We hear that the real issues of what bothers them in the system of a country where idiots like me can be imposed on better people by the State needs to be resolved but everybody knows what the problem was is their need to show I am so weak I can be beaten by their women and children and that if they handled me they would kill me with their bare hands otherwise popular culture ruination of my finances is the bees knees and then it gets better as they never stop stalking me to rip up my finances an ensure their stupidities that suggests they are more important is maintained and to see that when they have an opinion nobody can dispute it, which of course is really uncomfortable for me and is the reason for all their problems – we are talking about it because they are starting to clear off, we all know that you cannot decide you want nothing to do with them because you will become the new black racist as a result of that in the first place and yes talking about it does improve the situation because we are in it only because Politicians spend tax payer funds on their stupidities and talk nonsense about their rights. Now we have a public transport service that is more wonderful than ever; they actually don’t want you to know what the quickest route for you is, if it is actually cheaper , so the general idea is that when push comes to shove you are to get out of bed early to get to where they work and pay them more money than you usually should; much the same like the rest of their Country of course which is why the service fits right in, they all spend more of their time telling people what to do in this Country than they do anything else – I find a lot of people who steal these days are doing it for reason of the pressure they have to face in the sense that if a person works eight hours, seven and three quarters of it will be spent by an employer fingering his bum, so that if a shop is doing better than his employer then his employer can easily bully him until he is made to go to that shop to steal and so this turning a process where they have no clue what they are doing anymore into involvement and damage that they have come to describe as competition is also something they claim is my fault because I am insulting which means they do not accept I find their abuses very distressing and so I accept full responsibility considering the fact that it is impossible for them to actually pass an insult at me since they are older than I am is still something the fact they don’t pay my Bills cannot be reasoned with and await when I make a public life on it too.

They do say I am only starting to get a sense of how far better than me other people are, which is utter nonsense – I am only spending time finding out what it is like to be them and if somebody was spending time doing that with me, I would end up being ahead of the game every single time, not needing media to survive all together, they are better than nothing. Like that story of getting to hide my faith being a way forward which has no basis on reality that says we Christians believe living in the world is the difficult bit because it is an environment where it is not a matter of what you do but how you are doing it – hence on the judgement day however you will give an account of all that you do and so it will be a matter of how you were doing it with the time and talent that was given to you and that will be the only judgement that will ever exist; I don’t need to hide my faith from anybody. They however will say things like religion being excrement that people should simply not shove down their throats, right up to a need to round up moral people and get ahead to where they are heading in order to sit around extracting industrial espionage and conveniences from spying on them and abusing them into doing things they already do as a matter of routine which we all know what it means but never gets mentioned when we hear them complain and seek privileges of injustice from their bone headed Politicians – on the other hand however their celebrity culture and money madness and insults know no limits and we all know that somebody else thinks that is like excrement which should not be shoved down their throat as well. I however always engage them with bigger questions about the prognosis of their spread of fear being how we will then prevent Islamic extremists from doing Jihad in the UK if they are not informed it is a Christian Country bearing in mind facts such as; feeling all day like somebody had a fantasy to step on your head which was so intense that you feel him doing it and feel it happening and the reality that it is a passage of the Bible that says ‘your sons will bruise the head of the serpent and the serpent will bruise their heel ’ which they take literarily because they are supposed to and we all know mentioning it will have expressed the fact that the poor people we see are not in any way devoid of morals and religion, in fact they know everything about it but doing it brings about problems and hence they don’t like people to discuss it with them all together – which means that in actual fact, when I tell people if they wind me up I will make them hide their popular and celebrity culture and the stupid alternative lifestyles as well, it will be wise not to think I am bluffing – I don’t have to hide any faith and those who say this is not a Christian country because we have become culturally diverse are insane; they complain but are still telling these public lies all the time. I for my part get told I think talking about these matters is cheap and nobody knows why I feel that way but it is a matter of where I am and where I am is the part where what the US and the Russian Governments get up to – apparently the people who run those Countries are unaware that world war three will leave me homeless and make those wealth they have completely useless as a result of which those activities they think makes them powerful is utter rubbish and these are the two Countries therefore that are a real pain. The rest are that network of freedom lover idiots talking nonsense about the importances of activities that are meant to create a classification of which is without doubt the most powerful countries in the world and I like to refer to them as disobedient bastards.

The story about being stupid is not an emotive one; there is another similar story right beside it which does not get mentioned every single time that foolish men want to use my life and work to sort out their mess make mention of me being stupid and it’s the one where I am not their little brother that they get to deploy to make connections with the great and good; so that all I really can say about it is that they are still getting involved with me which causes damage here despite having a Court of female journalists who can actually help me sell my Books at any time but am still having financial problems due to an attitude which I by the way am not in control of, thereby creating a real problem that has to do with lack of information about the stupidities of these men and not a matter of how stupid I were all together. I don’t believe it is a problem as such; the reality behind it is that I am not their little brother that they make use of to do their connections and they do have a habit to damaging my possessions and then telling me that what they need is more important than my feelings about that damage because it may as well have been a social issue or politics, meaning they will leave me alone and they will do it their way or mine – it appears I have a problem that I need to administrate not a process where I lose all I have because absolutely everybody can beat me up as such and when finished will return to my academic work – there is no being stupid involved in it, only a massive effort to see that when I start trading at any given time my trading account will read zero because people have needs and will get it from me and there is a price and they are brutal people and I have no feelings which even if I did there was nothing I could do and the damage therefore excused again and again and again.