So the Politicians on one hand say I am unable to control anything that happens around me, they say that whenever it gets out of hand people have their bottoms chased at Parliament, while on the other hand any response on my part will lead to some bum fingering. The case being thus annoying not only because I was not talking to them, not only because it may be an honour for the Prime Minister to pick up bits of my career to serve the People with but is quite a problem when Her subordinates do it too because I was not properly protected, not only because the question should not have been answered but was asked in such a way that it created problems for others but because the answer will have involved people showing up at the Royal Estate because they were fans to extent where they are running my life, which does not bother me but their madness has to be managed anyway, which is not the place for those who were elected by the Public for a specific role to end up and also because this explanation was met with hurting bottoms on account it was a gimmick, a game played for Political manoeuvre in an environment where the laws of the land is being made – annoying because when their stupidities have asked such questions, they need to accept the answer for it and not talk nonsense about their mates robbing shoulders when they are addressing somebody who views most of their insanity as a useless existence, one that plays into what I know their stupidities are messing about with at Industry especially when it produces outcomes in which people work for things and not get paid and there is an emerging state of affairs starting from my Book sales and how it never really looks good when it gets completely out of hand as well, I know of how their modernist stupidities telling others how to exist along with their foolish children teaching me lessons all the time because they are far superior human beings and I need to shut up, will not suffice when that happens. Nobody knows why they are always building up my career into a personality others can adopt to get by and then setting up a stage that allows them ignore me while talking to others like that all the time but apparently they do need to keep their hands to themselves when they ask the questions and get answers for it, lest others find some hurtful practical joke more interesting that it should be as well; I mean we are here because I wrote a Book and put it out in public and they decided like they spy on me and pick up my writing to play stupid games and chase my private parts talking nonsense about insults that will keep me from having a Public life which can never be explained, they decided my Books were the contact point by which they gain leverage on me, a route to my heart which I can say at this stage they need pay attention to the fact it is not the reason I wrote it as it were. We see it all of the time, in terms of my academics and what they are complaining about of which I was hoping to graduate after four years and then start off my career, which did not happen but I started off my career anyway; having been they are still showing up with the same practical jokes everyday we have now entered a phase where I need to leave them with the problems too, t has progressed to a more acute form as they have laid into any time I made out for myself to return to an academic environment for more practical jokes too and we hear its about them feeling that they are leading all the time; while the reality is that they have tucked their family away somewhere safe and we are all caught up with this idea that their stupidities are a matter of a direction in which they have been pushed while reality is that it is a fun gimmick they want to deploy my life for because it makes appearing on media and parliament more interesting – it has developed to that point where we hear them claim they have the right to and anybody who is to defend themselves from people who have important jobs need to have a job by which they do it or else it is more like a case of getting into a fight with a woman, reaching this point where I have to express the fact each time I walk down the road in the evenings it is never people returning home to their families but people congratulating themselves for having achieved the evils of the day and hence important especially for journalists and Politicians that they keep their hands to themselves and not ask stupid questions which when responded to allows them to strike my anus as well. Its like when we hear them speak of the things I deserve such as being bullied by Unions and Interest groups who wish to secure the attention of the government because I have been set up and groomed for it, while they claim they are unable to understand why I groom their own and bend it over too. I do not think this matter is a crisis but the community croons and the media gits and their children and the neighbourhood pimps need to solve their own problems and keep the narcissism off my case especially as the most successful among them cannot keep a finger off my bum as it were. We think about other aspects still where they say its the surveillance I refused to act on when I was told to by civil rights goons that has caught up with me but we all know what they really meant was that I needed to make it safer for them to pick up bits of my Books and throw it around at the Middle east for cynical practical jokes that will kill people, which of course I completely failed to; they are now blabbing either how my Books kill people or we find them blabbing about the powers of the crowd when I mention that in the Middle East there is only money being thrown at extremists and none being thrown at celebrities as well like we have both sides here in the UK where people make money to fight others with – the power of the crowd in that the liberal and free are now something I fear while reality is more either a case of whether a celebrity attends a Beach where local people are hosting a fair because she loves them or because she hates their guts and wants to take from them all they have every time we find a celebrity where people are having a fair as it were and where I am concerned personally, a matter of being blamed for insane people chasing other peoples bottoms which stops them from doing their academics and how celebrities will take care of me if people promise to buy Music CDs – where if I get my hands on it, I will try and ensure it is the last time that they see it too as it were, wondering if the shop floor of the Parliament was the Office of their foolish Politicians all together as it were. They speak of some aspects being my fault but it is an old story of how they explain themselves when women complain about historic sexual abuse in Hollywood all together, even when I have a marriage with some of those women to make matters more obvious when we want nothing to do with them and it keeps getting worse on social Media while the Media ones are experimenting on whether or not they have as much power as the Politicians everyday. So I suppose nobody on it pricked me in a real way today since I am rather determined to start a case of how many well speaking people have grabbed their jobs recently and whose civil rights they have been fighting for as well; find out how much I can undermine them, since it is rather too violent to respond with violence to the idiots that cannot let