The Politicians say these people I have a problem with are actually people who want new civil rights using my faith and personal life and it is because they are far superior to me and know things I don’t but I have made it clear as well that I get involved with what I know nothing about to stall proceedings and hold people down until I know things and tell everybody and then it all works to suit me on account of their insults perhaps but then again this is not a new story; these are the guys everybody is talking about, through to that lady everybody thinks is insane but nobody really can tell if she really is, she is talking their own these days all together and the Politicians are the leaders of it. So here is how it works; I don’t have a problem with them save the way the fact they have friends and family and community they belong works in terms of my tummy in pain and an inability to be competent at a job all the time, which they find amusing, so it works in terms of pushing me out of employment – it is going to be impossible for me to use my security guard job to create a better community for those who come to the shop to be served, so somebody will have to hate my guts – ‘they are the guys that everybody is talking about.’ It’s not a crisis for me; I had already worked out that in order for me to be able to do my job since warning them about messing it up and complicating it is never going to yield results, I had to settle up on those I needed to fundamentally exclude from the workings of leisure services and Council services and the utilities and the shops – so they are still the ones everybody is talking about and it took roughly 18 hours for them to get over the warning signs they got from me yesterday because Politicians have waded in – they are the ones everybody is talking about and the neighbourhoods and hysterical with it and all, of which the older ones have way too much leisure going on for them and their stupidities thereof as it were. Where this other story we hear them tell of me being recruited by gangs and bad guys is never really clear; the only way to ensure that is not the idea people however being to wait for a really popular industry show, like consumer electronics for instance and get in there to rip up anything that belongs to any fools that are making up that message when they know they want to pillage my empire to get involved with those that are richer than they are, so as to become millionaires of the future – I have made myself clear about the fact my security guard job will never build a better community for those I serve at the shop unless there are those who are fundamentally excluded from the nature of council services and from leisure and from the shops being monitored at all times. It is the same problem everywhere and I am not suggesting I am the unusual one; it’s the same with parking attendants – the problem being that parking tickets are wrong when in actual fact it’s their car and it’s their road and it’s their country and they will park how they like or somebody will come and do your stuff or you are doing the things that will lead to an outcome where somebody comes round and does your stuff and they cannot save you because it is out of their hands – so when they work into a shop my job is in danger because they have a circle of friends and a community in which they belong and it’s their shop and their products and the staff belong to them and they will do what they like. The other side of their story is of course that I have been hounded by security industry operatives all along but of course there is no such hounding – just the fact if people come round to where I work and the community in which they belong is not enough facilitating a process where they want to see what I ate then they shouldn’t complain if there is a smell or they can complain and face the fact there is a cure for it too – the security people on the other hand do what they do so they can mess up my feeding health and run off to marry a stupid celebrity pretending if they sit behind a camera they would be safe from me all together as well – they give us all a bad name and it is good they are always out of sight too; I play along with their CCTV when it suits me and when it doesn’t I will turn them the other way too, the problem has always been the cannot do the job games they play and then when it turns out that I can I am left with another abusive nonsense concerning what else I can do and every single moment at work with stretch 20 times as long and I will end up with depression for having a job while my chest and anus hurts like hell all day long and if they did it a million times it would never have been enough, so they can marry celebrities; which by the way I don’t have a problem with as well, just that I don’t need to get physically fit or ‘man up’ for anything since I am able to tell which is Mr A and B and C who are local neighbourhood useless goons. Of course they will say I am following a path towards a problem I will never be able to resolve but it’s much the same story i.e. the me that gets out of bed with eyes fixed on people’s property can be cured of that disease and the cure is war on celebrities over my Books, the me that cannot control what he tummy does has a cure and that cure is war on those whose neighbourhoods and clique of friends and community is a problem for my finances and job – since it is never clear how that could possibly constitute a problem for others on account they walked into a shop; they want to see what I ate all the time when they have got their own and got their own tummy as well all together and then I will need the toilet more often than I should and soon find they played out such that there was no way I could have seen them put an air freshener in the chillers with the pizza and get off bragging about their powers as well; there is a cure for it. It does not mean I am in any trouble with Americans as such; the Americans have