I really have no idea why it is that when these goons face some of the bottom hurting they brew for others around here, they pick on me and claim it is my fault for some reason but I am aware one of the reasons they give for such activities is that I happen to have criticised Mr Obama – whereas we all know it’s Mr Obama that started off the whole shrew taming shrew leadership from the white House where people get beaten up for nothing on account of scum telling others how to exist over a stupid lifestyle, we all know it is Obama that started the giving power back to foolish community croons that are a product of goons who spent most of their time wondering where Teachers private parts were while everybody else was studying and want to decide how kids are made to exist in the neighbourhood and do anything for power but now when their stupid bottoms hurt, it is my fault with that big mouth. Obama who was a genius of course and has people all over the place fantasising about me criticising him which is an expression of a lack of talent, whereas he spent 8 years in government Office ripping up my Book sales to facilitate a means of putting up government funds as leverage for a collection of scum that want to weave my life into matters of extremism and make a lot of noise about it thereafter – he however spent most of his own time allowing shrew disciplines and beats up shrew to tame the Russians and Chinese rather than chase the security of US interests as the communists expect the US to fall short so that a power vacuum might emerge; now he has gone under and avoided most of the problems, hence what I mean he was a genius, a genius waiting for people to criticise him then I suppose. The goons who expect these things speak of what I wouldn’t say where it really mattered while people drop out of University as a result of their involvement following a need to stand up in Public places and claim they were supposed to be super stars – there are things I wouldn’t say where it really mattered obviously while they now have less of those stupid rights than their parents had and their kids will have even less than they have too, same with the whites who will claim all the bottom hurting problem here is mine whereas my bank balance has never really once told a lie about what they are really doing and there is a person here that wants to play with them and more so play with them further as it were: not surprising then that people who exist to take over other people’s jobs and careers and personal lives do exist and they are news but it’s a very small thing here, the one where they need to stop playing with me and get a Book. There is talk of the importance of getting me to condemn racism naturally but the reality being that these goons will not respond to the challenges I offer them and describe it as it is either; the one where if I said racism is when somebody had his brains blown onto the tarmac because he did something wrong and his crime was to have the wrong skin colour, I would have completely avoided what it is really like i.e. he got his brains blown to the tarmac for us all to see because he was punished for doing something wrong, the instrument used for his punishment was a gun and his crime was to have the wrong skin because of course this the bloody idiots will have thought was traumatic as it were – never seen getting in there as much as we see the stupidities show up to bother others and want it endlessly, now I can be kept from saying anything I want for fear of their insanity. Same old story we see at Industry all the time where they say I act the way I do even though I have considerable levels of power in my own right, because I know I do not stand a chance, whereas the only thing Industry people and them millionaires really have on me is their ability to go off and damage something close to my heart, maybe some female fans or natural environment but even so they can see that if I am not broken being made to catch my breath for decades I must have been wide awake aware that it’s me getting stuck with things close to my heart that industry scum like to threaten to make me feel sick but the issue at hand stands never the less i.e. every time I assess what this Estate is worth and what I can confidently ask a bank to give me a loan for, these fools will have made an advertisement especially to sell a product on it – I have now made a statement about those advertisement which means they do not damage Estate Assets and income values and these statements have been placed in the public sphere, what their stupidities have done about the statements then is to get off and start another campaign more so on social media, which says that they are in a competition with me over a job and that the owners of the companies will prefer them and we see the same stupidities performed by community croons who claim all they want to see is me submit and talk about racism while all that will do is produce another outcome where we find them talk rubbish about their communities and how I did beat them up when no such thing had happened. Same case here criticising Obama; they need to stop playing with me and get a Book, the Media needs to shut down the comments considering somebody is buying it, not talk more nonsense to make excuses around the premise of some standard I have set that needs to be responded to, while their civil disobedience bottom chasers can build that stupid popularity culture empire from the US to Japan across this Estate again and tell me of things I wouldn’t say where it really mattered if they have the fucking guts for it. It has become some sort of question obviously, a question about what it is I hate about them, which is a worthy question that needs answering all together; all I know is that it is an intellectual property administration business and they need to shut down the comments, stop playing with me and get a Book and do try to keep their fucking fingers off my Bum and Public insults no respect for my livelihood where people appreciate it, it could not have been any simpler than that; since it must be that I cannot protect my own intellectual property as their whole lives have been a joke as it were. It’s a matter of how much time one has left when one had come through all that nonsense to do with making sure others do not own homes and cars, so they might continue to be fans of what others possess that determines what I get up to for my part as well and this is their own lives and this nonsense has not continued for a decade and a half every day, getting out of bed to open my wallet like we see them give to the frugal so far.