So I am then questioned about this problem I have with people which never seems to go away but I do not have any problem with people, it’s the same stupid women who have men that will handle me if I do not comply with their financial needs, talking insults and abuses about why I should suffer and get told to get off my religion and become a Homosexual, which then progresses to government where they got help from other male idiots who speak of male society being hard done by all the time and so the business of me being dragged out of my studies and made to react to the stupidities of society by spending Tax payer funds and then progressing to setting off those stupid children of theirs who are raised to deal with violent society issues and get them chasing my bum to make me smell like my loo all day long as they build communities that help them work violent lasciviousness and progress to working Political class ageist professional activities which give way to motorist bullying that exists for the sole purpose of forcing people to do what people already do for a living and generally need to keep an eye on my finances and academic work to get ahead of me in life all the time. Their theory is that there is nothing I can do about it as such but we all know it got serious the first time and will likely get far more serious when I wanted to handle it again as it were – all I can say is that they love to run off their stupidities until they were ignorant of what my feelings about it were, so it is safe to say I find it insulting and I am not their foolish sexual alternative either. The idea is usually that I am not in control of the matter but I really am; the problem people have is that I had detached their wickedness from mainstream living and they now practice it as a matter of the assumption that it will always be financially profitable to do so and be that as it may, so have I set out clearly that their position at Industry along with their tribalism raid idiots should not affect other people’s personal lives and earnings – they have had 14 years to waste my time and resources by and I think we have now reached the stage whereby they need give me my space. It does feed into that case of people constantly claiming I am running away from a bad thing I did at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense; what really is happening with such stupid ideas is that a group of people that HM wants nothing to do with especially on Government matters chasing peoples backsides at the Monarchy are actually a product of the stupid things that goons who got elected into Parliament by the Public have been getting up to and are never important unless they were doing some wars and or tackling some crime as it were – HM is the only person at the Monarchy who has a Governmental role, so the Aides spend most of their time working on society and its trouble makers, which I doubt harms peoples bottoms in anyway and hence could never figure out where the claimed interference Politicians have suggested is happening on the Part of the Monarchy actually stems from all together, what I do know is that the goons had sooner gotten into a habit of making out that the neighbourhood I live in gets to determine which Royal Estate I can keep and own. So it’s all the Political class and nothing like me running from something bad I had done: the list of damage they have done here to get ahead in life among other love of obscurity stupidities they are fond of, is damage to my academic work, damage to my finances and Book sales and damage to my health and mental well-being – the outcome is those stupidities about how they were important but nobody really recognises it which has given them impetus to imagine they want to harm me on the streets, existing on the red corner while my academic pursuits and the entire process of academic environment exist on the blue corner and the Politicians hang around constantly expecting me to be the referee and telling lies for their own position as well, when I had attended another institution to complete the academic work and they had followed me around again, I am certainly going to give them the trouble they seek – this is a warning I have issued many times. The main case has never really changed; having detached their wickedness from mainstream living, they now work it as a matter of the theory it will make them rich while those who are constantly more important than I am have to contend with it all the time: where it then affects me being that they want to be successful on the basis of getting their girlfriends to wee on me while I hold still for it, which is why these stupid women continue to get bolder and bolder, more and more violent with respect to my person and property, Liberal America providing most of the Muscle in the process, claiming it is freedom and then blaming their security needs on me as well, looking for more of what it is complaining about since the last time I stopped access to fame and what I have done to them should feel like dropping out of University to make contributions that will make them comfortable by spending time to respond to the stupidities of society which I know to be mostly a form of mental illness, in their view then it appears to be a situation that is never likely to get worse. I really do not know why they never start off these gimmicks on the basis of what they do for a living anyway, so that when it does blow over it might do so on their careers but it seems that it is their nature to invent such nonsense anyway; hence we find them tell me my Books were Published by Liberal America which is a typical example of why they always end