Now the talk of how attitudes towards benefit claimants that was thought to be conservative is now being practiced by Labour and how it is amazing I have no idea why; I mean Conservatives have the attitudes they have towards people because they are beating Labour at it not because it is something they normally do. It is Labour that feels like hurting people all the time and on this occasion I should suppose they know their lines very well because a story of their hatred for people on benefits and a process where they push it will likely to be the one that will really kick things off around here as well because I have had enough of them for my part; they are really stupid, very stubborn and incredibly destructive, so that when you avoid them for it they claim it is because they have power over you and they cannot be stopped, they never listen until they provoke you every day and push you into doing something that you will regret. They hate people on benefits but when you buy with benefits money from their shops they take it, when you pay rent with benefits money they take it; I suppose it is the financial cost that a government must part with in return for stability, I mean they can always tempt me further by trying to round me up and ensure I cannot get a Landlord anywhere because people do not want tenants on benefits if they want, I have been clear about what I think about them anyway and for my part it is their problem with my book sales which runs into that process where we will lock horns over that part where a Prince does not know he is being hurt or harmed; not enough of them have died yet, we have not seen enough protests yet and the British ones especially want a piece of me that they will have to carve out soon enough for their pleasure. I mean ever since I wrote my books obviously, the entire purpose of media and anything they do outside of their homes has become that of making sure any idiot that is older than me can do whatever he likes or she likes with me – it is how while they complain by the way, this whole idea of a Prince that does not know when people are hurting him because he is a child and real people have plans for everything he owns was created and continues to get support from them because they have civil rights. At this point I am mentioning it partly because I have recently finished with their parents who do these things, never mind the Politicians that lead a society that is very different from the rest of us in the sense that while we think there is something we must do with what we have to be where rich people are, they think the reasons they do not have what rich people have is because of unfair societies; have never before done anything else in Universities except wreck peoples academic work and pass exams to get the best jobs, never get jobs until there is a hate figure to torment while they get jobs that he should have been getting in order to use him to get jobs and have never before put into anything they do up to 30% of the work that you need to put into it to get it done – always get away with 65% being sorted out through civil rights and any other areas besides their what their laziness can be being figured out with their wickedness at Politics and destruction thereof and they will always find your career; like they are the party of benefit scroungers they are also the party of career scroungers and will always find your valuables and make a duty of destroying it and abusing you for power in public to get elected and seek self advancement. I am aware they say I say these things and people think they have come that close to killing me but the reality of what I have done to their side of society is unfathomable and continues to remain so; fact of course is that this is true and the reason is to teach them a lesson they will never forget all around like a Prince that does not know when he is being hurt – after extricating my blogs from them and putting them on my websites, now they can get up on my book sales and make sure every fool that is older than me can use me for a plaything and lay claims of ownership to all I own or even do; really does set the stage for facts about who really does not know when he is being hurt as it were and like I said they are not doing enough protests and not enough of them are dying yet; as I warned the parents before I warn the children now as it were. I had an epiphany so to speak in the last couple of days and decided I was no longer going to play a part which suggests I am running from them anymore, so yes it is fair to assume if they do not get off my company income soon enough it will most certainly blow up; it is important they leave me alone and stay by themselves, very, very, very important, along with that stupid infantile male media. How well did I plough that route?