Now they say I bring most of my issues upon myself because of the way I dare people and it will never make sense to me anyway - its an old story of an entertainer not being somebody that will collapse after running a mile thinking that they are unable to sell and make their music CDs and so on without destroying everything they get themselves involved with uninvited around here, so apparently it will not lead to outcomes in which risks are taken and Celebrity they will be somewhere in hell too. They are always providing some grand and great services that pays nothing until peoples start to get involved with trappings of power and it is how I dropped out of University in 2007, the same year that the economic crisis too hold while I only had Factory work experience and we all know factories do not get hit by any economic crisis at all to begin with, so while being angry, I am still seeing that these guys are following up all they did to get involved with University and mess up my academics so they might pass their own and return to the popular culture they never needed it for, setting out a stage where stupid CEOs think that managing large Firms to get paid millions of pounds fundamentally involved Girls on a Yacht while they pillage my whole life to make profits and the purpose of the insanity we see from these goons is to help support such individuals and ensure I am unable to get into their backyard as well. I mean as it stands nothing prevents it from moving away if it does not need my Books but we can see that my biggest problem is that it need to attack those who want it all the time, blabbing nonsense about how I bring it upon myself by daring people as well – so that when I get told that I assess people and attack them when I think they cannot defend themselves, while reality is that they expect people to think they have not got a clue what the effects of their behaviour is and therefore need more expense set aside to educate them too. I for my part never mention it until I am ready to do something about it generally because each time I am involved with people that are out of my league, it is usually those who want to be a part of what I am doing because they think it will support them to sort out personal finances and build some inheritance for their children and so just getting involved with these fools blabbing about which ones I bring upon myself because I dare people is a risk at their expense but now we can see that these goons will not give me a breathing space, they will not just make the money and move on and that I am naïve about the systems they work with while everybody knows it is a market based Pyramid system and it is utter madness to have 100 people under your system who earn scores of thousands of pounds doing the same nefarious sales insanity, while you target me and my public image and income margins, it begs the question of whether they are screwed in their minds all together; thus I do not look like I am daring anybody at this stage any more and it has become very ridiculous on that stupid media. It will not move on when it has made that money, it will not give me a breathing space; this is the reason we are where we are now. It feeds into the whole business of seeing Americans show up all over my Estate at Chinese Interests; the Germans are irresponsible, the Americans think the black markets are still part of human freedom and I have a small arrangement with China concerning its role to control certain aspects of illegal global trading practices and the Americans have moved into that because they know where my Books are; of course I am not happy for the idea of Americans trading with the Chinese on my stead but I never really talk about it unless I have the time to do something about it as well; we are here because they want to plug products into every situation whereby I have made people happy in order to get rich quick, we are here because they suck the life out of everything for money want to have some kid that takes care of all the risks such as going out of the streets to draw awareness for the product each time they have something to sell, we all know all they offer is their stupidities and their madness and an inability to tell the simple truth if there is no money involved, lots and lots and lots of insults and threats after that too – they are always providing a hell of a service so every idiot at Industry can show up around my concerns to talk rubbish about being more qualified than I am concerning what I know and do and so my bottom hurts and if it talks nonsense at me about the insolent powers of American Interests in the pacific where we see them get done with money madness and blab nonsense about a Royal Prince that they dream will one day provide them with private security industry services, I will definitely going to make them squirm (again). They always say I have no respect for government which makes me so angry considering they could never explain to anybody the empirical theory behind the connection between hurting me and making money that appears to be their main preoccupation presently – the details being that they are usually real men when they no longer have proper dinner at the end of the day and eat some bread and eggs for nap time while they spend their last penny on the car in order to ensure they are at their desk for work by morning, it is usually the point at which mind kind starts to show some respect for others for a change and until then it will go completely haywire; my case where is to stop the celebrities and to stop the media and the politicians and celebrity culture from self glorifying over everything that happens with me and then if I advertised anything for my social media profile I will be getting people that are actually interested not some goons who want to play practical jokes with Royalty and so blabbing about respect for government is an ignorance of the fact that this is what I really need at present.