This may become a discussion alright but the problems continue – 12 hours before, I was a small man who thinks he is quite something and will get what is coming to him because I am running a Bookshop, now it’s just a case of absorbing everything that is associated with my Public image which makes a total mess of what people think they are reading at the Bookshop in order to patch up troubled bits of their stupid lives because they are famous, try to tell it off is what I then do on my part which develops into threats associated with their famous stupidities being very important and I being nobody while what was being expressed was the fact that imitation was the best form of mockery. Soon enough the other supporting gits are onto it as all and their case largely always comes with a reason that does not make any sense and is developed around continuing no matter what – something to do with the difficulties they faced in their lives, the problems they had which others had to resolve or suffer as well so they might feel good about themselves endlessly where I have done the best work for my career while preserving their own; tell them off for my part as well and they have got the better of me with a crowd waiting if I showed up somewhere beyond my boundaries all together. It therefore needs to be very clear that although it’s bad to point out that no work of life does this thing where their civil rights are based on dragging other people’s lives and careers into a condition where little people who achieve things that are bigger than they are get beaten up so that the famous, good looking and therefore superior may grab it and that their business just business stupidities have not got the better of anything around here, we can see clearly how necessary it is for me to do so. I want it shut down totally unless it is what their employers are paying them for so I might take it up with the proper authority, otherwise it will become much more serious than a conversation about me being confrontational – while we know they have spent the last 7 years of my time getting involved with my livelihood to express disposition about a need to be in charge, which adds up to this process of snapping up everything about my public image to patch up areas of their lives where their personal decisions on social and sexual corruption have made them uncomfortable, which they make good by blaming on me and telling lies on me as they continue never the less – then we hear that they deserved to because they had money as stupidly as possible and we can clearly see the bloody idiots are not screwing around with either their own time or their own money for that matter hence this statement never makes sense; my point being that they have not gotten the better of anything and need to shut down this nonsense – no other work of life does it except business idiots.

They say that I am part of the State and when the State handles them it would feed back to me in some way which is utter nonsense as none is denying them their social and sexual corruption hence there is no need for them to deny me my Bookshop or Royal Public image – besides which when they face the consequences of the social and sexual corruption to believe the state should back up their bums while they get rich as stupidly as possible, there would be no consequences attached to it.

The other story that I talk but cannot do a thing about them is a personal favourite I used to be a two handed child and I still remember my parents working on me up to the age of three to ensure I majored in my right hand, I am now grown up and able to see that they did it to avoid more attention from business just business idiots whose stupidities have not stopped targeting me in my late 30s, so I am sure they can see that it is adding up as it were. As for the questions behind the reasons for their activities, we all know it’s a matter of people showing up here for other purposes save reading Books from my Shop and so their insanity appears to be the contribution that such people make bearing in mind it had already become abundantly clear they do not have sway over me at this stage. Otherwise it’s the same old evil scum doing what they do best and talking nonsense like they were in need of the services of an exorcist and the financial corruption thing which Politicians claim is a self-inflicted problem religious people make a mess of their own lives by, are now complaining about it more than the religious people do all together, so I win again; the point is that they say half the time that I call on these matters because I am so unusual but most of the time say that Church people do not handle the problem but pass it over to Government. The reality is that for the former I am not an unusual talent, just a clever person who rarely fails at what he sets out to do, being targeted by socialist goons who have always had ideas about the importance of characters who spent all their lives in the work force only to lose everything they had worked for during their pension age, brewing up ideas on those wo had and lost and how it might be another person’s turn and chance, so they have made one out of me in terms of comparing me to characters that had become millionaires on looking like me when they were younger, to decide I needed to get where the money and sense of importance was, then returned to share the secrets with them, otherwise I will be getting what is coming to me with a big mouth – so it does feed into the questions people ask as per why I suppose they do it, which is the story of my life being caught up with stupid women blabbing nonsense about small men who achieve what they cannot protect and need to hand over to those whom it should have rightfully belonged to, as corrupt and twisted and evil as it