It is suggested largely that my big problem is my temper. It is not my temper in anyway as such. The truth of my so called temper is more to do with things women around me do when they tell me if I don't play along they will get the men involved. What happens with it is that with the usually intrusion, access and why not insults, every stupid bitch feel they can say it as well and make up their own meanings for it too, so that the corruption of involvement idiots that send them out to do it can turn out to abuse me in every way down to attacks on my health claiming they are recovering their youth and that they seek secretes to eternal youth for the purpose.

Naturally I have enough acumen on facts on their celebrity cultures and will handling according to the most violent and destruction way of all that I have learnt from them so far, completely unwanted and uneeded. Bearing in mind it makes even more sense when they are getting connected with it into royal families; I mean the abuses used to be a function of preacher boy teaching bad girls how to go straight and marry rich men, now it is something else entirely and needs to end in the same context as well.

For what it now seems occurs to make me find security for or do something to fight against over enslavement idiots who either want to see me endure some misfortune so I might have to fight again and again and again because that does things for them such as help them to look beautiful when they wake up in the morning or on the other hand love to see those misfortunes because they like to see me work and work and work because they love to oppress me and see me wake up ugly in the morning so I gather.Their socialist Ministers clearly love their claims of things they do to reveal or things they know about my livelihood which creates insecurities for racists but in the end however it still boils down to the same old story, that just because I exist, people turn up to deserve hurting me on account they want things-they want this and they want that and they want that and they want that, when asked why they want those things, then it turns out that it was their own and that they need it to be successful as if others cannot wait for them to reach a point where they want a country in order to make it real for them and start a fight like the truth or dare they toss up all the time. Their Ministers for their part I suppose get to bring it up all the time because they will never give up insulting people and so be it as well anyway; bearing in mind when an idiot who thinks he knows much about murder and hired killings and gangs, then it is possible to cling onto others and make statements about what they know in their affairs which creates insecurity for racists, on account the threats of their insolent girls and women and those that come from them all is not creating any results considering that no link has ever before been established between having lots of money without work so that you can enjoy the high life and travel the world and somebody else with a different identity or career. So now we have the outcome and they might want to discuss next how to stop me taking the steps I do to ensure that no bodys murders and hired killings and gangs gets anywhere near me and as usual I will not be interested in any stupid low IQ discriminative educated idiots doing complains either.