The suggestion I have a problem with US foreign Policy is nothing unusual but I do not have any such problems; the US depends on its ideals of freedom and Democracy for Diplomacy, Trade and to sustain International and or Economic relations, so when other Countries want those ideals as well, the US will feel both threatened and excited i.e. threatened because it is its turf, excited because they want to spread democracy and make some new friends doing so – they always then tend to respond to such situations in two main ways i.e. have those friends in strategic locations and defend the friends Militarily. The rest are just a bunch of people who are old enough for be your grandparents but immaturely show up around your concerns to take their problems out on you until they got you to respond and turn into something that does not stand upright in society like they do and this generally means that I am half their age at least but I am the one whose finances are the main battle ground for tolerance. Does it then mean there are tensions simmering with the US because they look like they want a response all the time? Of course not; it’s an old story of very evil goons showing up here to show me I have waded most evils but will not be able to wade the one that involves their need to have the only limousine in the neighbourhoods they have destroyed for their greed and various other nonsense of that sort; so there is a certain degree of responsibility expected of me because I have friends in the US and they are enjoying the relationship I have with those friends uninvited, which means that I must make a conscious decision to see that everything I do with every other American apart from my friends is about business as we know it’s the only way to prevent the US from running around the world, making sure everything it touches gets damaged.

I do get told that it does not mean I have made progress with myself financially either but that was largely a matter of the fact I am unable to get along with Celebrities whose idea of making a living is mainly threatening some weak people and getting big bad boyfriend to collect other peoples earning margins for the purpose of feeding their laziness and its decadence and the meaning then is that they believe it to be their civil rights that each time they need anything I am supposed to feel threatened and insecure, every other insult and abuse meant to waste time until this process grabs my work, property and income for them in the long run because I will not give it up in the short run – I don’t understand why people get so confused into a state of mind that says anybody’s civil rights looks like this for my part anyway: hence making progress financially will mean making sure Celebrities no longer handle my Public life if their existence depended on it.

In this they say I have never really been clear in terms of what racism means to me at any stage but I have; in my view I do not think racism to be a matter that concerns none white people, gangs and criminals are and leaders do not discuss these things with fellow leaders as it is a personal life problem most of the time; I mean I am going to say my white colleague is responsible for the fact that local goon who loves to destroy peoples property and then start to get violent because of the example he has set and how people will want to follow it at his expense on account the person was white and this is what white people do all the time – meant to be incredibly disrespectful, the most abusive way of seeking an easy way out for the way that their personal decisions have affected them. Its all in the same way that I am told that I sound more like a business Man than an Arch Prince which is utter nonsense; I suppose it would mean that I should make it clear society people are capable of violence and able to do it, which is why they do it, the culture people are usually the ones that look like they need a good fuck for the bad behaviour they perform – the rest are very twisted fools who want to ensure everybody is unhappy and uncomfortable, so that they might stair these things to their advantage whenever they want to get what they want as all of existence revolves around their stupidities and it’s the leaders that have responsibility not them: we then find the idiots all over my Books telling me when I tell them to keep away from it and stop following me around they will never comply – which means that since it got serious the first time and they hated my guts its about to again and so far it’s the society ones complaining about me and the way I handle their society, therefore their own is coming up next. Hence I do also get told that I never stop and do not know when to, besides which I am a mini tyrant in my own right but we can see obviously that they will follow me around to University and ensure I dropped out but have not yet been able to say it is not their civil rights to follow me about performing stupid behaviour that wrecks my life if they rather prefer to say they are more deserving to be me and to have what I have than I do because they were superior, of which I have no idea how tribalism ended up in white society while racism ended up in their own or indeed where they sourced the facts that have convinced them they were superior to me anyway but I do know it got serious the first time and will again as we can see the insults when laid back to back, as I describe it defying me over public policy and other leadership matters, can make me a comedians career all together; its usually superior obviously until the social and political and sometimes economic matters kick off and then all hell broke lose – so it is hard to stop when it says that it will never comply when I want it to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. Their excuse being my involvement with the British Royal Family, my position being that if it was a concern of theirs, I am unable to separate the Books I have written from whatever gain they secure by getting involved with me; I do not care what their problem is, I care if they have bought a Book and want it delivered. So its much the same as the issue of women getting the better of me being a matter of the facts that ended us up in this place where the Daddies of the girls get involved with National violence and enemy tackling because Daddy’s little girl as insultingly as that other business of people spicing up their sex lives with what I got up to as insultingly possible no matter how many times I tell them off, is always uncomfortable in Public places – here in the UK it has a particular feel that involves tackling National enemies to please the Queen. The rest are Industry goons who say they hate my guts and want to see me burn and I wouldn’t know anyway; I know they are not getting any money from this place i.e. doing business is about having a dream of saving £20,000 when you are 23 and starting to stack up something in your parents Garage that you peddle and save up the profits towards that dream, not showing up at an Arch Prince’s Equity business to confiscate the good crowd that has gathered around it on account your gangs and crime have not served you financially well enough – what they are going to have to do is give money to their popular culture canopies of narcissism and then when they had waited long enough for me without results, find they want to move on with their lives and set about creating products they may sell to the Celebrities in it in order to get their money back; the pragmatic part of it being that their finances are not vulnerable to the insults that are supposed to damage peoples finances normally because they are immune and they are immune because they are incredibly important and here, as long as it is so interested in me with no plans to read my Books instead of perform some corruption of involvement, the case will remain still that as long as it has those stupid communities with ideas of what to do to me built up all over the place to play with, I will ensure it understands that it is not an important person and that it does not matter to anybody in anyway whatsoever.

I do get told I am a mysterious character but I am not; I really don’t like money because of what it does, however which I have bills to pay – so those who interfere will always find that I profess otherwise because I want to turn a blind eye to what those who know I do not like money at all in my heart will want to do to hurt me and to hurt them through it or else it is easy to let me be when I am killing off the desire they show up here to force on me by destroying my Property and the things I do to be a hospitable person in order to get on with my own living. It feeds into that old case of people being able to get around the money bits at Diplomatic roles, the one that means that you must be on the ground when things are happening lest people hurt and or kill those you are trying to protect when there is conflict or indeed harm you all together but there is so little respect for my position because I do not have the money – about which we find the only real threat they may put together is the business of showing The Queen what it really means to help run the Country at Private expense, by which they then go off to buy large expanses of land to cater for the needs of people at the Upper Class who are already rich, splitting up society further than it already is split up as it stands. So in terms of racism its always a matter of the cultural evils i.e. if somebody wants to follow a tradition that involved putting an Ostridge Feather up your bum and a chicken Feather in your hat as a sign you are ready to provide Governmental leadership, it should at least be reviewed, in terms of how it works on the system; otherwise, we really do not make it up as we go along at Government – if you have a dictatorial situation, then people know what happens if they challenged the rule from above, if you have an electoral one however, then it is clear that somebody must set out a package of laws and ask the Public to vote for one they prefer and then the person who created the package will get to run a Government, some will say there are loop holes but not really; we see that here in the UK, MPs say Judges make Laws and it’s a problem, while they are the ones meeting in emergencies to decide on a platform of sovereignty, what a Law should be which was not contained in their electoral manifesto; so we find this view is entirely wrong as we all know the biggest emergency is war and if a Government goes into war, the same people who approved its package of laws during election day will go into war with such a government and likewise judges interpret the Public conditions that the legislation made by Politicians have created. Those whose insults encumber my finances are not immune to theirs being encumbered on account they are important, they are nothing, they do not matter.