comes, so it needed to become quite clear that nonsense about controlling me is a fantasy, needed to know no other work of life does this nonsense save business gits, so there is no way for me to find out exactly why they do it save the fact they are an expression of what true evil looks like. The other part where religious people pass on the problems have no links to reality either – what happens is the way Politicians support this nonsense for a while; it can just start off like that saying it wants to see what it looks like when raped and probably gutted with a knife or gun because it saw me attend Church, which then quickly develops into claims I look like a character who had promised to take on all the gangs and criminals in order to give them a better life and that people shouldn’t tell me about it lest I picked up other decisions on the way I should live because I feared the pain and suffering associated with being engaged in such things, soon after it develops into a stage where the fact I am struggling with my thoughts and thinking processes is such a concern of theirs I can feel whole communities poking and prodding and pointing fingers and making it quite clear their lives were not a landing for somebody whose life is probably over and then when I begin to achieve with those thoughts, I have been using other people’s lives to get it done or I have been doing their career or they are just doing their stuff with me and the poking and prodding and abuses start to grow into a more violent form, once they realised I had begun to make decisions on it – the entire time, we find Politicians have been supporting it for a while in order to make themselves comfortable, developing statements that suggest people like me are engaged in grabbing personalities that should rightfully belong to Politicians and the end product is that these goons then show up to express something of thought that the damage had already been done and since these trouble makers are spending all their time grabbing what I had worked for and beating me up if I had ideas about it, the way to put control back into my hands while I ran a Bookshop was through sex. The entire time, at Church, we are supposed to be nice to those who are nasty and abusive towards us, hence never clear why Politicians support this nonsense for a while and put people in a position that leaves people in a reactive state of mind to the evil world around them because the bills have to be chased up and paid, to say that religious people pass on the problem rather than solve them, while the fact I have spoken of it means I had solved a great problem already. The story of how this problem has taken over my life not being based on reality as well, as it simply hangs around being provocative enough to get somebody responding to abuses associated with their foolish patriarchy going from characters whose stupidities damage things here and claim I am an unusual talent that calls for it while complaining about respect issues, being developed from statements about success that kids ought to have in order to show respect for the Daddies, a kind of success that does not know anything and leaves Politicians feeling superior that is and for my part, should I do, it would be the second time.

I am told what I say gives business a bad name and it does not – like they say my Books are a threat to them whereas I wrote it as a threat to Industrial criminals, meaning that Industrial criminals are famous and is therefore a definition of what evil looks like. Like I build wealth equity system to get people hooked up to the wealth making systems in the Country on gathering from rich people that they would sometimes want to turn off the money making systems they had built since they now have all the money they need but have to hang around and keep getting rich because others are using it to make a livelihood as well and they take over, leave me inundated with gangs and criminals for vice, conveniences and corrupt personal vendetta, then hang around somewhere issuing threats because the money that had now made makes them very important, while the business of helping people protect their academic qualification from abuse or any other property for that matter, working an Intellectual Property Administration system to sell Books for a living goes to pieces, another definition of pure evil, talking nonsense all the time like it urgently needs the services of an exorcist with fame and money I can account for better than their stupidities can even though they claim to own it. I do not give business a bad name, all normal people know what happens is people having good ideas for making a living and pulling together resources from other sources, making partnerships etc in order to put those ideas to work – some are lucky it does not crash at a later date and some are not. They claim mine is a disposition that condemns some people to a perpetual state of work and shop and its utter nonsense as we know the problem is that they believe the consumption of products cannot be tracked while the earnings of entrepreneurs sits in the bank to be tracked and made subject to wealth inequality based gimmicks and it’s another definition of pure evil as it were, leaving me in this position where I express regularly the fact I have had enough as well. It adds up, beginning from the time when the bullying is such that they had a problem with my thought pattern and was so intense I found myself questioning my own thought pattern while I had a job and an academic pursuit to complete – giving way to claims my personality are an outcome of spending time with peoples women which I don’t want to share with those who have better ideas on how it should be used and eventually that they contributed to my wealth and deserve a share of it.

