Of course there is the point it is said Scottish Nationalism is to fit in because I have not done enough on the matter but there isn’t anything to do – I mean these guys speak of television shows and whether or not they will continue to get the ones they like from the BBC in an independent Scotland or whether or not Westminster will ensure they don’t anymore; whereas the real issues are the contents of sovereignty which is concerned with law and order, education, security and the economy. I have one question and one question only for the Nationalists i.e. will ever single young person in Scotland be guaranteed in an independent Scotland a condition where what they want to do with their lives is determined at 17 years of age without interference? When they have settled what answer they want to give to it considering all of the circumstances, then they can run the referendum and find out how people will vote not continue to pretend it is a referendum that they have already won or that they do have some legitimate right to win it by any means. It is much the same with the Labour Party which is where it concerns me personally i.e. settling such questions mean we have to discuss their status as civil rights fraudsters, which if I mention gets to mean I will be taught a lesson or two and that nobody crosses them without consequences and since then they have spent millions in tax payer funds to ensure I am financially wrecked and younger people have come to have more success and more opportunities in my expense and they also say it is to make me understand how they feel when somebody as far younger than they are as myself rises to the position I am in order to talk to them like we were equals – the reason so little has been done about it which creates the idea I don’t mind what happens is that it has continued to remain something in which young people want to play a part, it has continued to remain a policy social and political policy that young people are happy to vote for support and even protect with violence if need be. I mean living with your parents when you are an adult means there is 90% probability in favour of the fact you will vote the way your parents want which is an electoral fraud – this electoral fraud has been used time and again to put idiots in government office and we have ended up in less than a decade of doing that with the biggest deficit in the developed world and people still don’t think it a serious matter for the most part. If I did for my part have a child when Labour got into office for the second term, my child would be 14 years old now, preparing to take his or her GCSEs in another three years, grown up under war in Iraq and terrorism, grown up under a recession that should otherwise not have happened if people did not support these Governmental wickedness and deplete legal control systems that were existent in the financial markets and structures and systems at the same time; so having been we just only but got rid of Labour all be it for a while we now have to deal with another group of idiots in Scotland who speak of North sea oil and the financial system where they should be talking about crime and law and order etc – so their Nationalism really has no meaning – I mean I cannot see myself deploy Nationalism to handle the welfare state in order to teach somebody who exposed me for my civil rights fraud a lesson anyway but as I said it is something young people have continued to support because they think that if you do not deploy your faith for the express purpose of turning up to show you want to see them do something useful with their stupid lives which you really don’t, you will get into trouble etc. I am not saying being supported by your parents whatever your age is wrong or a bad thing but the chances that it is for an evil reason is as high as at least 85% of the activities concerned with it, whereby you may speak to a 25 year old about the gospel to get into trouble with his or her parents who want to deploy the entire welfare state system to teach you a lesson for example; I am only saying that I am fed up with the insults and the Politics and culture that it breeds and will tolerate no more from those who work it thereof as we have all observed. By the way of which out of settled curiosity I will rather have believed everybody that turns up at those Scottish Nationalist conferences were cloned by the Nationalists anyway.