Now they say I have something to apologise for and it’s the sort of nonsense I have to put up with every day – whenever I have opened the shop and settled what I must do for the day and the communities and societies are chasing my anus because something was said on National Media or was implied which has to do with me and a response from me and tends to damage peoples way of living; nobody knows why the Politicians do it or whether the media does it too because they have the same political power that the Politicians do but we all know the first occasion had to do with their inability to keep their filthy mouths where their money is located expressing itself in terms of how they have the right to squander all I have since there is no use complaining if all I have comes from within – that progressed to a story about where I stole it from and has since progressed to the claim its all my fault they do these things to me because I act as though somebody had taken my job and career and future the way that their own has been taken and so nobody knows why the Politicians are always so stupid as to progress on with the statements they make such as this one about something I have to apologise for, whenever idiots who walk around the City blabbing about how they were meant to be super stars bother others and find consequences attached to doing so. We all know there are excuses being made all over it and it has to do with one I hear often from a group of fools who speak of my sexual habits which I have now shared with members of the Royal Family and about which they have plans to have me beaten up one way or other, setting off this case of the residual crimes of the ethnic minorities that they want others to pay attention to in public places so as to facilitates a means of building an impetus – nobody knows why the Politicians do it and blab rubbish about abuses and attacks on social media at the same time: as for their sense that I am hated at the Monarchy which is utter rubbish, its always been a matter of the Princess of York and the Duchess of Cambridge; the former wants to marry some money and the latter wants to play fashion games – so I always end up getting stuck with media fools and fashion idiots and popular culture bullies and when they are done pillaging my Royal Publicity that is just as easy to build as their own is, I find myself getting stuck in the problems associated with these useless fashion goons and media idiots and popular culture fools every time – so I have not  actually taken the step to mention where I stand concerning those stupid threats that these big brother, queer idiots money loving murderous intentions fools who pick up information I put to culture and society to run this Business have been getting up to for some time, all I can say is that I put that information out to run this business and not to let them pleasure their stupidities but if they have now added their themselves to the list of people who have a real reason now whenever my bottom hurts, I am at a loss as per why they would think that to be my problems all together. If push comes to shove however with those stupid money loving civil rights murder threats getting out of hand around here, it is important that they know we are getting nearer to a point where a sexual assault complains going global, we will find that I get out of bed every day to rough up the media lest I have to deal with this sort of nonsense as the day progresses, so we can find out with their big mouth wagging how difficult it really can be to curb that stupid money loving civil rights that shows up here all the time and has gotten bold enough to blab about my sexual habits too – it is becoming one of this occasion where we will end up with somebody that does not fancy seeing them set foot in Africa one more time to do any stupid BBC charity challenge that ends with showing up here to address me ever to frequently as well, a process of teaching them lessons they will never forget as well; for now it’s a simple question of what exactly it is that their stupidities think community people and society need to chase my bottom and get me to talk about apologising for? They simply have to spend other people’s money and live other people’s lives and we have now reached a stage where it becomes a valid question to ask whether the public image they cling to all the time, especially with the incredibly stupid middle classes that cannot say one thing which other people can understand shutting down people’s lives all over the place, if they cling to it because it was the one they were born with, grew up with and or had childhood friends by, to cling to it like that every day – I am getting quite tired of it too all together and they do blab which one is hated at the Monarchy while it had since become their job to decide which one they will appoint themselves to do, so as to decide which one is about to be hated at a Monarchy that has anything to do with them, since others are usually completely incapable of self-appointing one on their case as well. Its only money loving civil rights violence and wickedness but it gets me all the time that Politicians will confer statements every day that gets me to respond to them, while complaining about hate on social media and public places all the while they do it – the story is always that its no use being all stuck up as we are all guilty of borrowing something from another person in this world but we all know its more a case of running their lives in a way that lets others get by too, considering that even if it came to matters of crime, they are not the Police and yet it will jump on my public image to make fame and fortune and then secure contact with me as well to bully me for power, which leaves me thinking it is either they are incredibly stupid or they must be thinking that they are my personal gods; I have no idea why it likes to threaten me anyway, why it likes to get hold of women who provide my state security and have hedonistic sex with them anyway, I have no idea what it