I have been told I tease up trouble makers and then complain which is utter rubbish – I mean the times when its up to me to set out what the law is, is clearly when I am complaining about them naturally but when they come up with ideas on how I should get into a fight to make others comfortable and its becoming openly abusive and violating, while they petition people in authority about my attitude, it would be the time I had stopped complaining about them I suppose, it’s the time the stupidities are complaining about me the last time we checked. There are the others on media as well and the wives have built me a Public image for being the person that is engaged in a war on women while the other part is the society full of real men whose whole lives are about the imagination getting up my bum and their wives have picked up everything we think women are doing, turned it on its head, practiced that and cannot stop getting their children on my Public image as a sign their stupidities were very important, so I do tease them up as we can see.

I have been told there is a sense of Public crisis associated with the way they respond to my activities and yes it does appear that way but its all just the gits going off to the Monarchy to fight my battles and tell me which part of my person and property I am entitled to – so it might be said there is no sense in me being concerned about women turning what women do on its head but there is as it’s a matter of what they used it for i.e. moving into my right hand to build a crowd that will tackle me over privileges that the weaker sex deserve and so there is always a test for me every single day from a mean cunt because of it and society idiots will resolve for us all the part that comes from Europe and then get complicit with it later on, to build us a society of pure debauchery that real men want to live in.

I am said to believe myself to be a victim in the matter while I am not naturally, but I am, I am just the victim who goes along with the lies people tell for my part. So fooling around at my expense with HGVs and Double decker Buses and Cars which sounds are used to churn my tummy, got me dropping out of University and lies were told in Government buildings about it, that allowed them develop into bullies whose bullying makes money and should not be stopped lest the Government be seen to take a position against jobs and it has gotten serious since as well. They do say the important thing is that I needed to move over to their left hand side naturally which I can understand but if they can explain what it means and write an essay, keeping to the word limit for good measure, I might just take it seriously, otherwise once done with this sort of insults, if it challenges me over the smell caused, I will try to hurt its stupidities for my part in how it will end and will try to hurt them very seriously as well. I have recently started digging out the facts on this issue because it has advanced to a stage where lies about it are no longer possible as well i.e. the society idiots are now hanging around street corner, making statements about me that pushes younger people very hard, statements that suggest that I will get what is coming to me if they do not get to share what I have and it means I am unable to step outside of my door without that stupid random hate they practice as a society being used to churn my tummy and the threat issued over the smell being used to ensure I lost something important everyday – looking like they would like me to stop it for them since they have reached a stage where they find the process of shutting it down incredibly difficult, as stupidly as possible, after 15 years of following me around. I don’t mind gimmicks people want to play with the matter as such, I only need ensure when the tribalism scum that use this nonsense to perform their raids to the top end of Industry get there, they sold products to Clients without bothering an Arch Prince, alongside American fools who spend their time talking about Country ownership, then show up here to make use of my person and Office as a tool which helps them to become an established and historic people, wrecking everything around here and blowing off the big mouth to tell me I believe handling Celebrities will be easy. It’s very well blabbing, the threats are good but when the bottom hurting issues come up, I will get out of it and cracked up out of my league will not be able to keep the mouth shut; if it can explain what wanting me to move over to its left hand side means, I would take it seriously. When it does eventually come to the Political crisis itself however, each time the Heir to the Throne wants to run a Government with this nonsense, it can either become an outcome where those who want to run their men’s world gimmicks did it without bothering others or the outcome will be a fight and what a fight would have looked like – it’s the sewers, a cesspit run by a handful of idiots that are good at wrecking people’s lives, then becoming violent to protect their own thereafter, which is a good use of Public resources, it needs to stop playing with me if it is complaining or continue to head up to the Monarchy to fight my battles and show up here talking nonsense, by the way which it may want to stop bothering me when it sees Police Officers on the Streets as that is the actual job unless people fool around with their jobs that way, tired of the huge big incredibly stupid responsibility placed on me all the time by it.

So apparently the statement the young people of this generation make with respect to my person is that they hate my guts and Americans are in the lead on it which is quite brilliant as a replacement for the fact they could not be caught dead not showing up in public places to make appearances and provide speeches that set them out as people that are superior to me, especially their entitled women that have been assured if I acted in anyway that denied them usage of my person and property I would get into trouble. The racists really do help on this matter during the times their stupidities want us to be one big happy black peoples family until such a time as their foolish and insulting greed had dominated it – what they are about to learn is which parts of my civil right they had been fighting for and any stupid threats to set me out as somebody whose security they are not responsible for the way I do their own as well will never end as planned. I might have hoped that at a point where such fact had become more obvious than ever, my Public image and academic work may look like it was supposed to but while they had decided what they hated, it hasn’t, the extreme fun and games that can cause mental illness continues to happen around my concerns as a God given entitlement, providing them a face that is free of the way their stupid personal decisions affect them, allowing them to get successful at Business handling my Public image the entire time. It might then want to get on an angle about those stupid provisional abuses that industry scum will want to buy into having set the stage for them to leave me with the big things and concentrate on the little things to make money that has actually proven their stupid dominance and it will likely get me on a schedule as well – the random relatives have clearly seen the patent statement I have set out on my books and understand those who deploy it for distant learning purposes and processes are committing a crime and its either going to stop destroying my finances as well alongside those stupid comments, the way that they want or it will be shut down the way that I want. I have been told there is a lot of pressure on me and it suggests I will not last but that is not usually the case – the reality is that these goons are a product of financial and industrial corruption somewhere, they are sent out by other scum that had successfully wrecked the academic work chasing money at my expense while I was at University while the society goons churn my tummy with Cars to run people down, so they understand what I have said here, better than most other people do. In essence there is clearly war going on everywhere in the world with them running the show; so a Hermit does not expect them to show up and create business with him, he expects them to show up for the purpose of buying and reading what he had written – so as we can see, they have already declared my life and career as the only safe place around that they may want to raid and therefore understand what it means when I say the stupid comments that changes what people feel and think about my Books to make it impossible for audiences to read needed to be shut down or I will shut it down my way. An assessment of the situation we are in now is that the Industry trouble makers have had their fill of it naturally – they have made enough trouble to get the employees they want and made enough trouble to get the customers they fancy, its now such a big problem that the security services industry of goons at financial corruption getting rich by tackling socially moral people is probably at its peak, so what we have really lost is the destruction of Natural environment which the Politicians facilitated; first led in the International Community by US Democrats talking nonsense about those that can look after their bums refusing to take the responsibility and then US Republicans that had enough of that.