They do claim I am a deluded character who lived in a fantasy world that will eventually get me into a lot of deadly trouble and it is utter nonsense as the world I lived in was the one in which they followed me around to make me like them through abusive practical jokes that led to a process where I dropped out of University as part of a game that will make me like them and visit on me the consequences of their personal decisions, whilst they deployed what I did to improve themselves; the cause of it being my personality that was something they could deploy to get paid for being popular but then none knows why Politicians liked to pander to their needs, except now we know they do not find it fanciful after years of me pandering to it as well. It is so wicked and evil that it recognises if I am always in a hurry I will be out of step with the order of events that runs my life, so it sets about achieving this, to say that I probably could pick on others to improve my life as well, but its stupid children were beyond my reach with a big mouth, then it begins to get complicated as it had to raise its children very badly and get around bargaining responsibility with the Police. This nonsense had since improved for him as Media idiots and famous gits got involved – so the Celebrities claim that my books showed I was very good at covering peoples backsides but if it was not destroyed, I would never see a reason why doing so was the right thing for me and would never believe it was important, so they set about trashing my Books, the Media had decided I did not deserve my career until I got into a fight with them on account they took advantage of a process where I rented spaces with them to live in a world where they had access to my concerns and picked it up every day to present somewhere else as their own creation and property which is meant to make them rich, so they fail at doing so many times, only for a bunch of fools with public media access to build them a media bubble for it and set about complaining as they clung to my social life and public image – never mind the American led industry idiots issuing their foolish threats all the time, claiming their stupid cleverer children had to face the consequences for the kinds of Books I had chosen to write and the way that these society idiots picked it up on the streets to run around all day with a job and probably public transportation job, asking hoodlums and criminals to share my personal space with me, further helping them build communities that got imagination up my bum whenever they wanted to either set me out as a character people bullied to get paid for being popular or had stolen part of my property that their stupidities wanted to make money by as their own. None of these being the way it works when people set up a Bookshop or what is expected of the Public with regards to another person’s livelihood, we have now reached that stage where I need draw up a list for it and I think that the pinnacle of consequences I will have set out will be a war on the Media – where the business of passing up fringe services I performed with respect to my Books, as another person’s entitlement, thereby killing off my finances completely happens every single second, disobediently, even as I speak. It is not really a crisis as such since it is only a matter of having dropped out of University and ended up in a world where professional activities were being carried out by absolute scum – paying people to take the clothes off on my Public image to make people rich, clinging to my Books and gas lighting me, claiming the books I wrote was something they could not live without but killing off my finances by showing up to sulk on it and suggest I am meant to attack their enemies for them, otherwise they were cleverer people who had to do fighting for a Book I should never have written – eventually we find that it comes up with incredible forms of abuses it can channel at the rich and had absolutely beaten down the poor; even so that said, handling my Books is illegal and it will be their undoing as I am not prepared to enter any court room on their account, if I had the ability to sort out their problem socially instead. It has reached the stage where women at the Monarchy perform their own duties and they invented a counter that involved going to communist territories to burn my assets and fight for security that their celebrities would want, then show up here to claim that I got involved and made the most of it, which started another mini war, more vicious than the previous, over my finances, providing us security that gets us into trouble every single time that they did  and has made the most of it by saying the Royal Family existed and I existed, so they had games to play, talking rubbish about my deluded lifestyle that will get me into trouble. The current state of affairs is that they had made money after the Labour party, Liberal Politicians in America and their celebrities suggested they were nice people but it had not put up a distance between them and me, about which their interest in me is not giving them that which they sought as well, hence the point where I think it is all my fault. I need to ensure this issue ends up at their employer’s place until they had to hand over the job to somebody else and if I got about suggesting that they had made money and it was my turn, I would be just as effective in doing so. They claim there is nothing I can do about them naturally but we all know what happens with it is the business of making money at my expense which allows them to build up other stupidities where they did not allow me make mine and I have been thinking about it in terms of American twats who always had a need to put up money leverage that allowed others trade in that way but of a more invasive version that resulted in outcomes where I lost something important to the Market, when I am done with it and done in record time as will make me popular, I believe the narrative would change, either way which I had no idea where they get these characters that do bad things to girls and women from anyway; they say when they were able to do whatever they liked with me, those character would stop hurting girls and women because the dynamics had changed but so would it backfire if this nonsense where my handling my Books was illegal did not wash, got a response from me.

The suggestion that backs up most of the behaviour is that I hurt myself and blame others, that I know of what to do to improve this but chose to hang about tackling other people – the reality on the other hand is that Politicians say a group of people who had fabulous ideas on how to break all the rules and do all the bad things by setting out a character they can handle as a tool that helped them avoid the consequences, added up to nice people just getting on, even though it has made a complete mess of my career and finances, then complain about their abuses and make their own mess as to make angry enough to do something about the same people. Then we hear them claim I had to be right even when I am wrong whilst in reality the Politicians get into Government buildings to suggest my morality was the problem – those who had access to Media exposure spent time exploring any alternative direction that my talents might take to get me into trouble with the Police – another group decide that people were supposed to read my Book, go mad and get into a fight with society people on my behalf, which can be countered by making sure I only deserved my career and paid my Bills when I had done something brave enough to – the women simply get off telling me what to do abusively until they had built an onus that others can access too – the industry goons decided that since they had no public authority of their own and were found exploring other ways my talents could go, to get me into trouble with the Police instead of their own which was more handy, end up putting themselves in charge and abusing women sexually because of it, about which the women might not have been brave enough to come forward for it and something I did made the women brave enough to, therefore they needed to suspend my career until they had built themselves a public image which suggested they were more important than I am first, which again politicians join in with – the society gits will then see all these pressures being put on me and build a community that gets imagination up my bum, to run around town asking hoodlums to share my personal space. So the whole thing had stagnated sales for my Books of Equity and the response to my need to move on is one in which they informed me that I was not allowed to, bringing to bear the way they were addicted to my responses and my personality and the reasons they needed to keep up the narcissism for it, about which I believed I am clear on the risk associated with the elimination of all that prevented them from handling my finances, being a prelude to a process where they got such a response as I got to shove them all the way back to first grade, as a statement on the reasons they needed to get a job and get better at it not work on me for a living, claiming there was no reason to give it up as it provided them with enough energy to fulfil their dreams. It is about to learn for my part as well, how it should get along with a writer, particularly as compared with these stupidities. I should have done this long ago but they are incredibly slippery – either because you unfriended them or they were more powerful, they will have part of your possessions or all of it; half never stopped dreaming of a process of handling my property and creative equity broker process in a way that says they used it to make money but where I got some work from them was a prospect perhaps, while the other group never showed up here to read a Book, with gimmicks on my finances to play, looking like they were ready to see those responses they shoot off their mouths about endlessly.