They now claim that recent events have exposed the insidious insults and disrespect I spend my time on which churns my tummy, while the Monarchy spares me any Punishment that should have come from the practical jokes they have played up at Buckingham Palace with their ethnic minority fools, since 2006. There is no such insidious disrespect churning my tummy, what does is the fact they are completely evil and totally immoral, such that it is their need to access exotic food, public place privileges their money affords them, excesses developed at other peoples expenses, being channelled at me so frequently that churns the tummy. It could go off to Church to learn something moral or seek psychiatric help for the way this lifestyle affects its stupidities than claim I spend my time on insidious disrespect for important people, which churns my tummy.

There are a series of issues in this matter – like what has been happening in the US being a case of Liberal USA having failed at standing by its poor people when they wanted to sacrifice the interest, life and property of a singular British Royal to make themselves financially better off, about which I too am hoping when I get them off the Royal Public image, they will not have lost the day job at the other end, as I am not prepared to be responsible for any part of the consequences of their stupidities i.e. if the Police hurt people I get upstaged gimmicks they run off over and over and over again. The women and Celebrities have not stopped picking up everything to do with my work, my Office, my Public image and my Books and make enough trouble to get responses from me, then chase my chest and bottom to make me get into a fight and set about bringing the effects of my public leadership and work to everybody to increase the fan base but it is the business of telling me what to do and telling me to get into a fight that will make their low life stupidities comfortable which runs as an underlying current and means each time I lost my temper, I tended to erupt, due to the fact that they stifle my Bookshop and cause my nauseating financial complications, to claim their stupid civil rights looks like that, completely devoid of any sense of what is right or wrong, looking for a response for their civil and criminal disobedience – I mean I have asked them to stop doing this as I do need the money and am now starting to wonder where my war on Celebrities and Media had gone. I do get told its how they inflict crushing poverty on people in the USA but it should be since I am able to survive because I keep an inventory of their stupidities which has now revealed that whilst I had a Book published and there were patents on it, the Celebrities have come up with products that are created from the contents of my Books with patents on it and it’s the most poverty nonsense in the whole world, adding to the insults that involve getting past me to address other Royals at the Monarchy, which runs like an undercurrent of anger in this place; the inventory helps me say to people I am working with, that there is clear evidence what they are doing does not apply and people would obviously be crushed by poverty if they cannot say that or any means by which they might had been choked off – here in the UK, the Politicians hate my guts because when they choke mine, I get these fools learning how their job work, their bottom hurts and they claim I will get beaten up. There are the sport people who hate Mr Trump as well; theirs involves picking off bits of my life and Books as tools that help them access like a relationship with Satan, playing with the contents of my mind all the time, especially the Basket Ball league and the NFL, where my trust system is now their new business empire full of well fed scum getting imagination up my bum and I am going to completely wreck it for them as well – we see the same here in the UK where I am now having to chose between allowing them feel comfortable at my expense or making sure what they sought was the prerogative of the Royal family – my condition is that each time I said that we say a raft of conditions they have built show up; from the women who pick off how my Hermitage fits into the Monarchy being their luck bringers, to the others who cannot stop picking up every trend, story, fact and publicity associated with my Bookshop to spend on themselves and build their own fane base all the way to social media, covering them from bullying that churns the tummy so they got around like important people for playing football etc – I have also implored them to stop doing this without success. They do like to brag that there is no war on media and Celebrities that I can win and I think I have pointed out here that they needed to stop completing my work to build their own fan base or hang around looking like they were the ones making what I am doing available to the peoples of the world if they don’t like the way I want to control their stupid show business as well. in retrospect, people have asked if some of the things I had said in the past indicated I was getting on the issue but it hasn’t, those were facts ; if I started tackling these famous idiots with media gimmicks, it would have something as base as the fact that I have made 18 years of my career pillaged by the scum every day, just so they might pick themselves off the gutter where they belong and wear fine clothes in public; we have now entered a phase where another group of gits get imagination up my bum, so when I get them into difficult social conditions as well, they want to show me they are the ones responsible for the insanity that plague these famous fools by picking up bits of my life to put up somewhere unauthorised, so that they might be able to tell me my life is over, I am therefore waiting for the amount of trouble I have made for them to catch on, like the other industry ones have now toned down those insults about how these gits and the relationship that existed were an indication of privilege that rich people deserve and those who did not have money simply could not live with it, about which they have now sucked back into the shells and allowed the public issues to run uncontrollably but not without spending a lot of money on it to make me popular as well –I am waiting for them to catch on with their media friends before I strike. So I have said it now and will try to say it every 24 hours; I don’t fancy the way fools who worked on media have recently organised their career and finances to involve controlling me for Celebrities, fat cats and industry trouble makers, to hang around telling lies and jumping on majority population band wagon pushing up my stress levels; so we are to hear of how their own form of fun got serious too.

