Of course I am aware it is said I need a lot of help and support which I really do not - it’s like when it is said people would like me better if I were more awesome but which I am not since it is not what I do for a living as it were; the rest is just reality around the fact that these goons think racism is a good thing whether they are white or not - it is usually the best means to get rid of people they do not like because they have not been getting things off such persons and this is the public service part, mostly it’s just a matter of how they have gotten others to a state where people want to kill them and how to find somebody that can be killed instead and groom the person for it to such a state that if the person were killed it would be enough to satisfy the general anger people feel towards them and yes they do like to say I speak of such things but continue to push people towards their enemies that murderously seek their blood about which I need a holiday and seeing them off my Book sales is the way to make that happen, so if they do not change me with their insults none of the consequences devised on this desk as a counter measure will be applied and I am aware too when I say such things I have told them a great secret but in the end if they extract an income from my Empire one more time there will be their entire Communities on one hand and me on the other. We are all very well aware of the defiling other peoples social groups story but that was before my classification was the ugly people that look after culture so beauties can get rich gave way to the guy that teaches people how to fight and defend themselves from those who mess with them or he will get into trouble story, right up to the University; they are still hanging around to make it operable despite warnings I will change the west for them as they know permanently if such nonsense ever pays off.

Of course there is nothing wrong with social mobility in the UK it’s the same old story of how there is a need women have to see men especially when religious dealing with the fact the world is an emotionless and moral less evil existence – so we need to see them deal with the fact it has not continued to take sway all the time because there is nothing their victims can do about it too. They like to say they have shown me what it feels like to be a woman and those male idiots with a need to spend people’s property will make out it was fun while it lasted and I wouldn’t like them to tempt me any further for my part as well, the question here is that of where social mobility has gone not hurting badly enough yet when people raped them they loved it too – let’s see them deal with that. This is the response you get every time you deal with 15 years whisper based unemployment and Political bullying showing up on media all day long to chase me and laden me with so much problems that I am now living an inferior version of their lives which technically means I have gone from the leader who wouldn’t let those who wanted to make use of me without going along with the rules to do whatever they wanted to being inferior to them but above all has created a new reality based on me being used to suffering, it is what you get when you need explanations as to why peoples disobedience applies you stole your person from a culture they were saving up for the future which is a response to the fact you will never let them pillage your faith to create new beauties to be decadent with on the left and they are showing you they will squeeze that stinginess out of you with a big mouth, it is the one response that the men find it amusing and the women are showing you what it feels like to be a woman and so their case here was that social mobility had vanished which is not hurting badly enough yet as it were. Apparently it’s all associated with their lives and the way their lives are and the way the people they live with are and as usual if I catch them extracting anything from my Empire again there will be trouble. there is normally nothing unusual about it; it’s either some Police Officer will kill them as there is no way I will agree I need to get myself killed by bad people so they can get away with bad things they do to good people and the continued stirring of society in the wrong direction with their bullying will continue so that might happen or a criminal will kill them one day and tell them it’s nothing personal, just collateral damage to get the job done and I bet on that day they will be wearing a T shirt on which it is written I hate the Police too. There is nothing wrong with social mobility, only a problem they have with the rules i.e. if I played out my life in a certain way people would wreck it and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about that but if they turn up here then I can at all times, nobody knows what their problem with the rules really is.

