and the socialist ones always think that everybody buys or buys into their ideology which of course is understandable in the circumstances.

The governments economic plans going to and fro the banks is not exactly surprising. They started off with the big society obviously and clearly it seems we should never have prepared for it because the result was never going to be a case of getting ready for a career and those who have a business getting government funds to run it so you can get a job. I mean if they had a problem they could enlist the banks to do the administration for them as well but what we have had is mixed messages in Europe and corresponding ones here in the UK, big society that is not working, secrete money to their friend and personal connections and then plans to make banks richer and u turns from it thereafter. It does not bother me for my part; in my case the issue is that every idiot thinks I believe they went to places like music school to be hard working honest people and so when they want to be famous and rich they do not have a clear set out objective and plan; such as making friends with Politicians that will make me give up my work so they do not have to buy it, then getting money from those to climb upon public places to claim my reputation to be rich and famous, with some stupid song or whatever or another. For this, I will always do everything to ensure that Politicians live off scraps the same way I apply for jobs and their people scout and harass the entire industry I have applied in which is the only thing they do at job centres and suppose that my behaviour towards them at the civil service is a function of being frustrated when I am really not, just have a lot of work to finish off to get my business going fully so I can think for the most part of nothing but trade and all that time of mine they waste means I am cash strapped while doing that or indeed the fact I have to find money from far off because the government is stifling the economy. I live of scraps because of these things and they live off scraps too – for now they are still getting elected even though that is happening but it will not be that way for long. As I mentioned they know what they are doing; I mean if you ask somebody how many fashion companies we have at the Chamber of Commerce they will never know even if they are the most intelligent people in the country but the Prime Minister, his deputy and the chancellor know these things, I am not deceived by any of those things they do and will not stop making them pay for anything that is damages here.

The idea I am frustrated is severely misplaced. At the moment my main concern is my work, I have much work to do to get my business ready and damages done to my finances means that I am cash strapped while I ma having to do it; I mean I have 3 books to get ready for sale this year alone and it is only then that I will be free enough to sit down and trade, so at the moment I don’t even know what I want to wish for because if I get customers for the one I already have ready, then that will help with finances but it will not make things any easier. They on the other hand with notions I do not take it into consideration the idea of setting up a business with my Job seekers allowance are simply playing dangerous games because their worst nightmare is not really the fact that I know that the way they want to run their show is that when you go to Job centres to apply for work they harass the entire industry you have sent an application to, then believe that setting out fame and fortune idiots that they give money to, to consider somebody else’s book sale business as a plaything will generally get them to become a friend and like to think that they have no choice but to be which they cannot back up as well but there is the serious business of what it means when people set up book sale businesses that run as government departments and deal with equities and securities and what they are likely to do when you wind them up at a point where they are ready to trade; so they do not get to tell me I never made it clear or set out a warning. The main issue here and the reasons I act the way I do is that it is important people know if they cannot set up or run a business, some people are better at being employees otherwise we have those serious problems where people think they can do whatever they feel like and some people think they really do not have to do that stuff that we all do with respect to our careers to ensure society works in normalcy; so you end up with a process where every idiot that thinks they are the only ones that need money and will kill people for it are getting some at the music industry to tell me I am the kind that kills people until I get set up for people to kill as well but then again like to boast they will kill me because I stand between them and money when I owe them nothing here. In the end they always like to say people should do as they like and leave others to do as they like as well but first of all there is the need to let others be for their part in the first place and then of course there is the more serious issue of the fact that it is easy to speak of an economic crisis but ore difficult to decide what kind of recovery we want and I must therefore be able to hold the bottom line. I always measure it by the things that are happening to small businesses which completely blows my mind too when coupled with things Politicians say and talk about. These small 5 to 20 people employee businesses are the ones that have the tightest possible customer contract and so once they have new customers it is impossible to fulfil those contracts without actually taking on new employees, while it is easy for rather large businesses to wriggle out of the need to employ, for them it is compulsory and so we look again at government Policy and plans to give out money to employers about which I mentioned no body knows what is to be achieved when it is given to banks when they should invite banks to do administration of the loans and profits for them not give the money; I mean this is even entire optional, for parties like the Liberal democrats maybe, the conservatives are likely to boast that they have all the expertise they need anyway – I am only speaking therefore of an ideal situation. So when these people do what they do and complain I always think they ought to dip their fingers so to speak into the atmosphere surrounding small businesses in this country and then tell me what it is like; clearly they can see they are getting off light and it is the reasons people always tend to feel they can do whatever they like with my books, so I can have they Hyde as well. I mean if the small businesses disappear like we think they should at the moment there is no way of knowing when there are economic problems and there is no way of preparing when we know, so we do need them to exist and I therefore see their behaviour as an attack on this country’s right to succeed, not a process where I am frustrated.

The popular culture thing is not one of prime concern to me in anyway, the issue with it is that Politicians like to get hurt so I will always ignore them and hurt the Politicians instead, knowing fully that people do not attend music school to learn how to be moral hard working people, when they could plan how to be rich and famous manipulating Politicians and those who have property they want to end up owning, so that Politicians collect it for them and give them money and then their worries are over. One  mistake and I will not be very far away from them for it but for now I like to think the fact every move I make hurts and with strange noises in the neighbourhood because they are getting attention and various other things, such that it becomes even worse on account the fact I get up at night to work is indication of talent that they can make into their own and therefore means the bullying gets worse, is something that everybody else is putting up with, however the fact I correct myself regularly as well means of course that I am not yet crazy and that I am still in the game.

So naturally we go again at claims made about the damages my actions have on their sexual lives but of course never is there a consideration on their part for what my sexual life looks like when they blast off accusations of infidelity against me on public media and use it to ensure popular culture music industry scum can get involved with me to get rich with it whenever they like and wherever or whenever I like it or not. I mean they do it all of the time; get on that popular culture nonsense to put up updates of what they think my personal, love and sexual life is like; obviously they can appreciate the finer things in life and now they want a Prince’s wife as well.