I hear that like is becoming ever more dangerous for me and it is utter nonsense; we all know it wants to identify me so that when it sees me in public it walks up insultingly and audaciously backed up by stupid boys that will beat me up if her push her away, to get some good stuff during the day and no matter how much the bumping damaging the health and the career and the academic work, it can only progress to the bits where they assume the right to discipline other people’s children all day long and then blame those who have what they do not, for the street violence and high crimes that come from it considering they have less time to put their own children in order – we all know its Liberalism means some form of discrimination and nepotism which targets me to an effect where it must deploy my Public image to get famous or be financially comfortable, so when it sees ageists show up to fool around with my concerns and follow me around at University to make a mess of everything, what it does is some very violent forms of busy body opportunism in order to be supportive, then complain about my view of its theory that it is famous or deserves to have a livelihood as well later on – we all know I will walk down the streets and they will be busy cashing into their atmosphere of lies and abuses to create sense my feet is on the head of some Police Officers walking in front and so the theory being that they want to be me shot by a Police Officer with that big mouth while reality is that if I started to take them up on all these handling people and cannot keep the hands to themselves gimmicks that express endlessly that they want to spend their time doing some trading and fighting, it will end up in a case where enough had died so they can claim there are people who never support those that fight for freedom at the end.

They have pointed out separately from their new boy on the block tag they have placed on me for their gimmicks, that I am supportive of a system that oppresses people and tend to show up among the poor which is patronising; while reality is that I had a Muslim Teacher at University and he used to play a lot of practical jokes, so when I dropped out these guys had become rather convinced that it is where they have earned some success at power and the whole thing has grown into something of an alliance between Muslims who want my existence and Liberal America – how it shows I am the one supporting or working a system that oppresses people beats the imagination but with respect to such a system, what happens is that a perfectly normal person is taken up and bullied and abused until they are destroyed to such an extent that instead of earning money for the government, the government is spending money on their mental health, until the Crown especially which is the oppression I support decides to do something about their need to see people wriggle in the throes of obscurity, then I end up supporting a system of oppression – in my case it seems that they are now wishing I had completed the academic work and that none of these things had befallen them all together but it is not that I do not wish to complete it, its just a matter of when they hope to stop following me around to make a mess of it.

Much like the story said of me watching pornography which I do not watch because I get any pleasure for it, it is a horrible misadventure as a whole; all I see is either what happens after the corruption of corrupt service people has allowed celebrities and Fashion goons take their pick of other peoples lives or a process where they subject themselves to some minutes or hours of good fucking to express something about how what I am doing is the right thing, after years of people engaging in busy body opportunism that targets me negatively each time I decide society trouble makers should be Celebrities since they want to be loved by the Public so they can wreck my life better with gossips so much. It all feeds into the case of some degraded relations between the US and the UK, which does not exist – we might find Americans tells us that they are everywhere else we might want to go and it appears they are controlling but they are not; the American view of the world is usually that it is a closed place to them except when they are engaged with the British; the main problem has been a series of governmental incompetence for the Country which has threatened to put everybody at risk and the Monarchy particularly finds it distasteful. For me however it generally as a matter of being bullied by Liberals all day – where after the corrupt service people gets the Celebrities and fashion goons trying to patent aspects of my Public image to their names, they understand their insults and abuses right down to comments about my Books not being appreciated by successful Men is hurtful but the reason it continues and the damage done to my income while they keep theirs to pass insults at me by persists being that I am not hurting liberal people whenever they do it and so this really is what I want to and need to change, especially around that very abusive nonsense concerning their need to see me show respect towards people who have money since the fact I have to be reminded I am an important person became a problem for other people in this world; the fact they think those gimmicks put up whereby they get socialites racing themselves to millions on my public image holds any sway over me while I have always been clear to them that money spent on Celebrities really is gone for good. In the end it’s the Politicians creating the problems as mentioned before; where the economy is concerned, it looks bleak for middle income people; it looks bleak because the credit facilities are being run down i.e. when the government does quantitative easing it is late if the reality is that it is not going to be a disaster, same as bailout of financial services and so on – so the credit facilities which maintain the relationship between middle income shoppers and the high streets that employ most of them as well needs to be rebuilt all over again; if I deployed some aspects of my work from keeping an intellectual property administration system to sell Books by to say that people need invest in themselves and less on what the high streets are offering, we will find that it is the Politicians that will become the most problem because they want to feel as though they were running the Country and we all know this sort of thing can go horribly wrong when people had begun to fight back as well; as for the respect for wealthy people story, I want them keeping off my Book sales, besides which their masculinity blabbing about not fancying my Books being sold or read, knows the only place where what I am doing is valued is the Monarchy and top of that in terms of valuing what I am doing is the House of York which comprises the Duke of York and his Ex- Wife and his two daughters, thus the reasons I am dealing with financial complications because masculinists expect some form of redress for writing a Book they do not fancy beats my imagination but it is an example of the fact that so many of these cases would not have existed if these guys had simply learned to keep their hands to themselves.