I am told constantly that this is a process of coping out with Royal work and its utter nonsense like they say my attitude towards National security is abysmal while reality is that I had spent time being wasted by culture and society trouble makers hence it would be a bit much to expect security from National level as such the last time we checked, when a little bit of respect solved a lot of problems especially in terms of those who complained the most about not getting any. Besides which if I got National level security it was the decision of another from a higher position than mine and never really my decision as such first of all and I don’t think HM should spend time punishing people, as in the punishing people thing that leads to loss of control during Ceremonial matters, so there is an opportunity here to either get wasted some more by culture and society trouble makers or they got to give it a rest. By the way which I am doing everything I need to do to handle industrial crimes around here, don’t know why people pick up my work at the Monarchy and find they cannot stop making those stupid cynical comments, how difficult it becomes to keep a personal life and public image while culture and society idiots are allowed to get their imagination up my bum through it the entire time, considering I never issued invitation that people could pick up my Public work anyway. Facts on the way my mum gets around with culture and society goons which is such a toxic thing it makes a mess of the academic work and finances around here should have shown what I am really like, especially when they say I am all war but they have made war on the peace side for decades now, seeking conveniences while being abusive during the process of doing so and then they say I am good at handling the war bits as well which I am, they are never going to do the security and the fighting for all that insulting nepotism and vandalism they wrought as it were, the theory being that they will become a threat at a later date while such a thing will never happen if what they get themselves involved with are bits I leave over for them as a trap that gets them stuck with fighting – it leaves me in a disposition that means I will always tidy it up and they will never constitute a threat at me at any stage. They claim I have no idea why they do it while I believe I know everything, when I am rather convinced, they are the ex-convicts at the Monarchy and if not, I would be very surprised. The rest claim I like to think I can do something about them when I cannot – reality being they are a threat to me and it should be rewarded with a big mouth, so it always leads down to the path where they gather whole communities to handle me by and although it’s not fair it was what I claimed I could handle like the perfect expression of evil. The ethnic minorities say there are racial slurs I wrote on my website and if I showed up in public will have to answer for them and it does feed into the fact each time they engaged with their own public image their activities affected other people’s financial bottom lines while they spend all their time with insults on media that stop me engaging with mine on grounds their stupidities were using it to make money; so where saying the golliwog mouth is blabbing nonsense about happy me that I have physical features which makes me something like a white man and puts me to an attitude that is so selfish I don’t want people to deploy my personality and public image for popular culture and convenient riches was not so bad and they can ask me about it as well, so once done with whatever makes them such a handful of pricks and why it continues still, we get to find out how many Nazi war criminals were actually executed by ethnic minorities on this planet, never mind the fact racism is not a grave crime as far as their stupidities were concerned. A moral high ground has been taken up in some areas – they have said they would like to stop me from being rude all the time but I am not; if I wanted to ruin my whole life through their vices, I would have been seen hanging around the clubs and bars looking for somebody to have sex with and build a history with them that eventually leaves my whole life looking like straws on fire but I don’t, so they have figured out the way to inflict their vices on people who have evolved in this way is to take it right into the homes by themselves, the advantage now being that they don’t have to give me any sexual services for it and can take it to any degree they liked but what they are now complaining about are the disadvantages as well it should be noted thereof. Like the other ageists claim everybody who knows me thinks I am disrespectful but it’s a matter of the idea I am not listening to them implying the claim I am a character that will now set about taking on gangs and criminals to make them comfortable but should not be told by others even though he knows it’s what they are doing with him lest he thwarts their dreams, as disrespectfully as possible i.e. that although I am aware it’s what they are doing, when they tell others not to tell me, they get to do it anyway: they do need to do some more fighting as it is fast becoming a matter of their reasons implying the whole thing will either produce an outcome in which they allowed me my personal space the way they want it or the way that I want it; since last it progressed from the destruction of my academic work because they showed up to chase money around it to the reaction I have had to such vandalism meaning I had inadvertently wrecked the means to tribalism raids they conduct to get themselves to the top end of Industry and of which the stupid ethnic minorities are actually not my relatives as it were.