always been a people that have a fundamental problem in the sense that a means to an end is always more important than a moral cause in their view – so I cannot just stop existing because Americans do exist however that said, when this ideology is the reason for people to damage my property because I am into a moral cause and they are into a means to an end, they should always expect trouble, might be a busy man but with the passing hours; I have never considered it a crisis for my part too anyway it will simply become one of those cases of going through hell for some years and then the ending where I make some millions which will be worth it but I have to ensure my guns pack a punch to enforce security for my income whenever I tell them damage is not competition and they cannot be bothered, bearing in mind it is a country where one moment you speak to the president and the next it makes no sense because an opportunist idiot who travels off to the stock market wants to be spoken to as well and hence the most important thing is always to ensure others do not extricate conveniences from my work since I cannot just say I hate Americans.  Here in the UK it’s the Politicians playing around and the result being the tale that my actions are now amount to disappointment for the Monarchy which is not the case; what is the case is that the Politicians have been playing around and targeting me for conveniences whenever their jobs for which they are elected and paid is required of them and that fosters that explanation for their actions that is concerned with a story about wealth distribution and wealth inequality and so on as an escape route and this is why the tax payer has never gotten any value for its money in the last decade and any process of challenging them will result in expenses scandal; so for me it’s a case of turning up to bother me with how the Monarchy is not in charge because the ousting of the Monarchy is always a work in progress for them, when they actually get rid of the Monarchy not when they feel like securing some conveniences – clearly of which grown adults can play to that extent and more so with government property too – so it is something I say because they are now riding on tax payers willingness to accept conveniences as a payment for job undone by them, so when they do get rid of the Monarchy I will listen, otherwise they keep off my Book sales and finances. It appears obviously they wish to spend all their time doing really stupid things and there is financial value attached according to who spends some attention on it and it is exactly like popular culture which Asian and South American connections now lie in tatters hence they hate my guts but are seen around my Books shooting insults at me still. They do speak of me being bullied by media of course and there is no element of truth attached to it in anyway whatsoever, the truth is rather on the other hand that its largely always a tale of what stories they want to tell in public, such as a process where I have been made to be sweet and respectful which makes sense of all that need to move into my right hand and seek conveniences and privileges of bullies in the first place; that in itself was the tale of their need to find themselves a coward they used to be scared of but are not anymore and the result is this process where they complain about the community relations and society when I am beaten up by their women and daughters and if I have to explain why I am the way I am their football people pay for it etc – this other part about being beaten by the media is just an explanation for the reasons they love to target me and damage my finances on account they need my Christian personal life for self gratification and narcissism which need to eye my anus has already led to beating down evils of British society to a point where people are scared of what I might create now that nobody can tell that they exist and are using the fact money exists as well as a pretext for abusing others and bullying people, so being beaten by media is the savaging of my finances that happened because that is another group of twisted and evil scum whose first violent behaviour towards me had to do with attacking me without reason in order to get on media and fear for their lives so that they can start to flush my life down the toilet and select convenient choices for themselves, so it’s all spent already and I didn’t spend five minutes on doing so anyway; in the end they are all making some difficult decisions because this need to get conveniences from me has already damaged so much and the part where politicians help with joblessness is the bragging about how I have been made sweet in itself knowing when I keep a job for 18 months or so, the effect will dissipate and the fear that I will seek revenge will then be justified but since I am a Christian and am unlikely to seek revenge I need to move them on, so it really does not matter if I have a job or not etc and hence does not really operate on that basis but on whether or not they are gathering self gratifying trophies from observing the effects of their actions on me. It appears normal to them that when you are named a soft arse shit, it is okay for people to drive their cars around fingering your bum but as far as a Christian like myself is concerned I am living in Sodom and Gomorrah – we all have to try and exist in a society that is tolerable for everybody not hurting badly enough. The fear of losing my benefits, the fear of failing an interview screening process and fear of losing job is all what they have built their stupidities on these days but it should not count as a panacea if they are as clever as they make out they are. These are a collection of people I have got in such a corner that they have to report the news that I want them to since if they don’t somebody else will grab the money and they now have to be so nasty so as to be free of me as it is the only way to, hence they