you a moment rest over the kinds of societies they belong to especially at work and you cannot bring yourself to work on taking the job away from them all together as it were. They do claim I have no respect for anybody and it is utter rubbish too; the reality is that all that rubbish is about other peoples lives, the only reason I am stuck with it is firstly that they want to lay on me and make money without having to get a job and secondly because they have always got a trophy victory of pushing me out of University with their vices which has served as a history which prove I am like them and have had failures in my life – the rest of the time its about a marriage I have with a Court and how it has become their main concern to get involved while their main point of call is narcissistic popular culture canopies at Industry that bring sales the more it hurts people and so we find such things and other peoples marriage do not mix very well and we find them complain on social media, accuse all over the world and blab on any public places that they can but will not get out so I intend to ensure it hurts much much more increasingly – the older ones are the ones whose whole life is a joke all together when the main case for persisting is that its me grabbing all the attention yet again as it were; so we find them claim there are others who control my life which is utter nonsense; those as the same social ills I tackled to earn the wrath of their pop stars who have made money and wrecked my life and are now targeting me because they need to make more money while the problem I am to deal with so they can pillage my life to make it have gone away; so the problems are starting to come to them as well at this stage, complete with features such as me preparing to use their own until they complain about me on the global stage once more and they do speak of their music Industry moguls and their film industry trouble makers which is just as good – their case I can control easily but the moguls case will be the one where the families will understand how I feel when they are just too big to be stopped every time they deploy my work and my life without signing a contract on account they have civil rights that gives them the right to be related to me and similar nonsense of that sort and then they will stop their own as well. We are here because I took steps to get rid of drugs in a safe way by making it financially unprofitable to run a business that involves it, now I am being punished by teenage scum in entertainment studios for it with a big mouth and lots of Journalistic idiots on their side as well yap yapping at me what I need to get to their back yard and sort out for them cracked up out of my league. I mean how does anybody set out to build an alternative statement with money thrown around which suggests that somebody who worked to create a market situation where class A drugs were not as profitable, so that such businesses might be detached from mainstream living allowing people to carry on, can go to hell, claiming they are famous for doing so? So my goal is to achieve a condition where they buy films and music CDs without thinking of making their own so that when they buy the ones that drugs and gangs people have made for them and then showed up to buy ones made by people affiliated to me, their stupidities might see clearly what it is doing as well and then they can tell me I am weak from there and take their teasing Royalty insults to a whole new level that way too. The reality here is that my Books are elitist and appeal to Pliticians and Governments and Royalty; people can buy them with a behaviour that agrees or they can continue to campiagn for nonsense as mentioned above instead, I for my part am usually said to have had a reputation and when I rip up their fame and fortune celebrity and popular clcture with it, they will then likely say they were unaware it could be done as well; while reality is more a case of the fact they will only read their insults off a dictionary and show up here to target me all the time until there is enough pracical jokes for them to play and enough for me to play as well and then it will be done. They always get on media to say I think I am doing the right thing but am not; the truth of course is that they have built up this behaviour of hunting down and predating what people do to be part of a workforce and part of an Industry to a point where it is such a problem that the authorities now has to decide where the problem goes as a whole and there are gangs and extremist groups who want to decide it as well while they think it is the fun of making sure leaders are sick with organ disease the whole time – so it has not been clear yet to them that all we need is a build up of enough practical jokes for them and for me and for everybody else and then they will never see that Celebrity culture ever again. They say I will never be free of the Journalist thing because I cling to it so much but its an old story of where your lifestyle fits into a process that involves somebody sitting in front of National Television to provide everybody with hospitality and tell them the news headlines for the day – as I mentioned I was only supposed to tackle the issues because they implored my help for a while but since it does appear I will be punished by these really stupid Men for the rest of my life over it as well and so I wish to go as deep as the rabbit hole allows for their part in the matter – lets see what their own hospitality looks like a yap yapping doing the job with a make up and thinking they can do anything they wish because they are earning more than women for doing the same job. We hear those talk I am always making out I am strong enough to beat a thousand enemies and it is so annoying each time because its not about my strength but the fact they are goons that are always seen showing up around culture while nobody gets to pass exams in school by the side of any culture when they are around – when I do not want them doing it, then doing it suddenly becomes the main preoccupation and it will not understand it needs to stop talking nonsense at me about being tough when it will soon get scared of me and then I will not be able to do anything with my whole life on account I am being softened up by culture and society goons; I like to say we need more practical jokes and then when there is enough for everybody it will stop as it were. They cane the body you see and then they cane mine as well but it is so twisted that caning mine helps it recover from what it has done to its own and we find therefore that each time it is homosexual it wants the Politicians to get me discussing how people are born homosexual each time I am seen stepping into Church. They do justify most of their activities on the basis of having done something to curb my privilege and my thirst for it; reality of course is rather that they have a problem with talented people who have a natural monopoly over what they do and what they have created, while all together its never really such a big matter when we can see that each time they become rich they become something else as lots and lots and lots of people have had enough too alas its just impossible for them to ask and be nice and they say if I call them stupid I will get into trouble but I cannot free myself from wondering how stupid they could possibly get.