They do claim I will never get out of it which is utter rubbish – we all can see except our stupid patriarchs, that a Book which is Published and Patented is no longer subject to career piracy but the reasons they engage in such nonsense over my Books still is to develop an excuse to steal anything they want around here, basically conduct their industrial crimes at my expense, the big mouth about which one I cannot get out of is aimed at making sure they did not endure further reprisals as much as they hate my books for it thereof – it needs to keep away from the Books, shut down its stupid media comments and stop following me around. It’s like the others at the Monarchy say I had become an irritating character because I am always making one demand after another which is utter nonsense as well – what has happened has been a case of unleashing their silly women with overseas friends on me, wrecking my academic work and building communities that get imagination up my bum, then it gets off to the Monarchy with some culture and society trouble makers to hang around Buckingham Palace providing private security services where the entire day is spent seeking out security for financially well off villains who are the same idiots talking nonsense about which ones I will not get out of at this point, running off its stupid campaign of hatred for women in the process. I know it likes the way I run my Office because it can secure a lot of conveniences and Celebrities can exhibit a lot of stupidities over it as long as they had unfettered access to Media but they do talk too much as well and I can get out of absolutely every part of it as it were. They continue to say the main problem is that I have got any money and that is precisely the case – I set out my Bookshop in a way that ensured engaged parties were part of the system while reading the Books and it was not a business set up in a financially intensive way, now the problems they create for me means that I am being pushed to seek success for it via financially intensive ways of running the business after spending the last 12 years avoiding every process of setting it up in a way that is harmful to others and being flustered in the process, therefore a good time to stifle my earnings over some decadent misogynistic stupidities associated with market and it comes on the back of these their idiots who say I will never get out of it, telling me I needed to hand over my Asset to those who actually had real money to invest on grounds their stupidities were real Men and I needed to live in a real Man’s world – where I make trouble as well is the fact that having set up the business in such a way, there was nothing preventing me from earning on an ambient basis the entire time until they showed up. The same practical jokes is what we see their foolish Children led by the younger versions of these American idiots spend most of their time on – they claim I want people to be part of the system but am unhappy for them to be part of the system the way that they wanted, while equity broker with other Companies generally meant they got involved with my Bookshop and spent my time expressing all sorts of nonsense on how they ought to be in charge, the same way their fellow overseas idiots hang around areas of my concerns associated with industrial crimes to blab off all sorts of nonsense on how my Equity Empire exists only in my head, making a total mess of my Bookshop to talk nonsense about opinions I have had not being liberal of democratic enough for their stupid liking; so when it shows up like so it does need to so in order to read what I have written as we see the way it works is that days run into weeks which run into months and 7 years had gone by in a blink, talking nonsense about sex and feminism and the consequences that will likely befall me if I did the same with a big mouth. They do claim I really have no respect for their successes and yes I understand that but it’s a matter of wanting a lifestyle that is associated with developing a way to secure a no asset and no liability money from Industry trouble makers who hope to get the money back from other parts of the market with some co-operation without care or thought for the economic conditions and so the lifestyle they must adopt to entitle themselves to that money from time to time thereof making a show business career thereof but the entire purpose of their own is to tackle me in order to build this structures with industry trouble makers as matter of misogyny exhibited at my expense in the first place and the rest is to earn the money I should have been earning – the behaviour then extends to other people who are just getting on with the show business and spends time trying to replace me when I have relationships with others, the smell issues have now become an international phenomenon to show people should be handled according to their stupid ideas on how to do it and when I have mentioned it there are more self-improvements to gain from that continued disobedience of sharing my Public image with me – so we should be clear that I have only two weeks to set the stage for them to move on, beyond 2019, I will only engage myself in Book sales and any necessary tit for tart that ensures they are writhing in pain somewhere for it to come to a stop, shows what the stupidities know about fame, which I plan to express further if I have to deal with any more of it by setting out my own custom made structure for fame at this hermitage, which purpose will be to rip it up for them as well.