ought to make the money and put it where their mouth is, keep their insulting abused foolish black women from Africa who cannot keep their hands off peoples anus and penis and like everybody to explore how they became the survivors they are today looking for trouble all the time and the old tale of sexual abuse that offers freedom to stand up somewhere and hurl insults at the Arch Prince they want to whack over the head and stuff off me and the Politicians can help their version to build some stupid clubbing and partying lifestyle on my Royal renaissance if they have the guts for it too, it’s not a matter of being beaten at random. They say I refer to myself as an Arch Prince when I am not which does not mean anything since I simply have a duty to the Church and the Queen and it Pleases her Majesty that I keep the title description since I am not fundamentally detached from the Royal family – they do speak of their idiots from Africa and when they bring them here those will end up not being able to turn left or right unless they peddle their own lives to make fame and fortune on my account and we will hear all about it too. Of course there is always that sense Tories will never accept a black kid turning up from overseas to have a Royal Estate in their Country but the Royal family is not their family in the first place before their case became what it is today, it is not their family and I can be the biggest enemy their freedom of association faces too; the one where they will have to tell me all the time about how they are too old to get in touch with the customer in order to snoop around the city centre making that stupid money that gets into their heads all the time – I can be the biggest enemy of their freedom of association too; the Royal family is not their family my irritations and my bottom hurts as it were. They do like to speak of shame that surrounds all I do and make claims they are the source of my financial problems none of which are true – in terms of the latter the reason I am dealing with shame is because I am broke fighting on all sides all the time so they can seek out convenient choices and in terms of the latter they are not my financial problems which actually come from the fact people want to buy my Books with a sense they bought a Book from a Royal Prince which is not currently available to them until very recently when I had that completed, so that I have to keep an eye on their idiots whom everybody in the neighbourhoods are hysterical about right through to the women that people think are insane but nobody really knows talking their own these days and they are the leader of it in that parliament all together on a daily basis for it as well.

The story of my general lack of respect for people even when they are not Politicians is very well known but they have to see that they cannot seem to have enough to bringing their silly children into my life to sit around making tales about the case of how I want to detach people from some things they might do to get killed by bad people in order to serve the vulnerable on account I have that Christian faith in my hands creating problems for everybody but I never really do – all I do is make them understand who is in charge here when walking down the streets hurts my tummy and anus and makes me feel I live in Sodom, so that we can end up with a Country that has evil and wealthy people that are just like everybody else right down to celebrities, so people can get scared and tell me to stop on their behalf like it is at present. These people on the other hand cannot stop trying to be me instead of happy being themselves and it is extremely hurtful – so I have no taken away the part where they might want to go off and die to be glorious in anyway and if they want can work it out for them too. It’s an insult that never stops on account they spend most of their time spending their money on themselves and so on and each time they attack me learn something new but just like the Political ones will challenge me with cars they bought pillaging my public life on the basis of plans to have me beaten up with the use of my own strengths that they have access to, these other ones are very fond of chasing my Royal Estate and putting the courtiers in trouble every time which is again very abusive, so I don’t know where the tale of my insults was meant to have originated all together anyway. As for the part where I am full of myself and never pay attention to Politicians making Policy to harm me all together; it’s an old tale where the Policy must be made to ensure a job that was the problem is done and if not, then the job will not have been done – take tax credits for instance; when the Tories ensure it hits poor people instead of secure so those who need it can get it, what we end up with is a system of benefits controlled by those who have illness in their families and need to preserve such things and celebrity culture wealth for themselves because the alternative is disability allowance, so people will still not deserve the tax credits anyway and it’s all a waste of time. For my part however I have done all I have in a fair and clear way and if people are spending time using government office of all tools there are to attack me for it, they have to see that damage is not competition and I bet they have got their own backyards sorted out to a point where security is so good middle size gangs with a need for money and dominating people will get nowhere near it and nowhere near them, otherwise I simply have to wait for them where they will seek some new convenient choices at my expense yet again or assume they are either bluffing or setting out some statement that allows them make the clear and correct decisions without being influenced by my activities like some of them do. They will do that with any time they have of course then have a problem when the one that has to select people and plan a future for the Nation does what One does.