I have been told that I know about these matters but do nothing most of the time which is not really the case – what happens is that the various arms of government leave behind moral disposition which is where the Church runs its authority and somewhere around what the Church does is where I get the authority for what I do, so it’s never really made up as we go along – only of recent has The Queen given me authority to take the initiative which I have been doing. So it does seem that they never stop doing it, the Celebrities picking up my work to display as their own in a perverted form of fandom, in order to secure their own fans – then the society goons that follow it will run off abuses associated with claims of what I can do because I have access to culture and society they are being denied and the Celebrities will pick up from a process of running off abuses associated with me feeding myself, using the loo and stepping outside of my door. The rest of the time we find them hang around Politicians claiming I stir up public instability while I am really not the source of it as well – they have been running off fatherland gimmicks for years, even when they have seen that it affects people adversely – the one that is unable to cope with the pressure of not being allow to just carry on last few hours of daily work routine because he must look strong, tackles the one that has to deal with the worry of employing people who have criminal record and hence must maintain procedure at a work place for instance and then a fair minded security guard is employed in the middle and it goes round in circles all the time – for my part, it has become quite clear the way I run my Hermitage involves seeking out Equity that facilitates female financial success because they needed it and mostly a history of a process of seeking out money on my public work to facilitate their love lives and their climb up the social ladder means that I must provide such things; so the men are completely alien from this system but their women had decided since 2013 that every other abusive process of wrecking my Bookshop and finances to make me into a tool they want to handle as their need to make money is an all consuming thing, has failed in every way and needed to proceed to the part where they engaged in physical destruction of my Books, such that eventual response on my part was the beginning of fighting I can do and all they had to do for the rest of my life is flush me down the loo and decide which women will be served by it, same as their men who wait somewhere with two actions in mind i.e. one being about getting us to a stage where we had nothing to sell and had to sell our bodies for a living, the other being a process of raiding us all the time, whereby they are learning I am not interested in any of their concerns since just being alien to this system was something they couldn’t live with – those who have gotten involved with my Hermitage need get off it and engage with the Books and those who don’t like the Books need keep off my concerns i.e. when people who seek out money to look after the body and chase my interests are no longer able to, I am facing a dire threat to my survival. They do like to brag that its all a losing battle on my part but I believe I have made myself clear here – the main point is still that I am not interested in the winning but it does seem that hanging around to pretend ignoring them solves a problem if they think they want to ruin me and need physical contact with my Books to do necessary damage and build up criminal activity I will have to tolerate, solves a problem. It seems impossible to run off a process where I got to control them and ensured they were caught up in the difficult aspects of work done by the armed forced if I were not tackling all three of the ageist men, the Celebrities and these younger society goons that are always complicit with every form of repression that affects persons that have what they don’t – no way that I could ensure the ageist paid for anything I did about the Celebrities lest they wreck my life because I was, likewise the culture and society people for everything I did about the ageists and Celebrities and Celebrities vice versa – if I struggle with keeping off my public image then its clear that those who want them to prove themselves in a violent situation were waiting for them.

