They now say that I am a  fool a 40 and that it is what worries me the most, which has no links to reality whatsoever – the reality is that such nonsense is rich when it comes from sociopaths looking for scenarios where people will become the victims of a process where they got to destroy things they had claimed that they loved, working that stupid idea they were good at getting involved with anybody they wanted, looking for more of what they are complaining about; I have said my piece on the matter for my part however, it can say whatever it likes as long as it does not handle my Bookshop, as I am now completely fed up with the business of tolerating it further. Its exactly the same conditions that existed at the time I used to try and manage it with a private diary which soon became full, not because I had run out of writing material but because I was writing scenarios I had already written during an earlier time in it – it spends its time choosing poverty and then turns up to make a mess of the finances and academic work following me around with communities that help it run me down and I cannot rebuild what it has damaged because it continues to make those stupid comments at me on Media; the comments that were born out of a process of bullying me so intensely that its stupidities are constantly in my subconscious literally and then standing up in public places to gesture me to the left like its one looks like that, to issue foolish threats when such gimmicks churn my tummy and cause a smell in public places, because that is how they keep other financially corrupt scum that also believe they can handle any persons property out of what their stupidities had accomplished. It is never clear what their problem is but unlike the idea this nonsense means a war, the way that some people see it, they are not done feeling me yet for my part. They do say that I am not necessarily innocent in the matter and I am not; they are now past it and it’s the importance of being a younger person than they are as well i.e. they are constantly worried that spending time with me will mean they are past it on the success and the fame and for most of them, I am now being targeted all the time because this is the case. The Politicians have said that they would like to know the way I would talk about this in an academic fashion but the academic fashion is very boring i.e. we are doing this because the reasons their agemates have more money is that their agemates spent time on the academic pursuit and the jobs where they also worked out a successful way of linking the way that they live their lives to the process of working with somebody on something that makes them money – they didn’t do that, they have always planned to set me out as the most profitable victim of financial, social and sexual corruption and this is the only reason we have found ourselves in this position – it is very boring, following anything on like that will leave us falling over in boredom and having our skulls drilled with stupidities. It’s the old story where we have never found socialists engaged in career except when others are about to be made to fail in order for them to be successful or somebody else is about to be victim of violent lasciviousness because they had money; I don’t stop their social and sexual corruption, so I am now done tolerating their stupidities handling my Bookshop as well. The question becomes whether I hate socialists which is not really the case; the problem is that they need to be in such good health that they can rival the millionaires but also need to do so while having a history of making money by avoiding work, the problem being that crimes gets people into trouble with the Law – so they do nothing else save the destruction of the lives of talented people while seeking to draw up a sense of health and well being equality with rich people and then we find that they were the ones that had the overseas bank accounts dodging taxes without being held to account because people had become too afraid to but in my case specifically they say that most people get targeted with wealth equality issues after they are rich while I am too inferior to be accorded such treatment. Then we find them say that I don’t stand a chance if it were to become something violent and it is utter nonsense – we all know their stupidities had an effect that can make me homosexual in a general sense if I had a certain mindset about them while I got into the academic environment it would make them homosexual that I am studying and passing my exams as well but have we yet seen them spend their practical joke enemies somewhere else currently, instead of looking for a response from me all the time because they believe their stupidities to be superior to me which allows them get involved with my concerns to expect me to make way for them because I was afraid? No, we have not. Besides I am not aware that I have a dangerous mind either, I am engaged win Intellectual Property Administration and most broker Clients have this way of handling their insanity i.e. the product must be marketed to them in a way that sets them out as Kings and Queens of the world, in order to keep their practical jokes at bay and keep their foolish minds focused on the products and whether or not they wanted to buy – I am involved with Government however so it’s a wholly different ball game where controlling them as a real public control problem was the way to approach it. At which stage it rather becomes clear they had criminal backgrounds and criminal links which is exactly what we mean i.e. it hates me because of what I think of its criminal business while it always had to sell a product people only buy out of severe illness and desperation, a product the Police do not like to find or find on the Streets and had to come with ideas to make itself rich selling such products – so it was simply inescapable that I had to be somebody whose bottom hurt because of it all the time, once their stupidities were done getting matrimonial services randomly from women they are not seen spending time with on the streets, as insultingly as possible. They do say it is likely to be a threat which it isn’t in anyway – what I will likely do if I felt it was, was to set about helping people recover their health in other alternative ways separately from patch up leaves you with insanity you cannot recover from cocaine and heroin and the other likes of it, to see what they are going to do if I started becoming a dangerous person over it as well – when it is pointed out like so, does it become obvious you have such little regard for their lives as criminals, that you are prepared to set a stage for people to attack them at random whenever it is too much to bear. I have been told that its all a waste of time while Celebrities are engaging with the criminal products but it is not a waste of time for me as such – the case with the Celebrities I have become rather convinced, needs to progress to a fully developed love turned to hate scenario, as I am now completely unable to draw up a link between drafting in culture and society trouble makers to chase my bum, wrecking everything here again and the process of getting or keeping their famous reputation; the only explanation they have set out for this is that I am a war monger and I will never stop trying to pick on people who are bigger than I am, causing the USA