So the problem with Men continues but I have always made it clear the issue will be absolved the day that the whole game of who the best Man aesthetically competition comes to an end, the day the vandalism of my finances by the Men ceases to hold an amusing prospect to its existence and they had taken my financial well being back the way they found it before their problem began in the first place. I can always go through the consequential facts if I wanted, such as their stupid abusive cultures being the only thing I hear because they have needs and consider themselves to be really important and then there are several others such as the fact I do Intellectual Property Admin and this will mean that even my Books are vulnerable to counterfeiting but they are still finding themselves amusing when they spend time exhibiting their cowardice that wants a soft touch to change the image on Media where they like to pick on religious people and exhibit themselves but in my case has come to direct handling of my person and property all together. My personal favourite is the one where I work for my structures and when it is ready to work for me, it ends up working for others and the intrusion and insults and abuses are unprecedented and they will never be free of me for those freedoms and civil rights as well, so we can find out exactly how much of it they fought for before I was born, for posterity.

So I hear this story of my position of Europe crop up again and it makes me so furious as it does rather need a reaction from me which is honest about the fact the kinds of activities we see those who campaign for us to get out of the Union engage in is quite exactly the same as the idiots that walk around civil rights finding things others are interested in, so as to position themselves well enough to boss people around as they get on to their various concerns. At the moment what they hate the most about me is that case of my civil rights that they fought for before I was born as it were but it seems they do not think it is also important that they are to clear my space and peddle the devils personality as there is customer service in it too, so people can do their own well as it were, otherwise realise what they seek will never be theirs and they might as well start doing the right for a change in their silly lives.

I have never considered it a crisis, it is an issue that should have been under control as this is not the only case where we see them behave with their twisted wicked and evil begging that gambles with evil all the time and likes to tell me the me that was built up somewhere else using media and various other insults is going to commit sins and evils that will facilitate their power which I had refused to because I think the stupidity called religion actually matters. The problem has always been that Politicians want them to be respected and are not complaining about it well enough too. The Industry ones always want involvement with people’s concerns to facilitate this grand scheme of things in which we all belong and people’s property can be picked to oil it depending on who has the power to take it one from the other and when I handle their own because it is a grand scheme of things and it is needed as well, it will become a bit more real – the Politicians want a perspective on the left hand side that will be built using the way they were born and raised as it were, otherwise it is as simple as one they will never have, which is why these idiots are always showing their faces on Media – and of course the media is where you get hurt all the time because another person is a vagabond who needs money and they are ever so sorry but you must get hurt anyway because it is irresistible until they start to experience it too.

They do blab that there is nothing I can do of course which is an old story; we all know they want their fools who are to be company shareholders in future to get around street corners waylaying young people at job centres, while they employ criminals in neighbourhoods and families to facilitate militant socialism which will create war and then the Americans will win it so they can suck up to America and become leaders of the west but it is an old story where about that sense I am in a competition over who is aesthetically the best man vanishing on account they have restored my finances the way they found it, otherwise the structures they have been working on will be working for me when it is time for it to earn them money for my part as well and that will be a start; personally I do wonder if they were echoing what I suggested when I mentioned above about them clearing my space as they have no such human rights as peddling my public image to make fame and comforts and should heed my warning to stop gambling that one too. It is not the only instance we see this sort of behaviour, there are others that constitute the reasons they want to handle what they do not have while the owners are stuck in politics climbing ropes, so that they might not get told that they may have this but not that etc.

As for the story of my hate for black women, there is no such thing; black Women spend their time on nothing else save following me around, ripping up anything that looks like family and friends based support, which will make me look like an orphan when I stand next to a white boy with his family support and academic qualifications and wits and so they follow me around making sure they are extricating this around absolutely everything I do, not because they enjoy their insults but because they are in my view doing everything to convince me that when some people speak of beating the hell out of them without reason to guarantee the process where only the worry of somebody bigger beating them back as well will have become the only viable concern, while their behaviour will have existed in a condition of guaranteed stoppage as it were, that they are actually correct; so that when I do mention it so, they will show off all over the place to indicate it means power and we all know they are so stupid that only the rest of us tend to know where that is heading. I for my part will never know if they follow me around because they will force me to marry one of them so that they can get what they want i.e. it is what I do not want done with my life they will never stop doing to get what they want from me until I find out what they do not want done with their stupid bodies as well etc; these are not my colloquialisms, it’s all theirs, it should be noted; so they love to glorify themselves over some claims of war on Women as such and there is no case between me and them, no relationship whatsoever, only some really annoying and insulting nonsense about owning me because my skin colour guarantees it with a big mouth.