up complaining about poverty as this is what they have time for, especially when it then gives way to building up structures they claim to be a business but the purpose is to harm others and the likeliness then being obvious that should I have been provoked in terms of taking it away from them I would have done so a long time ago; I was not originally Published by Liberal America, over the years since they started targeting me, the idiots have been buying shares in the Company I got Published in and their Popularity based, Media insults based, stock market based and Politician based insults have been getting worse since, not least the process of building shopping centres that exist to ensure I smell like my loo all the time, looking for an outcome that will be provocative enough to be explosive all together – for my part,  was looking for Book printers at the time and there were several but none provided the kind of leadership I got from the people I Published with, what I see on the web these days is that the other Publishers have vanished and they have bought shares in the one I got Published with to keep an eye on and handle me – feeds directly into the issue of media, about which the work Court is female admittance only and after 10 years of bullying they now run my life if I said so, looking for trouble all the time but unlike squatters that vandalise property and tell owners what life could be if caught out, we find these fools are powerful and destructive idiots with a Publicity to play with. Same as we find at the Monarchy, where they say I am shameful looking whereas its none of their business as I need to ensure I am able to do what I must do when I need to and not a process of stocking up on whatever I do not have need of anticipating trouble all the time, besides which this is not their family, HM calls the shots and I do not need their approval to be Royalty anywhere on this Planet, just like their Political and society goons make out they would do anything for the Queen but have no respect for the Crown and we find that there is no social and Political stability that we can stamp a seal of approval on because of it. It’s not really a crisis for me as such; what has changed is that I have become the main point at which The Queen plays practical jokes on all of them as well and they hate my guts for it, while the effect of Liberal America talking nonsense about how they wish to maintain a history of being able to peddle everything that comes from the British Monarchy is not really compatible with a process where they have yet failed to allow me breathe, give me my space over that stupid hatred of my personality and thought pattern that they want to get rich with at the same time with a big mouth as it were. So we find that I get told Conservatives support me but my support for them is less than enthusiastic but which is not really the case – the Liberals and Socialists have time to blame others for their financial problems while those stupidities they make a mess with here was not invented by their own parents, as equally as I have told them I have had enough of them, especially so the part where they wreck everything I have in order to develop a sense that I can respond when they have arguments with me, so they can enjoy the providence of winning an argument with me all together, as stupidly as possible while the conservatives are more concerned with Homophobic people showing up at Church because I have detached the evils of these goons from mainstream living as it were – so I do support them on that basis as well, however, Politically, they are still more interested in talking about what ethnic minorities think they can show up here to do, instead of tackle their colleagues from the other side of the bench, which is rather counterproductive – so we find that everything I do especially in terms of looking after my literary work gets profiteered by these goons, as they then show up on any security I enjoy to fight their own personal battles and make a mess of my finances; half my mind will then say they are desperate people but each time I allow some time lapse to see if the other half was right, the Celebrity bullying becomes the meaning of life itself and I intend to ensure that, the same way the Industry goons who give them money for making a mess of people’s lives have been feeding their narcissism, this part ends very badly indeed too.

I really believe that I must kill of this myth that I would kill myself to get approval from Americans – I have systematically watch my Book sales market and Literary Empire degenerate into this nonsense in order to them to achieve such a position, being damaged by them he whole time and it is becoming quite intolerable as such thereof – so far they have had about 12 years of it, they are full of it and so am I, would fancy they shut it down as soon as they are able to. likewise the other story of how I need to keep my identity secret for fear of racism and loss of a Royal Commission which goes beyond the business of what my Books are like and whether or not people want to read them, making a choice, not my own decisions, to the part where it’s never clear why these behaviour persist while they think I should be acting in a way that does not agree with the processes of meat grinder gimmicks when we know their children will never keep the hands off peoples bums if that were to happen; they all sound like criminals and are seriously expecting me to say they do not talk like those people who constantly keep getting arrested by the Police, on account that we have a Legal system Policy that says people are innocent until proven guilty.