So I hear that I do not speak proper English and this is the reason people always attack my Books and at this point I do feel the time has now come for me to put it to bed as well. The reality of which is that the fools who continue with such things speak vernacular and Village English which only passes on Media where their version of racism thrives and does not do well anywhere else. I mean you can spend £40,000 to study the English Language from which qualification you expect to buy a mortgage and a car and the same for Literature in English and the same for the use of the Language itself and still be considered in each case to be a completely normal human being. I am a writer, so most of what I say is usually literal; and I have assessed that handling this case now will cost me nothing as well all together anyway – it’s like when people say none of these stupidities tends to bother me and that it is not exactly clear why but this is an example of the reasons – they speak vernacular and Village English I speak Literary English because I am a writer, so both have nothing to do with anything save the idea they can disguise themselves as normal people and get jobs on Media to work racism with if they wanted and need to keep their insults where people appreciate it and yes I hear my essays had to be corrected when I was at College doing Legal studies but the corrections were mean to bring Literal speaking into legal speaking not the correction of my English Language – since it would be a joke to stand in front of a nudge and speak literarily of the facts of a case for example – I was not corrected so as to speak vernacular English of doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff etc. These things happen and they do ask why of course because the great idea is that I am wrong and deserve it because I have done something wrong but there is really no such thing; the reason it happens is because they are Industrial rodents who chew and destroy peoples asset base to ensure peoples businesses are not profitable as a basic form of existence on account they must survive alongside their incredible laziness and yes of course people will always double these problems by getting involved with me through other alternative means save getting a copy of my Books, which is also not in any way my problem. I hear that what gets ripped up when I reveal these kinds of facts is my business, which gets damaged at the hands of the Politicians and diplomats but just like there is no point finding out why what bothers most people does not trouble me at all instead of getting copies of my Books in order to get involved; no such thing is actually happening, what is actually happening is that people now have to think about improving their relations with the UK lest they turn up to give me reasons to borrow their stupid countries until my Books get sold too.

Of course I am aware of the sense that I am not concerned or interested in matters of racism in the Film and entertainment Industry, which has no basis on reality, as people need to buy the Books and stop popping silly questions at me; I was concerned about everything before they had started to think human beings mattered. I mean that there is no racism in the Film and Entertainment Industry – half the time people play that card over 80% of what they are really after is the prize of paedophilia; so what happens is that the White ones start it and then the None-Whites make out that liberalisation and inclusion is the answer for everything, this it becomes incredibly filthy. I really would like people to buy the Books and not rip it up asking me mad questions. I have not in any way lost my temper like it may seem; it’s just very frustrating that firstly people cannot stop finding other ways of rocking your film Equities and Property at the Royal Estate through means that does not involve buying the products and then there is the part where I am working to offer people a quality of life while terrorism wouldn’t mind killing me while I am at it, so I would really like my property to be left as I want it to be, so that those I broker with can get into the issues before the bad people and criminals do, if they need money through entertainment via my Business etc. I do not consider the matter to be a problem in any way, it’s the source of all frustrations i.e. that I ought to be careful how I expose myself to Americans, whereas I do not like their freedom madness as much as these idiots to presume to be my advisers do – so it leads to the same old insanity of 5.30pm watch headlamps blazing and all of them with the same dirty mind of making you deals and that is on the way home from work, so you need to see what happens when it’s time to get to the job in the first place. These idiots apparently do not appreciate the insanity, so it is beyond the imagination why they love it so much.

I am just saying they need to get my Books and read it if they need my information, not pop stupid questions at me on Media, not hurting badly enough as it were.