They claim I will one day pay for all the bad things I have been doing and its utter nonsense as well as there isn’t a bad thing I have been doing save the one that exists in their insolent heads. What really has happened if we follow the timelines are on their part, between 2002 and 2007 the wrecking of my University studies which continues to this day as an achievement that allows them a platform to chase money, by 2012 they had also built a history of insults around my Books to ensure their mental illness made so much sense it became financially profitable and by 2016 it was clear they will never allow me a breathing space. For my part since I got the Books Published, they wanted to get me through utter misery to find out if I had spent my time writing Books about Politicians when I had all the time in the world to build a proper writing career and then once they realised I hadn’t and that the Politicians whose names ended up in my Books made a mess of my daily concerns to a point where it did, they switched to building me a reputation for being somebody that can write a Book without getting murdered by those who were offended by it and had to be killed like John Lennon to make sense of the plight of their own Celebrities, which ran its course up to this stage where I am always doing something wrong. I do get asked that question of whether I know why it happens and I don’t, save the fact they come up with ideas about modernism and how I ought to modify my life to fit their version of it, which means that by the time I prepare a Bookshop for trading I ended up with a reputation for being a character that does not get paid for work he does which they can fool around with to get rich quick and this sense that I am always doing something wrong is built wholly from the fact I am currently renting an accommodation from a white person who clearly has pubescent twats at home in the form of kids getting imagination up my bum until I do something wrong in order to deserve it, producing outcomes such as meeting random people on the streets who tell me the way I eat and sleep and live in my home is actually their property, right down to the way that I talk, therefore meaning when I move out, it will be pretty much the same results as it was with the blacks who could not stop the case of me and my wife picking on you until you smell due to our need to make use of your personality as a tool for pleasing and entertaining Government operatives, then attack me for it as well and cannot keep the mouth shut about putting labels on that suggest I am a bum, right up to the part where they head off to the Monarchy to fight my battles. I am aware the prospect of this outcome causes a lot of fear naturally and it should also be an indication they need keep their imagination off me, stop watching me, stop following me around and keep their distance from my Books. It has always been this way, they simply will not let me be if they did not get a response for it; for their part it’s a matter of people who need wealth and social equality while we know they are hopelessly dependent on this behaviour while the insults and abuses that characterise their attitude and personal decisions which get them into such situations only get worse and others are always in pain while they are – for my part, it’s a matter the fact culture and society trouble makers want to fool around with me because they think I have got property and tools available to make money after the fooling around which implies I ought to reward the fact I am afraid of them, which they also want to do as well, except unlike culture and society trouble makers, have fabulous ideas on how their victims should be stuck in one fight after another, on seeing that stupid patriarchs would be happy to reward them financially for it and this is what makes it such a complicated issue that requires a response as they cannot stop building their victims a certain public image for it while the same victims find that the process of the fighting they are forced to do leaves them unable to conduct any form of self-expression. The bottom line is that they are not my problem, my main problem are those who use them as tools, which mean that the business where we are grown up considering that others live their lives differently, putting a restriction on the power that independence from parents gives us to make decisions that are harmful to others, are completely eliminated from general living and these are Music producers and Film producers; we assess the fact such statements as me spending time trying to rub shoulders with rich Celebrities while I am no one and even criminals buy films is something that provokes me without reason but this is not actually the case, it does not provoke me at all but its purpose is a very vile activity associated with selling show business products in a way that encourages Crowds to attain the same existence as Celebrities for buying those products and while it is being inflicted on me in the worst possible way for picking up my work to make entertainment without permission, I am not being paid and they did not have to do it – hence it becomes very clear that they do now like to pretend they don’t know what I am talking about when I mention it but I need to ensure that all the bits that encourage them to tell me it was all my fault are cleared out and that there are no more excuses to say that consequences were not expected for handling any part of my concerns in the course of making entertainment. It’s not a crisis as such, the reality is still that when people have spent years preparing themselves to be Celebrities and then become successful with it, these tools allow them graft themselves into the lives of such persons abusively and destructively and at the end of which they became Celebrities in their own right as far as they were concerned – so seeing them become active and up and doing around a bandwagon usually solves the problem or in my case as Royalty, seeing them get involved with National level security issues usually does it; for my person specifically, the complain about me in this respect had become a global stage phenomenon but I am still dealing with the insults and abuses on a daily basis because there is a lot of