wants from me anyway, no idea why it thinks the Country can be better protected when well off enemies can do whatever they liked and the upper lower class that produces the insolent shop managers all over the Country where making a mess of my head and face and chest and tummy and anus to ensure I was unable to keep my job, why it likes to intrude and damage everything around here, why it is unable to protect celebrities from sexual abuse when those have to sell themselves to bad people all together as well, why it thinks he can handle me when it is failing at most of its duties trying to – same with the media ones who will not let me finish a statement if I told them a little respect for what other people do to make a living solves a lot of the problems they complain about, but then make a big case out of ending up with the second job that involves backing up their big mouth, the one where the media can allow people the confidence to tackle others all the time until they make people into a freak rather than accept when they are beaten looking for trouble all the days of their stupid lives. I do get told I shouldn’t be getting involved but we all know I have no security because they need to have hedonistic sex with women who provide mine and are the ones inflicting the insecurity on me, claiming they are making me respond to state duties all together – while public place reality is that they have come to think that their celebrities complaining about feeling unsafe while they show up all over my Books all the time really is the very worst that I can do and so its one of those bits where I may meet one of these flash boys who talk rubbish about my situation all the time on Music TV and then he may tell me he is flash boy and I am nobody because he is famous and always gets what he wants and it will set a precedent on those insults once and for all as it were; like they say I express a lot of intention while reality is that only insane people ensure that those who are mentally ill are able to mess with other people’s livelihood in order to manage their minds, which is the very last thing I would fancy happen to me all together and they are, along with the popular culture canopies they build for these idiots to sit about exhibiting narcissistic happiness in my direction, responsible for everything I do to them as well; apparently it does seem that if I can get them into a position where they have more problems than they can handle, I will be able to run this Literary Empire in peace. Its an old story – really stupid and very destructive and clumsy people but they always say that if they can move it into a history and clear space on the left to get famous, they turn out okay but if you said it was okay for them to carry on with their lives nothing you do or own will last five minutes after that, so it has become a grand question of what it is exactly they suppose I am meant to apologise for, which is what this is all about. So even now they say I am tired and fed up but the reality is that they hate the effects my Books have but are still showing up around it since telling me they have access to it appears to be the only way to control the effects my behaviour has on them while they keep building up my public image for themselves on media – its not something that mixes well with Royal Office and Political Office obviously – which again they say I claim but do the opposite; what they are referring to of which is a case where I campaign against bullying for instance at a Royal Office and there are 10 other very nice people doing the same in the US and somebody decided they wanted to see what will happen if all the nice kids got together and so some became Actors with film roles that others want because they couldn’t have bullying at school, music roles that others want because selling Marijuana simply was never cost effective in the neighbourhood due to anti-bullying activities that when done when people were younger – I couldn’t never understand why politicians follow up the stupidities of their media goons whom women make statements to about taking that thing if they want it, right up to the point where it leads to trouble etc, to blab at me something implied I need to respond to an accusation that concerns an activity I must apologise for – we see the same around Public matters too, where they will give us a problem concerning immigrants and we will look out for the trouble makers, integrate with people and point the bad ones in the direction of the jobs and money that drives them mad so often, so they might later on like they are become obsessed with talking of the powers of the private security Industry and its celebrity connections but the only way that people can associate with our lives and communities that do not attract the bad crowds is one of taking advantage, one of showing up around my concerns to abuse me and sell stuff, one of showing up to play with me instead of buy a Book, while the Politicians help their media idiots to laugh at me blabbing their own of a behaviour and an accusation I need respond to, concerning which I have something to apologise for; it is apparently going to happen again in 24 hours from the looks for it (we hear I have no money but wish to get involved with matters of high privilege all the time but so has it been a Public matter of the difficulty releasing funds from this Estate while they have daily fun extracting money from my public image and property since 2004: it is the kind of talk that sets it out when I worked for people and they owed me and I wanted to sell them Books in return for any gifts and favours, which is now a problem because every Political and Middle Class, Middle aged male idiot wants to earn money from it as well, in a condition where they were superior to me etc - so I am thinking that there will be another gimmick in 24 Hours just like this one, so that it might seem really credible when they claim such things and we are oping one day I might get my hands on their salaries as well and then watch the whole