It’s all very well to say the coalition government addles us with economic problems through Policies and then more pain through austerity but what they were promising was stimulating growth through public sector, which will increase government tendency to borrow. Of course I respect the fact that period do arrive when the government should begin to spend money on the public sector to stimulate growth which it does not do so but it is Politics and these idiots came up with the idea in the first place.

Its like when they say I make up reasons to go around seeing the worst in people but clearly every idiot wants to have me as the man they bully until he wishes to become homosexual and I am therefore not giving them back their stupid lives nor will they live with or in mine, so they can come and get it if they wish, I simply want to adjudicate on what happens in their lives and nothing more because it is too insulting and too abusive for me to tolerate, I need my health and my time for other things.

I mean how do you run an economy while somebody else is doing popular culture; there are those who extract beauties that are used to make fame they control from good looking men and they are the community croons and so on, while the media extract from the women and use their powers to ensure everybody lives until their cultural rule and then of course the one they extract from the church is something they just do. I always have these facts in sight at all times of course but the one that really triggers the provocation is the audacity to get up on media and subvert my products in order to rob me of sales and then tell me they are the boss with culture, which operates along the lines of doing damage to my finances to get my attention in order to have privileges such as  Christian they can hurt to feel good as an extra privilege accorded them by the fact they have money. I am not ruling out somebody will loose their lives before we run an economy in this country either for my part; they always say if you mess with me I will show you this is my town, I always say they are having a laugh.

They always claim they have a right to flaunt the fact they have more money than I do but in actual fact what I have is a dynasty of my own from the Queen of England and a global reputation with it about which selling books from is a concern of theirs as well because they are sharing and it is enough to piss off anybody, while they think they have earned so much of my income the economy depends on them and that they have more money than I do and I want that money back as well, as equally as they know that not setting off such insults as having more money than I do allows clout in my market place and my books to get taken off the shelves, so it is a power thing.

Earlier we were talking about the fact whether or not they really do have more money than I do the real problem is dominating me on media with it, which hurts first of all and secondly is the only way they had it and is therefore the only way to get more. Now they need to know I am aware such insults intend to create the Prince that had it all and lost it to them and I want my money back.

Women, women, women, feeding, feeding, feeding; I found out the real reason I am not selling my books is that I have new babies on standby for every single aspect of my earnings. So the old issue of the fact they cannot leave people alone still applies. So they will say this happens because I berate them but in actual fact it started with the issue involving how modern they are and their desire to have a Christian or Royal Prince that lives close to culture whom they can bully to get good feelings whenever they want and has now degenerated unto this. I am not giving them back those their stupid lives and they can come round and get it if they want, as far as I am concerned they can imagine a new life to live as well. So naturally one of the most important issues is that of how I refuse to mention the central matter of the fact I speak of the evils of society all the time and now they feel pain everywhere and that it is my fault as though I never knew this was what corruptions of involvement hoped to achieve, which is why they always want to be part of my life without taking on board any of the rules, whether I like it or not, in fact the more I am forced to the better but since I last took care of fascism for them, it makes me wonder if they are not yet aware I am not their equal and that those lucrative insults have paid off for long enough as well. They should always take it to the very top to provide evil people with mobility, no body will ever feel intimidated, no body will ever get offended – its gone on long enough for them to see and know I am not their mate.

Its the same old question; what if in the UK every unemployed person that was most compelled to take things that do not belong to them had a basic living wage benefit and a basic housing benefit and that this created a certain threshold of robbery such that if you did carry out robbery in certain conditions for the high life or whatever, it will create social ills that may become impossible for Politicians and electorate to control and then bearing in mind all these facts the intended victim willingly made himself a target; would you take the plunge? For me at the end of the day it is a matter of whether such persons asked them to do something that will smear or dent their reputation or even finances in the first place so as to provoke them until they are pushed over the edge; when they start they never complain and as it stands still ought to carry it to the top and have not yet worked out I am not their mate.

So they say it is about civil rights and social justice and equality; I have had my own protests stolen in this country so I am not going to go into conversations on that – they are prone to gambling civil rights to seek privileges of injustice that involve having more money against those that are more powerful than they are. I had said everything I needed to say about the matter with respect to media; that will have nothing to do with the notion of people who do not like to live in the UK while I change the status of things they think all the time by my endless public declarations that the UK is the bees knees. Women who cannot get over themselves and their appetite for seeing people in slavish work of which they are the end beneficiaries cannot be mathematically quantified; I have made myself clear - the media idiots need to stay off my books as it is the only route to a long holiday away from them. 

I do not think I am in any way being beaten up by these stupid women; I think I have made myself clear about media and its association with them keeping away from me and my earnings. These women cannot get over themselves, so you have such things as the fact if she feels there will be a hole in her heart when you attend school it will become the most frustrating thing in the world for you about which you will even get punished by such idiots as the media because it is frustrating. So you see somebody end up in gangs and crime or kill people and or get killed, of course he has a mother and she is a one off.

It does not mean they justify any of their stupid actions around here in anyway; I am not giving back that stupid left, I want to use it to pay for every problem I have picked up here and if that is not enough to get my books rolling, I will look into securing payment for that stupid insolent media defamation as well. It should all have ended years ago, except that MPs got involved to create arguments and social Policy, to see what the Christian will do.