familiarity and little communication. Here it will be said that I criticised Celebrities but now appear to get along with them which is utter nonsense – what I get along with are people with Celebrity jobs who have a history with me, so because I build a wealth equity structure and they have been campaigning against all sorts of social ills, when people show up from industry to make them rich and the money sits in the system as a no asset no liability funds they can access when they are keeping the Celebrity status contract, it feeds into the work that we did as peers and as an age group in order to get there – what then happens with these fools who claim I do something wrong all the time is that their attitude is one of snoop, see and take where snoop, see, take and pay is a no can do situation that they are always issuing threats and life changing insults for and I will not be doing this beyond the end of 2019 for my part as well. I am told this is a phenomenon of a problem but it isn’t, what happens is that we claim sociopaths and psychopaths are the same thing and we have not yet gotten ourselves out of the need to please ourselves with some publicly organised narcissism that says we want to tie the hands of those who are in trouble with it behind their backs, to see what it will look like when they are dealing with the worst of it and so on – so now we know how far the sociopaths whose victims are usually the sufferers of such corruption are likely to go and what they will likely look upon as collateral damage that will affect as many people as possible thereof i.e. they are not like the murdering psychopaths, they are cowards who would attack anything if there was an incentive for it and would lie down and take a murder if there was no incentive to push back. I do get told what I have said is said in a condition where there is nothing I can do about them and I suppose that is a good theory to run with too – but if I run a campaign and build a Bookshop at the end of it, I expect people to make use of any proceeds of that campaign and the Bookshop according to the purposes intend, the richer and important the better; we are nearly done with insults about how my literary Empire and Royal Office exists in my head only, I will not tolerate this nonsense about my Bookshop beyond the end of 2019, I am sure there is nothing about such a warning which has ended up lost in translation. I have been told several times that it is likely I talk about these matters because I had lost control and I am trying to ensure people thought I still had it but I have not lost control in anyway – it’s the old business of thinking about it in a specific manner i.e. should you veer off thinking about it not in terms of the idea these idiots are a handful of phenomenon that think they are so important they need to build you a relationship with the devil where they got to dominate what happened in it but in terms of the fact they are peoples siblings, parents or children, you are more likely to take the Law into your hands for it, so the usual way is to say that there is a time and a place for all phenomenon, while they had a need to get imagination up my bum and tell me to move left of them, meaning it has become a topic for conversation that no other career path forces itself on others and then sets about attacking its victims violently save the business just business gits and no other work of life shows up where people had done the best work for their careers to make a mess claiming they were important save Celebrities. The boasting about damage done to my career which is satisfactory is that which they can continue with or keep their mouth shut for I suppose; it’s the same story as ever, that we think they are the same as psychopaths but are not, as psychopaths are not likely to cling to financial bottom lines while spending time on Publicity to ensure everybody was neither dead nor alive until war broke out, claiming it was due to the fact that whilst the could beat up some people, they could not beat up other people and the fact people they could not beat up existed was an incredible amount of trouble. There is the claim as well that I never conducted a campaign for my work, like the Politicians tie people’s hands behind their backs to see what it will look like when issues they are contending with becomes very difficult allowing politicians perpetual access to public image by abusing such persons or my people want to know if I am happy with what I am doing and am on their side, to see these goons handle the services process for the purposes of expressing the facts surrounding the idea they should be in charge, giving way to stories on how people bring problems on themselves and blame others for it, which was itself largely a matter of refusing to accept other people’s leadership while complaining of the problems until it endangered those they enjoyed suckling so much – so it’s the type of campaign that involves running a Bookshop where the ethos of the business is to make people comfortable with reading the Books at the shop, complete with very difficult processes such as safeguarding the fact the Publisher had built a Public platform for the Books and informed people about it known as patent margins, so it would be nice if the need to start a fight on this again was not so flippant for their role in the matter and I am fed up seeing their stupid Celebrities all over it clinging to my income margins to repeat at me everything I say and do as though I am an option. Time and again they claim its a matter of making sure as insulting as possible, those stupid vile statements on female verbosity and me being a sweet little thing they can take advantage of with a big mouth, about this being a case of competition which it isn't, its the same matter behind which reasons my Clients always want to know if I am happy with what I am doing and am on their side, the same process of absolutely covering other peoples livelihood with publicity that advocates and promotes their mental illness, as a tool that lets them play practical jokes with income margins to avoid working for money, about which I have become notorious for building one that fits their stupidities especially when led by American idiots as well.