So the other issue we hear all the time is racism in the Police force issue which I find incredibly annoying – I mean people are always happy to discuss it but it is necessarily a job that they can do either. I mean we all know that they were not trained and orientated in an academy where they were given overt public ceremonial induction which gave them right to handle criminal matters but are always seen dabbling with it because working for money does not appeal, soon which we find that they think others whose names they don’t know must now get off the day job and do something to solve problems associated with the fact that they had gotten themselves into difficult situations, like the public protests we see them put up to upstage me whenever they claim injustice had occurred. In any case which we find that due to the professional way in which the Police force is organised, only those who think they can keep their history of racism down if they joined it, tended to pick up jobs there and its difficult to tell exactly why people cannot let that be as well and we can see how it is one huge big massive and incredibly stupid responsibility with respect to their financial needs at all times. I do get asked by the Politicians about the bottom chasing ones but those are criminal fat cats; I saw an artwork by Banksy sometime which expressed a clear picture of this with a fat cat who had a big pocket putting the worlds pressure on a soldier who was firing a gun while the empty shell became coins that ended up in his already laden pocket. Generally however fat cats are clever people who know how companies work and regularly make crucial decisions on how dividend should be divided but these criminal fat cats are a night mare for me because they fundamental work on the basis of having businesses that are set up to hurt people and since my Bookshop was not, are able to see that something I had written four months prior can be used to displace me from market I had built and make them quick money and I can never break free from it, the same way their Celebrities have boundless confidence to make trouble for me until it turns towards  a conflict with the 5 to 20 people who produce show business products having their market position challenged by me everyday while I want to decide how their products were distributed as well, same as journalists who control me for them seeking outcomes in which I will want to interfere with their salaries. This matter then feeds into racism when people begin to ask me what the persons that make most of the trouble we complain about, from plastic waste to public disillusionment caused by bread winner abuses and as we can see, their activities are already cowardly enough, we will have even worse feelings when we meet them in person too – so it’s a case where we find that because they make trouble all the time and the people that racists were likely to attack randomly on the streets were Mankind characters, when these mankind characters had become parents and grandparents, they hate the extreme civil and criminal disobedience these people exhibit and tended to punish their children who did all the time – so we find examples like endless violent lasciviousness, support for society gits abusing people and destroying careers to suck up to Celebrities and tell lies, support for fashion gits and so on, looking like characters that are responsible for late even violence every time there is carnival. Some will say they don’t understand what I mean by mankind characters and it’s the old case of being like me, for instance, vulnerable to tribalism, so its what you become when people had made sense of obscurity and destitution at your expense – they always tend to look like they want to kill me to make sense of their financial disposition and grab a personality I cultivated in a hermitage to improve their popularity and they now hate me which is expressed on a global stage because they had done so the last time we checked too, to say the least. This is usually brought about when you happen to think about the issues of female community – I for instance was brought up in an environment where I couldn’t do without the women in my head, so I always had to acquire them and we can see how many problems we solve together as a community when handling only women you have a history of getting around with, is a cope that people respect. What happens with it is that because of the tendency to make time for female communities, these guys will show up with men community issues and as soon as they were able to pull me in many directions, it will turn violent very quickly because they would like to kill me in order to draw attention to their problems and so they have been killing it too the last time we checked.

Eventually we find that people putting themselves at risk for the safety of others should not be criticised without a process of analysing the kinds of threats and corruption that they face – I mean I don’t have a Helicopter License for instance but if I flew one, I would be doing so on Holiday, a Police Office has one and if he flew it, he would be chasing a criminal at 5.00am – so these are the pressures that add up when somebody goes to hang around somewhere looking for some public security service and then decides to work on any racism in their ranks. For my part however, it’s a matter of being aware of evil at a Hermitage; ranging from subliminal messages they pass at those who pray, to fighting those who set loose people they dominate to feel powerful, those who neglect Children and those who generally want to express demagogues over other peoples livelihood and generally appear to work hard at all times to maintain what appears to be a condition in which other persons disappeared without trace. I am hoping that when I detach them from my public image they will not have lost the job in the process, as I have no wish to be responsible for the consequences of their personal decisions but I have been clear they need to get off the Hermitage and engage with the Books or keep away from the Books if they don’t want to buy and read it.