Now they say I am unable to cope with the existence of men in the world which is utter nonsense; what happens is that its harassment and bullying every moment as the gloat and abuse and use and the whole time you are said to be a coward, you are actually busy with something important and its when you are not so busy we find them complain about the things that will happen to you and the important people that will have hurting bottoms because they are not controlling you, it is usually the stage where you want to play man and his environment gimmicks with them and make a case of how queer that stupid society is all together – so the stupidity here is that these scum have profited from them insults to such a point that they believe themselves to be more Man than I am. It feeds into this other case where it is said I am unhappy with everything these days and want to get rid of people all of the time when I am not; what happens is that if I said it is okay for somebody to do celebrity stuff around my Public image, the only one that will work for them would involve extracting an income from my Books and destroying it time and time again until it appears we are in a confrontation, if I said the same thing of a Journalist the first place they would head off to would be the bits that involve what I am doing with the Royal Family – so it gets to such a point as it has to be clear what commitment people have towards me whenever they get involved especially as we can see that I thought my nightmare was the one that claims my Court it free for all but it is actually the one that gets off everyday due to a lack of commitment to report news that gives away Court business to a collection of idiots that want to get connected with Industry CEOs and then get up on media and my Public image to do it several times every week and wonder why I am unhappy about it – so I have been thinking about replacing them with people I meet on social media, considering I can easily rent a venue and organise a meeting with such persons rather that deal with financial complications for years at a stretch because famous people have an ego; it seems however that the question applies as such in terms of whether I am now good at getting rid of people, so I have to make it clear that if it is not following me, it must have done other things to clear out that aspect and then I can end up with a workable structure when anything is expected of me, if it is following me that is good and the facts are clear about what it needs and if it is following me from social media that is good as it is clear about what roles my work plays – the rest I am going to get rid of whether or not I look like I do my best job when it comes to getting rid of people. So I get told nobody really understands what I do with all these women but its not what I do with them as such, its the fact that the social system which supports every process that allows men to gang up at the Office and chase bottoms to get rid of women in the world place hates my guts intensely, so these women usually think that my concerns are the best ways by which they can hurt themselves and make a case about the whole mess on Media – the Men do the same as well as I have mentioned above, if not my income and my Books people do not do anything and it does not matter if I have given them all they need and do not even know who the hell they are as such and its much the same with getting involved with me to mess about with the Royal Family; I do not believe the matter to be a problem anyway, we all know some times it gets bad enough to cause the murders and manslaughters that generally mean people are hurting them and expecting revenge and it is what culture is about but there are other options for me and its such as the fact as long as I have them show up around my concerns I will never have to pay for Publicity, all I have to do is raise a case about their behaviour and tell people what I am doing is not like that, its not like what religion means is when I get killed will happen either. I do get told I never really handle the matter in a way that provides assurance but that would never work in a world where the biggest problem is the Politicians who target me to make a mess of everything I have done to keep my career and finances from criminals and gangs, then spend money on them over me as well – when I do nothing about the insults that are built up on my public image to prevent them showing respect my way while they suddenly realise they needed some respect when they became celebrities and journalists and University graduates themselves, the people who pay the real price for it is not the business people who build great business empires complete with schools and hospital and custom villages for their employees but the Politicians that take ideas from kids to help city centre shareholders get richer end up with more work that is not going to pay them and will be life threatening too. Its never been a crisis when they surround themselves with populous boys passing insults at people endlessly but where it starts to stop looking like a whole lot of clowning around is when they start to boast about making me suffer and making me a figure of ridicule; this is when it becomes important to ensure they are complaining about the prospects of starting a war again, so they might be informed about whether they will not be running away for their lives if the war broke out considering that this was their realm. It is an old story about the need for the middle class to pick up peoples lives and shut it down and in the Universities one can never get a break from a process where they are told off damaging peoples property and it turns into a conversation about the honour factors of conflict, pretending what I want to see and fancy the whole time is their stupid selves whereas I cannot go anywhere without getting caught up in a mess that they have made, hence blabbing about making a fool of me will cut very deeply indeed as it were – besides which they already know what to do if it pains them so much and can get involved with the military to get shot at by the enemy claiming they are doing my stuff. So in terms of more relevant things, I do not have a problem with the existence of men, they have just made out that I am the problem while they have in inability to stop harassing people and we all know that it is continuous and relentless, only letting up when the victim is windy and all, so that once that is done, they move off and then what has to deal with the wind are the people who really care about the victims – they claim I fret and fear and complain and panic causing the criminals and gangs to pay attention to them while I wish to ensure they had stopped showing up around my Court since it is impossible for the women to show any form of commitment towards what we are doing when they do not have a relaxed outlook about living, profited from the insults to a point and now thinks it is more Man than I am. I do not ask them about these insults or what will become of it, what we know is that they ask me about my courage all the time knowing that any process of setting out a means by which I may go down in history as a hero will led to involvement from Politicians and then violent instability over a quest for personal glory and I will love an end up to seeing them express their stupidities around my Books, along with that stupid disobedience showing up all over my public image the whole time. As for the case of not paying for publicity being a process of looking for trouble I cannot back up; we all know people either make money in ways that are a threat to the Public awaiting the day the Police will handle them for it or they make money in ways that allows the government to keep an inventory and send them a duplicate from time to time, everything else in between is utter rubbish and I will soon be putting their big mouth to the test as per whether I will not be getting away with it. I hear the windy stuff is my best move but then again it is supposed to express the pinnacle of their stupidities that largely involve damaging people in order to make use of them and then discarding what is left for the families to deal with – so every time I hear them blow off a big mouth about a war, I feel like putting them in that position where somebody was doing some reconnaissance and had been found out and his life is threatened, some way of making them feel there is something hanging over them which must not be allowed to hit the vein and doing their windy bits as well is usually one of my best moves – so it is what they are complaining about presently and yet every time they make a mess of my whole life and work like we see them gather information on me to do as there are no other ways of making use of me to make money led by stupid American Democrats, the result is always one whereby I find myself in the same situation as prostitutes and pornographers they have used in the past and so it is becoming a case of getting them into that position as well and so I have this feeling that there is soon to exist a new complain about me too.