to fight my battles but this does not explain the years that were spent wrecking my academic work on claims that I wanted to rub shoulders with them while criminals were the ones buying show business products and therefore better human beings than I am or the process of taking out 5 years of my time to bully me until they showed up in my sub conscious all the time, so they might claim that the relationship I had with my publishers was where their fame is located and gesture me to their left hand side in a prelude to getting connected with more important Royalty. We see their Political friends do the same things and it will say I am a fool at 40 years of age, rather than seek medical help for its stupid mind and everything I do to move them on is so spectacular that they need to claim it as their own with a Media presence which ensures this nonsense goes round in circles, while complaining of the way I respond as it turns out that if I were doing everything I am doing on my own schedule and not because there is a constant rumour out there that another person had taken it, none of the bad things I am about to do to them next would have happened, pointing out regularly that it was this simple for me while my need to foster inequality and oppression became far more important and so it started in my case from the time of Tony Blair when I was just that kid walking around the streets grabbing Public image that should rightfully belong to the Prime Minister which at the time simply looked like people were being immoral but by the time Gordon Brown was Prime Minister it had become far more serious and now Jeremy Corbin has lost the 2019 elections but opened their eyes to what is happening the world, especially with characters like me, yet should I handle their own as well, the Children will have less rights than the parents but until then the idiots will be so superior to me that it was important for me to be poor and destitute due to the pleasure that can be gained when I hang around on the streets preaching against the evils of the world while they tried to get rich and famous at my expense – the more serious parts being that big mouth showing up here to achieve nonsense that involved setting me up in obscurity to hang about with its sociopath Celebrities deploying my Public image to get rich and famous when it is mad enough as it were.

They do claim that I hate their ways after spending 15 years on benefits which I have naturally but it’s the 15 years where they actually did get the job done the last time we checked, the 15 years during which I did actually get a job and did build a career from it as such, not the 15 years where getting the first job to see the world led to an inability to stop suckling the process of telling me what to do and therefore ensured that by getting a first job to see the world, I had flushed my life down the loo. I am now asking if I am free to move on now and the idiots are talking about the benefits of a certain Obama telling them that the way to deal with the personal problems that come from their own private decisions was to discuss it in terms of my very existence until making statements about how badly the world and people around them had treated them became financially profitable, through which they may seek equality from me later on and then get ahead of me as well. It all feeds into this sense that the same way they want to peddle my person and public image for money is the way I am a threat to their culture and society while as I explained earlier, should I exhibit the same behaviour they exhibit towards me as a matter of their stupidities when I am studying, it will have the same effect of either making them homosexual or allowing me to gesture them to the left and get corrupt with money as well but we have not yet seen them heed a warning in a decade and  a half so far. They rather say I am a dangerous person who wants to be given leave to become even more dangerous by acquiring money and its utter rubbish; what happens when we see them are insults that literally peel off everything that means by person is not exposed to gangs and criminals, while their homosexuals and stupid women are a story that will ensure nothing I do about it worked until I got bruised and battered to ensure women had a place in the world – what they do with it is get involved with abusive fat cats and start a campaign about having money and therefore being important which gets violent once they had successfully damaged a thing or two around mine to leave me in a condition where my finances did not match the amount of work I did, the older ones simply cannot see your anus to whip anymore when you are more important than they are and to set myself up as a character that fits the bill by getting out of a religious hermitage for it which is something they will force on me because people like me never listen to their complains each time they said they did not like religion as such.

This story then feeds into the tale that people like me always get around seeking out problems that are too big then make a mess because we have no idea how to get around solving it, much the same as the biggest financial problem I face is that I built a trust system in the course of working equities with people during an economic crisis, so the part where they make use of it but have not yet bought the Books rips up my business because another has excuses on how they ought to deploy it to get rich, where asking them to cease handling the Books and shut down insulting media comments channelled at me creates them a no can do situation. So we find that their stupidities are the ones spending the most time on the racism, getting everybody else confused, while complaining that it is a process where I am getting involved with difficult issues in a bid to solve a problem that constituted the actual threat – same tale we are aware of whereby racists get to pass the exams and I must drop out until I proved that I want a racist, which I now have as it were. Its never an emotive issue as such, we know if I turn it on them it will become more obvious that the person who has wrecked the academic work and finances of the racist in order to get them killing ethnic minorities live right next door, while the ethnic minorities that are supposed to be killed live hundreds of miles away and I will be left feeling enough had not yet died over it at a later date, otherwise I believe I had said my piece as it were, blabbing about making me scared of them does not wash here, we know they will be talking very soon about people who agree with me and some of them who work at the Military doing very bad things because they think Celebrity culture and the idea children should drop out of school and seek fortunes at talent shows had made the other bit where children should attend school and be clever extinct. For my part its an old story where they think they had convinced us all that neither God nor the devil exists, needs to keep off my Books and shut down the stupid comments. They are always getting all over my health for some reason and telling tall tales that can only be substantiated when people visited their families to see they were lying and that I had done nothing which affects their lives, leaving me smelling of what I ate all the time, blabbing nonsense of the pressure ethnic minorities place on resident white people the entire time.