There is now talk of worry I had built up quite the reputation for seeking trouble but I do not seek any trouble around here for my part either – what happens is that these goons would show up and spend 12 years of my time berating me and abusing me in Public places especially at academic institutions, once I had dropped out grab some Public image that existed when the bullying was designed to ensure I was able to make sense of the schizophrenia that passes on their left hand side and right hand side etc and then become the brilliant minds behind the stupidities Celebrities want to exhibit, such that the original problem was a need they had to take pictures of their stupid selves on my Public image for magazine outlets which their society goons put up on the top shelves but it had since developed into a case of how my whole life is now in the hands of Celebrities and Media and I could never get it back, hence I had had enough of them; what they then mean when they speak of me looking for trouble is that they are uncomfortable about the way I respond when they spend all their time insulting and abusing me in the neighbourhoods. It’s a bunch of incredibly stupid people you see; it has a job as a shop manager and before the conversation about me getting around looking for trouble, the way the whole thing has worked all day, was to ensure that the way I tidy up my personal and public life, including my personality was how products were made to look in order to encourage Clients, then say that I am not the type to be doing such things as intellectual property administration because I have never been in a war – so this is what these scum have perverted my business and claimed an intellectual property administration business means to them and the damage to my finances will not stop unless I had performed some form of physical response on my part too.

The other part of the story naturally is that they believe if I said those young people that will threaten me all the time live in a deluded world where complaining about others and insulting people is part of their civil rights until I had given them the response they sought so fervently, by making sure those stupid civil rights never ever developed enough equities to run a business with, so as to make a clear statement they will listen to, about being seen near my Books and Public image in the first place, it would mean everything I do still puts the Celebrities and Media at an advantage. Reality of course is that these goons that will beat me up at Popular culture have been party to insults associated with how they will supervise a process where I respected my mum and while their stupidities have made money wrecking the academic work and finances for me at Popular culture and made out it is what their stupid civil rights and identity looks like, they can tell what I am capable of when they never listen to what others say to them and I have not yet gotten around making money by forcing them to love their mums as well. The rest of the times it’s the Celebrities looking like their stupidities will always get the better of me while none has to get around living out an existence which suggests they were responsible for a process where Celebrities did not deal with gangs and criminals, so it’s the big mouth where it knows people will listen and given accolade as it were, likely to get into even more trouble if it provokes me further. As for the story of how I interfere with peoples jobs, what happens is that they spy on me and pick up the way I play video games, then get around building up the sense I make a mess of the jobs of armed forces operatives; this does not bother me in anyway, even when I know the purpose is to build up a community that will help them tell me what to do to make them rich and comfortable by fingering my bum, since the lowest paid armed forces personnel earns about £23,000 and some of them earn more than the Politics, pretty serious job as it were but then again we find this nonsense get completely out of hand and then pretend especially when their MPs are working it, that when it rips up the academic work and finances, it was all a big joke they were hoping to build their foolish selves a reputation for being Whiley with and the whole time of which I have constantly informed them I am not enjoying it; so we find the idiots had built up this popular culture narcissism at Industry and told me they were fed well enough to see when they grabbed my career and income they would be better off in a push coming to shove situation all day long and it still applies that Terrorists have been hunting the way I play video games in the same way they claim that it had been copied by Armed Forces who deployed it to kill people and so if the way I play video games is known to the security  services, the question becomes why the claim I am friend of terrorist has eventually given way to this business of it being hunted by terrorists as well, so my chest hurts because male idiots think the onus is on me to do something about stupid women and they are both clearly looking for a response which is what they are about to get, not me looking for any trouble as claimed - the Celebrities and journalists are just the ones that will get their own custom gangs and criminals who will fuck their bums first before I got harmed. They do say its all the influence and power of Germany which I understand as such but these are gits who have no wish to work for money, so they progress from joining gangs because they have money problems when younger which is why they don't like themselves very much and love to lend me distress by thinking they can afford the Royal Public image for themselves, when they grow older they prefer using spiritual secret society powers on people rather than work for the money since the gangs and crime are never that appealing to Adults, as stupidly as possible, so we find that their inability to keep their hands off me and boasts that they control me and I am likely to do anything they wanted which makes their abuses increasingly violent, means its impossible to get on without thinking about the fact evil things are happening around me and around them and this also means they are seeking