The question is always that whether I think Nationalists have no right to seek their dreams and to fulfil them but that has never on any occasion been the issue, which is rather that they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing with or about anything that they do but the beginning of an end to their problems is the respect and acknowledgement of those that can get those problems fixed and are therefore better than them thereof. I personally have no idea why my opinion being somebody that is so deeply disrespected would matter over this issues anyway, although the realities are much the same as when people say I am stuck in a difficult situation I will never get out of whereas what I am doing is bending them over to spend their own and get them into inconsiderate positions as well as a result, so that when it plays out that the prognosis of all their insults is that they want to make money and b comfortable it will have turned out that I am a genius. The Nationalists are a bunch of failures, socially, Politically, academically and in everyway imaginable, except that they are rather convinced that nobody whatsoever will notice that, just like I get to shut people up because it is not a matter of bullying others but a matter of getting on public media to explain it away as something else and it is not a matter of doing these two things as it is a matter of doing it at the financial and career expense and expense of personal dignity and happiness of the victim and it is not as much as doing these three things as it is a matter of making the victim believe the lies that they tell to that effect as well. These Nationalists are dealing with an area of their lives that I only noticed I went through as a teenager when I was 16, it did not even last a period of months and my parents never really took particular notice of it either, but theirs lasts their entire lives and now they want a new country from it and this sort of things goes too far and is insufferable to that effect but they find it difficult to see why people think so. If they would only just acknowledge I am better than they are, that would have meant 30% of their problems already solves and stepping stone outside of it to move on instead of the need for a new Country but here we are living with plans and demands they make on the throes of that as well. The outcome of course is that when Mr Mouse after fifty years and three generations settles in on his hole that he can come home into and go out from everyday, they set about changing it like they always love to attempt to move into my right hand all the time looking for trouble and there is nothing more to it that that; that nonsense about them on one side and me on the other is absolute nonsense we are not equals to such an extent, they have not got a clue what they are doing for themselves and yet the problems they have which is entirely personal and propels them to seek a new country is one I solve for the Nation from the position of Religion and a Half Priest Government Office, we are not equals and certainly not to such an extent as well. I mean the fact your jobs involves a process where people pay attention to what you do or say means that Politicians must turn out in public to make a daily business out of laying claims to everything that s good about you and I have mentioned the fact it is most offensive as well and all Politicians have a really bad attitude, these Nationalist goons just take that way too far and it has gone far enough as well. They speak of these things I do that changes their lives but it would not have been the first time I have mentioned that it is only I that can have the things that happen on account I was born somewhere and grew up somewhere and am going somewhere – it does not matter if people want to lay claims to that, I always think they have not got the guts to enforce such a thing but for those who try we have seen what it can lead to such as a process where I get another one which is not in anyway linked to what my parents brought me into this world with and then they can enforce what they want after that with a big mouth without success everyday for the last decade and talk nonsense about the need for a new Country where they will control me; they cannot control or subdue me in a country that stands as it is at present so they will in one that is much smaller when they have such things as their independent Scotland for example. I mean these idiots have such a piffling little mind that it is affected by their own bullying as well which is why women are always right as it were for good measure; and if they were to have become war lords for the various causes they chase, what kind of military leaders would they be if their minds are affected by their own bullying to an extent where their decisions are influenced by it and I have no idea then to that effect which part meant we are equals to the level where we compete on a level playing field like that noise making they do in public places all the time. These are the typical examples of the reasons I get hold of people and build a world that has no rules around them because if they can insult and abuse me to such an extent then there are no rules in the world they come from and they have no right to enjoy the fact that there are some of such things in a world that other people have built and then we can be equals after that too for good measure. Nobody knows what their problem is with the idea another human being may have the right to walk around in a greed field or just enjoy the free and open air on account they have no clue what they are doing with themselves but here we have the nasty idiots showing what they can perform and telling me that my behaviour will lead to matters of power and violence and it appears to me as such therefore that they want to play ugly despite being ugly already hence not yet ugly enough until I get hold of them and put them away and hide them from the rest of the world as well.