I am aware Labour Party Minister usually expect to be respected and that it is the bane of most of the evil things they do but I am not interested in making excuses and inventing various stories for the things that people do when they destroy my livelihood for attention. I normally explore what they do because I want to wind them up by being able to pin point what exactly the purposes of their wickedness is and I do not think that people should fundamentally believe that it is the way to go about it too, it’s a case of deciding what I want to do about what I do. Of course there is talk about some trouble I get into at Royal Circles all the time, whereas the reality is that it is normal for the incumbent Monarch to only hand over the Crown to her successor and not the Kingdom, naturally of which if you wind him or her up he or she will have your stuff but I do not wind up the Prince of Wales, these goons especially the Parliament ones think they wish to use his name for robbery. So when they say I am in trouble all I can say is that the Monarch, the Queen has never in the past prevented them from winning a fight around here nor has she done so recently; because of course what happens is that they handle my property and handle my income and so most of these things are entirely expected when people have before told you to bring that your thing ‘sex, money, books, property’ it could be anything provided they call it thing and do a slapping the boy over the head routine on grounds they had made plans over it and I am not having opinions and they want that ‘thing’ to ensure people are where they are supposed to be in life. They are not freedom fighters, just idiots whose war with normalcy means they think we live in an alternative reality where they can do anything they like and the same way I handled the new country goons is the way I will handle them as well, hence this is just their turn too and the reasons they are always in the better off position whatever I say of which each time I have an opinion about handling my income and then teasing me so that everybody might want to as well in order to make finding a job or doing my business impossibly difficult and I have an opinion, they always change the subject for me, is because it will be their turn to do all the fighting and the burden will shift from society to the media. Of course it is all about power and this is the reason I cannot get the books sold, they claim they want to collect it as trophy and use it to build up some temperamental power that will ensure they can have anything they want; so it is a case of what they would do if they had the opportunity to savage the finances of an important person to have that power and of course they are saying they will take it whatever the cost and so their civil rights idiots claim I always speak of myself only whenever I do anything but of course I do wonder if they expect me to speak about them as well when it seems any idiot can do whatever they want or like on grounds they are seeking somebody to betray in an opportunistic way, every idiot can do as they please in the land because civil rights idiots will take any opportunity that if offered to them. I do not think it is a major crisis, the reality is that the media simply is full of people who are no longer interested in journalism as much as they are interested in being able to take jobs away from anybody who as much as causes any anger to happen inside of their minds, rather very ironic since that is what they do to others like their celebrities want to own and use to get rich things I did since my child hood on grounds that their own is not good enough anymore and therefore cannot stay off my income or my books, royal property and public work and a process of having some of my stuff with every appearance in public and therefore why they have taken up that charity work and done it even when the whole world knows it is my charity work anyway being the Christian they love to attack for fame and it is getting worse in that now they feel they want to make sure people do not know anymore, it is time to ensure that anybody can get in touch with them if they so desire or want. They want to have all these power and avoid the responsibility you see; they want to be able to get up every day and warn employers about somebody using shit stuff and cultural filth to do jobs for them and will never let employers rest until the person is unsuccessful during the interview but at the same time avoid the downside and the kind of friends they make and the problems that comes with it. For my part I have also located a reason to follow them around as well and make it the basis of an information based business and so I have in turn brewed off my own system of information about their shit stuff and why advertisement purchasers should not buy their own and Industries should not get involved with them and so on; the same applies to Parliamentarians who think themselves the best bullies in the world and have my personal life which they share with the world and peddle if they like; the case of the media in the same situation is that they report news in my interest these days or somebody else will have a scoop but in their case it seems they expect that when they issue threats at me I am supposed to respond with conversations. I do not consider these matters to be a major crisis, after all I spend most of my time annoying women intensely like their insults in my direction does as well and of course for the men I do not just annoy them until they are unsuccessful and resort to stealing my finances but also write books of pure propaganda out of it which finances they steal losing every bit of thing that remains as a structure that supports the abuses, so they can get on media looking for more and making noise about pains I will suffer in order for them to get new ones; we have been there before of course and when I am off to it again the results will be many times as worse. There is just too much insolent and intrusive sexual impropriety around alright but it is the insolent violence and the desire to handle my finances that creates a real problem for those who practice it not injustice; the natural prognosis of years ago for the Politics being that trapping me in Politics is where I will be overpowered but the behvaiour remains the same and continues to court the same response from me when people want things and then destroy existing ones to get attention for it, which especially creates the need to handle them with some form of homosexual violence which of course is the usual result of these things, especially over that of wrecking my finances in order to force me into publicity and public life without it for abuse and then regularly turn up at the corridors of parliament where they do jobs at point where people do not get to see what their stupid faces look like to talk nonsense all the time and threaten me as well, expecting there to be no consequences for that too. Of course no body is trying to win America's war for them or anything like that, what happens is that Terrorists have not got enough acumen and so it is important that their companies are left to globalisation and wealth gathering while mine is tagged to terrorists so they can destroy their enemies and create a new reality and so this is why I want to make them acquire a new democracy as well since I intend to sell the old one to pay for the damages they do here and then they will feel like they are between a rock and a hard case as well and it should not be a problem because they have a vast army to play with anyway; I mean what are they scared of political instability? I mean all those insults and wrecking my finances with it, they know I am a young leader, who is a Prince and therefore scared of organised crime and that is why they do it but since they never listen, apparently no impeachment and revolution which is the older men version of gangs and crime will not happen as it were. Naturally they can talk so they always ask what I will do in such circumstances when people are not willing to give me my impeachments and revolutions but of course the answer has always been as simple as their insults and attitude i.e. we will continue the I can do what I like with him and everything around him provided I am not killing him game that we are playing at present on both sides. Yes they say I go up against those who own most of the Worlds wealth but this has always been at the centre of the matter i.e. they preserve their jobs for money and use mine for pleasures, do they know it is a property based crime or have they thought about absolutely everything when it comes to getting away with it? I will wait for them at their retirement still for my revenge, it is the point where I will show them the evils of their ways since it is an accurate post at which they are out of the workforce and I am still in give or take either way and then they will be like me and I will be like them and those evils that I do not necessarily need in my mind designed by others to abuse me in order to change my quality of life that is then simulated on media for somebody else will have to go somewhere else, since they started it off for maximum purpose of causing me suffering, at a point where I was 3 years above the legal age of adulthood. They say to this they will raise children that will take me on but I would sound like a villain which I am not if I intimate them to the fact the last time they tried they got much better off as we can all see around the world, so people say it is difficult to work out if I can live up to the hype when I had mentioned it but of course the reality is that in my mind they have every facility available to them with which to teach me evils I need not know and wreck my finances in order to put it inside of me and make it end with me, while they then go off to use my personality and work to deploy the evils in their lives to go down in history as great men and women; now any normal person can make a judgement on this matter as we know, my question however is whether what I have said the worst they may have to deal with yet?