Now they wish to have conversations about how much of a problem I am which does not make any sense to me at all; these are individuals that spend most of their time imagining my private parts and fingering my bum because it is part of the process of handling my public image and my work and controlling me at the same time so I could never stop them doing whatever they want to do with it, now complaining about how much of a problem I am as well at the same time – and we see women who have families do it as well and have this sense that I am in a position where they can do and undo with me any direction I turn therefore encouraged to keep at it. It has always been simple about seeing them keep off my Books and my Public image but this never really works when pointed out like so, what works is a way of catching their attention: what people think therefore is me in contention with society but reality is that they are a group of people who go out to rip up peoples lives and careers as a means of providing for themselves and their families, the same way others step out of homes to attend jobs – so its never really a good way to think about it in terms of whether they are nice or not, the way I think about it is in terms of whether I want to respond to it or not. We see this business of how much of a problem I am for them rolled out and supported at Politics and Media everyday but it is still the same old nonsense about like my case where writing a Book means I lose an arm and a leg and the Books do not get sold; so they are always talking about service personnel who do their stuff when doing jobs that have to do with saving them and their lives, they are always talking about how I need to behave in a certain way to avoid service personnel bugging them on one hand, while on the other blabbing about things they do because they come from bigger Countries for instance, those of them that are migrants. I do not think that it is a problem for my part, its just the business of having group conversations over how much of a problem I am because they think I sympathise with a process where the business of abusing me to make me smell like my loo so I get nothing about my life done is something women experience when they have done nothing wrong, since their assumption clearly is that I have and then it will mean to them that I am ready to play their games even when I know women really usually do not mind getting stuck at home and family but always want to get involved with their social and culture matters as well so they can tell where their rights are but they are the really messy and vice ridden part of feminism that think it has had me wrapped around a little finger of sorts – the same way we see their men completely wreck my life with community organised violent opportunism, where a simple case of telling women off lightly over playing around my good looks could lead to a four year fight to exist with Public transport operatives that are male because it was a great opportunity for me to do something about women so they can feel young and free and we see the same exhibited by their Politicians who will spend tax payer funds on the bullying to stand and watch me fight for my life everyday, once I am done which they pick out the best bits and put it on like cloaks that will help them feel safe and healthy and create a new one for me all together; so I last stopped sacking their social and culture leverage so I can invent and whip them all the time with my own version of busy body opportunism in 2012, blabbing talk about how much of a problem I am with their fingers up my bum and constant appearance around my public image and Books means I am likely to get worse from it all together. I am not the enemy of feminism and I am sure they know that too; so apart from the business of making sure they do not go anywhere and hang around here to listen to what I have to say whenever they exasperate me – the reality is still that in the 1990s and 1980s they would give men anything that men needed, now they think they have people they want to abuse to get the things they had helped the men acquire in order to bring about equality; so when I ensure people do not spice up sex life at my expense, they are there making a mess of my security for the opposite effect to occur, when I ensure fat wife at home and sugar baby at work cannot take whatever it likes from my daily concerns they are there making a mess so that the goons might have access and do whatever they liked and then we hear them say if I did not bother the popular culture I would not be getting into trouble – the reality of which goes beyond that stupid war where society is the military leadership and teenagers are the foot soldiers that will teach me lessons, is that if they are not making popular culture from a patented system I share with people that work a Court system with them on account they have seen it, then they are laying up my whole life on the radio waves to make music they play all day that will make their journey through life easy abusively as possible, while I listen to it during some factory work or warehouse work or something like that all day long behaving as though they were on top of the world and were standing on my head basically so to speak. They always say that the songs people who share a Court system with me make gets to them as well and which is precisely the point; only criminals are supposed to be able to see like I do, that those songs make the public feel good and ensure criminals are never better off, with a hint of equity for those that are in very difficult situations – so these activities they perform are not random to me at all, they are a clearly set out sequence of activities which are meant to reach a particular result i.e. the same way that I get out of my home to attend a job is the way they get out of theirs to hunt down peoples finances and academic, so as to allow their children get ahead of people and be important and we are here because I have done little about it on account it employs the Labour party, however which talking nonsense about how much of a problem I am while their finger is still up my bum and they are still seen around my Books and Public image will not end well, especially when I attend an academic institution and they had decided to follow me around again like they did before while complaining of the result of the fact I dropped out the first time in 2008 and they have continued to follow me around and make a mess that will let me know it was just something they did every day to year date 2018 with that big mouth that never takes anything seriously and tells lies all the time to seek privileges of injustice organising itself to be the big guy as a community that makes people smell when scared all the time; they always make these choices and realise later that what they demand without any respect whatsoever for those they demand it from, is something that cannot be given them and then like my case the attack and abuse and vandalism will destroy everything I have to make me responsive while it cannot keep its mouth shut on media, blabbing about me being a problem for people which is getting out of hand, as we can see this nonsense is not being punished so far.