Of course my position on Celebrities is not in any way confusing; the destruction and vandalism they have wrought along with their Fans was actually supposed to build up to a point where Celeb stuff was over and Business Tycoon stuff began-method for handling them thus chosen has been accurate. The reality missed here is that this case actually developed from a form of socially organized sexual abuse, where I have to be made to have Sex outside of Marriage simply because I am a Christian otherwise 15 years of Cash flow crisis and unemployment would only be the start of my problems-it has now developed into a daily need to get on Media to scoop My Booksales income and each time set it at their attention how much they love to scoop it and why they can get it by getting a copy of my Book, what comes of it every Tim is an outright violent battle that they can obviously win. My main concern at this stage is that they can only handle my person and public life if I had signed permission or I will stop it the way I know how.

I hear that my big problem is that I am detached from my own culture which allows me a disposition where I have respect for nobody and hence the sense that I am conquer anything. The reality of course is that I always completely bemused by this sense people have of a need for expressive vanity where they are twice the size of others and when people mess with them had better been thankful for what they will get, the problem being of course that they chose very carefully each time they want somebody to exist at the receiving end of it the last time we checked. It is usually the point where it is said that I need to show all my hate and get it off my chest, which is utter nonsense as I hate nothing and love nothing; the problem has always been that their lifestyles do not appeal to me: - the ones on the right have families, so what it does is get involved with my Business and ensure I have no control whatsoever, turn my tummy upside down and start a fight, while the ones on the left always have money and its purpose is to rip up my finances and suck up to celebrities that will keep it damaged forever and if I see any of it I will cut it up as well considering it is nice to people, just has no plans to be nice to me at any point whatsoever. The sport that these guys enjoy more than any other is apparently the one about ripping up my asset base, because it has the effect where I run off to the market to secure some missed opportunity, only to find that it will stay missed because the asset base from which I am trying to trade has been completely destroyed and then because I am unhappy about it start a story of how it is said I am The Queen Champion but have done nothing to prove it, which needs to chose peoples criminal records and violent crowds women tend to take over from them all the time and we all know when I am involved as well Women will tend to take over the jobs too. it is not a do or die affair as such, their whole lives seems to be developed around barging into people’s concerns to make people deals; they make me deals and rip up things, their celebrities do the same and their Media does the same and I am left wondering who the hell they think they are too; I am not in any way behind them and will therefore stay there permanently, they are just winding me up knowing I do enjoy shutting down their asset base too. Top of the list of my tool for doing this is the distraction bit, since if they are prepared to spend up to ten hours of a day around my concerns messing things up, I find it impossible to locate how they intend to run a business Empire that gets to their head so much – so the distraction for now is having the same effect as most of the other tools i.e. getting them running off to the White House for help all the time with a serious hate for me – after all they are better human beings than I am but we all know they could always express it in other ways save getting into my personal space to mess up my tummy and extricate sensations of convenience which bring about fame and fortune – so this matter would not exist if they do get to keep their hands to themselves. So it is all together so that we might not have to do anything properly in these parts of the World – so I win again. They do say I am a mad crazy killer bull disguised as a Cock for a Cock fight that means nothing gets done properly as well but I already know that, they are the ones who enjoy dragging me out of my closet all of the time because it is shameful, while making an exhibition of themselves because progress is the same thing as crime as far as they are concerned – I understand this was meant to be insulting and in like manner they need to recognise that I have been paying attention to becoming an enemy of celebrity fans as well since they cannot keep their hands off people’s property and cannot return what they handle the way they found it and cannot stop telling lies.