a response from me that will add up to an office space fight which is what they will get. It is completely irrelevant whether they think I am vulnerable to it or that it should matter to me that this was the power and influence of Germany, the same way I have warned them its not the 1980s and 1990s and that I hated every part of it at that time; the threats will be their big mouths wagging, its a bluff in my view, it never stops and they never ever listen to anything that other people have said to them. I am now told that I bring most of these issues upon myself because I spend my time singing the praises of women which is utter nonsense – what happens is people laying their emotions at my feet and I being raised in a way which means I will tell them someday that another took it up or it wasted, it then leads to stories about me spending time with my own race while I do not get to chose who does it; typical example is one such where a person is a Pop star and does it to support Her Dad, she has an identical twin who supports her Mum and does not feel anything towards me which is unconnected with her sister who feels towards me deeply over serial monogamy issues, so they can decide what nature did there since they know everything. They do claim I boasted these matters will never get the better of me but I don’t know about boasting and still I have no idea why they suggest it has anyway; if I stopped filling the heads of culture and society goons with what I knew, I will continue to end up where I tended to drop out of University because they were playing practical jokes with my personality again and again, paying the price for their stupidities because they think I am on the side of freedom and democracy to such an extent and yet if I said anything, they would get on Media with their Celebrity friends and claim they took my life and career, I could never get it back, then build a community that has ideas about what to do to me over it, which just adds to the insults that facilitated how they got the magazines on the top shelves in the first place, adding up to a bit too much for me to put up with and their complains about the way I respond when insulted by them getting through the roof as it were. The main issue these days is the good old white boy thing where I am sore all over each time I work on these matters and cannot look after my work or sell my Books because of my mood – the reason being that nonsense that damaged the academic work concerning their fantasies about my body type doing gangs and crime which they cannot to make them feel safe is still going on and it will be their turn next as it were. I do get told that what I have said here even so make me vulnerable which is utter nonsense as its an old case of goons that do not buy Books but love to invest my equities and abuse me while making money because they are women, the Celebrity ones becoming rather convinced the abusive business of getting the hand up my bum all the time is due to how important they are and the bad things I fear will happen if I responded when I have not yet started forcing them to love their mums while I make money off their Public image as well, thereby revealing what I am really like as a separate thing from what their stupidities have expressed: the other case of how what I do with myself is being deployed to make Prince Harry comfortable is utter nonsense; its just pain vandalism and I cannot account for anything to do with the practical jokes that bring it about anyway, what I know is that I can account for the part where people who cannot stop fighting my battles and insulting me at the Monarchy have had to do too much work and hence since orchestrated their own attack to squander everything I have using local criminals and Celebrities - my warning is that I cannot account for how I ended up in that situation where there was destruction of my academic work and finances and everything else here to make Prince Harry comfortable, I cannot account for how I ended up being subject to that practical joke or the stage indeed at which they had made it relevant to general public life, so I am not emotional attached to it either, like they assume I am. I do get told I needed to talk about it in a real way of which the real way would be whether people ripping up my academic work and finances to support The Duke of Sussex was their idea of a preemptive strike that would ensure I never became a danger to them; we all know HM is Head of State and that the ethnic minorities are very good at their insults while if we got along with white people we will end up with a bigger problem, so my record is worse than that of the Duke of Sussex in their view and I am at risk, have something to worry about according to fact they had manufactured: I did not wear Nazi Arm Band for a Birthday Party in my whole life the last time we checked, I only tried to run away when it was said HM proudly serves the Country and is over 70, about which there is a little thing required of me, I took it up eventually because I was encouraged by how successful The Queen performed her role; these first responses apparently seem to permeate absolutely everything we do the last time we checked and hence I have something to worry about in their opinion, something to worry about from them. They always say I have no control of this situation while we all know the complain concerning how I respond when they insult and abuse me along with their silly children in the neighbourhoods have reached global proportions and that their American friends think knowledge of where my Books are should be answer to all their stupid needs as well - so it does feed into the other case where they claim my problem was that I had no money trying to move left and right of me as insultingly as possible all the time and the outcome is likely to be that I will soon get married to somebody who has money and then whilst we find out how they will stop me getting into a relationship when their dreams have not been fulfilled at my expense s stupidly as possible, the result will be that once she had given Birth to an Heir, it would produce a case where somebody had deployed private funds to serve The Monarchy in every way possible.