business of setting up warehouses that will make them rich on my Literary Empire while I am kept off my own finances, to talk such nonsense and look credible doing it, become an amusing prospect to spend time on from there - its nothing new; their children who got into University since 2005 had since graduated and earned £50,000 salaries and beyond that while the socialists and Liberals think that trapping me somewhere makes them feel better about themselves and what they earn too, thus making them appear credible when they pass around such insults, while the parents have put up warehouses with products in them and turned up in public to make themselves very important at my expense, thinking somebody here is their mate that is going to work for it all together. They are complaining about me at the moment and there will be no trouble if these sorts of activities had ceased - I mean an example of the fact they know only how to look for trouble if at all they know anything, is that I wrote and public the Books to sell to people I have provided a service in the past on the internet). They always tell me I now want to get along with the poor people and lower classes but as I mentioned before the last time we checked, the bottom hurting stuff is usually something they want to get involved with only when they can seek privileges of injustice, otherwise its not their main thing and so have I mentioned what environment would exist if a celebrity has always kept men off her public image and now has people providing her services to help with her show business, the things that would happen if she was set to lose her money etc - especially when the Men do realise they could do something about it (there will be no trouble if they were not trying to extract money from mine, telling me where I am supposed to be the whole time). They do claim I am looking for trouble, which is utter nonsense: in order for a person to exist in a place where others have built jobs and business that are based on extracting an income from the earning margins of his business empire, he needs to have endured this sort of nonsense for long enough to end up with a career and financial history that puts them in such a position - these goons are getting exactly what they deserve, not me looking for trouble and as I said they have only begun to talk facts about where the money for recovery ought to come - people like me are doing out best with our service based business, we are sharing and exchanging every time, so that whatever economic policies government makes, we will be able to develop the best quality of living we can afford in the situation but they are their big headed empires they will not spend time on instead of me, claiming I am making money under the shadow of how it has affected the world is supposed to work out its own recovery which usually means Countries can exchange services and wealth to bring about the global recovery that they need so much of and as I mentioned before, at the moment is more practical jokes like this setting them on the path of how to spend their own to create the economic recovery, as opposed to trying to take money from households that is set aside to buy my Books over services I have performed in the past, so that if they had failed to, somebody else will do it for them but it will soon get serious enough for me to take it from them all together, as I mentioned before, getting my hands on their salary too, so as to make them serious minded people for a change. The Celebrities live their case in this mad gimmick that says I am of a mental state which suggests they are just happy for a living while they have to count costs and make huge rascal investments. They do start blabbing a bitterness that other people are more successful on my part with those salaries that make them playful with other peoples lives all the time, makes them think they are so successful they have the right to tell people how to exist and to discipline people and so on but I have been pushed down this direction with a Female only Court that Men let themselves into for reasons of off loading their problems, telling lies that will cover up any traces that they have always exhibited this behaviour of thinking it is their right to handle female public image and so on and fancying themselves bullies and that is when the Court is not free for all as a whole - a direction that evidently and publicly does not work for me in anyway leaving a mess in every aspect of living including academics and livelihood but even as I speak they are still doing it, blabbing about bitterness that others are more successful, looking for more (when they have started putting the punishment business into perspective then we hear them claim I have the capacity to kill people but so do we see them claim it is their right to threaten and bully me and take from me anything that lets them cope with a lifestyle which gets them stuck up with people that make them fart; so it will claim I have a body type that can tolerate lots of bullying but am trying to keep it for myself and use it for superiority but it will never make use of it without coming up with a plan that allows it to be successful only when it has seen me fail) -  it cannot be that difficult for me to stop having to tolerate seeing them show up all over my Books and cannot be that impossible for them to stop showing up all over my Public image as well. They say something about some strange capacity to kill people I have, which is utter nonsense; its a simple case of a community doing what it does to find out whether somebody is good at knitting for instance which will let them know where to go if they needed any knitting - so there will always be civil rights money loving goons emerging from it who want to live peoples lives, spend peoples money and do peoples jobs and just as I am holding my own against the daily onslaught, Today's business was taken over by a statement Politicians and Media idiots made about a behaviour with respect to them, which I have to apologise for.