So do what I do reflect what was done to me as well? Of course it does – Government operative without salary because he did not write his Books properly – I mean like the part where they say there is nothing I can do, which makes me want to work harder to see them put a name to their faces and tell me they are the ones who steal my secretes in order to go off and work for millionaires, and then I shall have to find out what they are made of as well. As it stands in terms of the Media I may need some three weeks to broker equities with companies and consummate a job and after that another 4 months to start selling my Books to them and make the brokerage a defined job – except with their involvement that time table will run into years and the expense will be incredible; half the time they do not want to look after their anus and see to their public appearances anymore, they want to infiltrate my renaissance and claim my public image for themselves to feel comfortable, then complain their anus hurts as well and that somebody has shut down a perspective on the left. This said however we have to consider other realities like the need to continue with the Christian having initiatives to do good things meaning that he wants to be bossed around to serve people where it is needed violently and it has now developed into industrial bullying and a campaign to get out of Europe as well and I feel like raising young people that will screw with their career and lives as well and they have continued to show they know what the effects of their activities are informing me there will be characters like Jimmy Saville many times over with a big mouth. The importance of elected leaders of course who stand up on public places to make deal with them and allow a public life to be peddled as it were, meaning those who do not do it like that will not have an income. It beggars believe people who claim to be this clever would pick up other persons literary work and decide that it was not properly written – it’s not the assets in action as such, or bundles of equity property in each paragraph in the Books as such, they have just schemed over the story and found out it was not properly written, without getting a copy of their own – if asked how they would have written an adjective to run through a legal premise as well as support functionality of a thing in action and to provide a property security, it is not clear if they would have used plain English or something literal either, it’s just Media power to subvert my income and Book sales claiming it was not properly written and therefore needs to be barred from Market.  The part that kills me is that you cannot have a conversation with these idiots for five minutes without there resulting a tale of somebody that will do your stuff emerging in some way, about the fact they want three jobs at any given time, whereby one provides and income and the other two remain with them so others might have none; which is how this matter developed from the part where it was their civil rights to have joys of naivety that fundamentally meant they attacked me and did not understand what it felt like because they are far more privileged than that, right up to this point where they are no longer naive and I will pay for it via a process where their career journalism ends and their career author begins – it’s been 15 years of it, while we hear them speak of the reasons I court their wrath with that big mouth we cannot seem to be free from. On the other hand of which they are convinced that they are a top priority of mine all together as well.

As for being clear on the Europe issue however; apparently the US is also made up of European origin citizens and it is not suggested that the British lovers should fall in love with Europeans as well in any way as such but the British do need to look after their friends and stop bothering the Europeans. In the end after all, it is reality they might not be good at setting a stage for justice and equity and security like we are if they can complain about friends of the British running the US Government all the time but if you do want a business to look like it is somebody’s Baby and that the owner is looking after it, they are still the best to work with and Americans are insane while nobody knows exactly what is wrong with the rest of the world. They say I hate society goons but keeping putting things in their heads but I am sure they want to discuss abuses that make me so distressed my personality can be pulled around and make to confront others while they boast about the power they have in their shit hole they call society to feel like kids and enjoy a life every time they see me, while those who live in the same neighbourhood and in wickedness heaven with a big mouth; it will end up in their heads, the twisted and perverted violent begging heads which has always been a problem for any Royalty and I have never had an issue with seniority either, provided they do not take over or help me out to enjoy the part where they as well as I get punished by the Monarchy for it , like it was some kind of strategy and of course stop assuming the right to punish anything around here.

So am I miserable in the UK? Of course not, it rather should have been as simple as a problem I have with foolish violent women and the evils gathered up at places they call home, especially those that are made for the purpose of targeting me, while the men are suppose to bring forth the culture and try to find out if along with the society they will not have somebody break up and sell it as it were, so that they might complain; but the Politicians want them respected and going round in circles for 14 years at the academic system for it has also meant that I have ensured they are fully informed about how to use the day to day affairs and business of Politicians to recover their youth and feel life again, so I am the one complaining at present thereof as far as the eye can see. These people are happy for Men to gather in society clusters and finger peoples bums and grab penis and abuse others all of the time like they do but as soon as Women start to do it as well, we do not end up with a balance society because women are allowed to as well, what we end up with is women threatened and beaten down while the idiots that do travel overseas to find problems that are too much for them and turn out at the shops full of a need to work for millionaires, well trained in their stupidities they do not need to respect as something that damages other peoples real assets especially when involved with how to deploy peoples invulnerability to their problems to protect themselves while attacking the same people and making use of such persons public lives to create problems, in order to pass around blame culture – I just want them to keep off my finances and have their fun or find out there is a reason that they should like they are at present.

I do not find Royal work difficult in anyway; it’s just the difficult bit making sure my information is available to society so they don’t make out there was no prior warning that handling my public image will lead to consequences, once it’s all settled up I will not have the same problem and it will get even easier.