For now it’s a problem with the fathers and their insolent children where I have a thing for setting out vengeance for the abusive insults that runs along the lines of taking respect that is deserving of the Fathers away from them and then the kids can turn up here to get it as well and a dog eat dog world will emerge and I will be blamed for it, that is usually the start and if I see them extract anything from my work and property any further there will be trouble, after all it could be I am bluffing too. The world is an evil place they say and if they piss me off it is not going to be anymore too, I need them to stop being seen around my Books, this is the most important thing at the moment; it’s been 15 years of that crap and they keep getting more prejudicially violent with that big mouth. There is nothing wrong with social mobility in anyway whatsoever. The only way to resolve everything is still the same as ever – nothing said or suggested or raised or implied about my Books by them anywhere and for any reason since it creates an alternative to sales and we hear them claim they do it because they have problems but how stupid, how stupid really does anybody have to be? The white ones like to issue threats when their girls claim my very existence makes them nervous and yet I have cleared up in many ways, I had made it clear to them they need to live their stupid lower class lives as though I never existed and then that will work for everybody whether or not I am writing books about their lives but they have continued to prefer the threats talking nonsense about how black people treat them which does mean I am not treating them the way white people do me yet too as it were at the moment – this is still not the only pressure point, there are others about how I interfere with people I don’t know and have never seen but have messed with their social lives whereas I am the one having my finances ripped up because if I were made to g through hell, when people buy cars I will think it matters and it didn’t end here either, it went way down the line of idiots setting me out as the guy from whom they should learn how to fight their battles with honour which damage they do with that leads me to issue the threat they can turn up at Industry communities to blab their threats where it really matters but it goes further from here still, to the bit where I don’t care what they do on media or anywhere else but the bit where my existence makes them nervous means that something of mine needs to be spent and they know where the Royal Estate is as well, the one that means I am an Arch Prince that serves the country out of my own expense and has a system that provides me my own buffers so they don’t have to worry about what it costs me because it is the blessing of God and we all know what that means as well – so the shoulder robbing with me and a means of getting involved that they have devised have obviously gone so far as the point of threats and we all know I am wondering still what to do with their stupidities on those foolish threats as well for my part. The consequences lay on this desk and they are not there for trivia either; so I will stick to the plan and the next time I see them extract anything from my empire there will be trouble.

I can understand they say the shoulder robbing was invented by me which is utter nonsense; they talk too much, lie too much, whisper too much, gossip too much – I had to put something else on my account into them while I made sure every media fool thought he was curetting my relationship with my Court in order to control what becomes of it. It’s like the endless tales of hoe unacceptable my actions are when they are all of them a response to matters about which I have spent ample warnings and given them ample time; it can start off with the claim my personality is indicative of the reality that I am homosexual and when that had run it cause to all kinds of destruction and damage, it is immediately replaced with claims I am in love with them and that it was all forced on me and that it is the meaning of civil rights and anti-discrimination. So it’s never clear what exactly they mean my unacceptable actions anyway – we have not talked in detail about the onslaught on my empire because they are collecting it as spare resources for men that are more violent than I am whose respect I have stolen, we are not talking about grooming me for hate crime violence as a victim so they can do whatever they like with others and get away with it, which is usually only matched by the hatred they have for those who sort out such things in other ways – so it’s a matter of telling them to keep off the Books and then finding them damaging it to send out a message that organise criminals can run over and over and over again about how I never did do the right thing which is why I never got public support and will never sell my Books and it all comes down to such realities as the fact the only crime I commit against them these days which completely beats the imagination, is that when I have problems I solve them at my expense and when I have something to do, I do it with my own resources but it is this part about being so pragmatic as to touch that has now resulted in my actions being unacceptable as they need to keep their hands to themselves – there is nothing new about the fact that they are pure evil and do these things because of a need they have to deploy other peoples government offices – government offices where people have access to Law enforcement and do not deploy it to kill some guy that is messing with a little beauty like them because such persons are being selfish and therefore must have it taken away from them so that the security can be deployed for the good of all, all of which has not given rise to bum fingering me to change my quality of life and bring about social equality for all as well and making claims about some Royal they can beat up and I have no clue which part of history has actually informed them like they appear to have been, that it is my Office that they can mess with anyway especially the American ones. So we end up with tales of a society and a culture and a way of life that I am not giving credence and freedom to but I rather need it because the problem has always been that they never ever listen to anything people say to them; it back fires you see when they wreck the finances and you end up in their part of society so that you can change it anyhow you like; in my case it is the insults and bum fingering especially that changes me and every time they do it changing a society or a culture or a politics or a media or a way of life is usually the best way to vent my fury and in that way I change them too like the insults do me. The question they say is how they will get Royals to abandon their position so somebody else can have a go with it and I don’t know what it means for my part either; all I know about those statements is that it is developed by them and supported by their Politicians who want to have peoples body parts in vases that adorn their houses of government without which they cannot run the affairs of the day – because of course they can have their government back if they wanted, not demand peoples Royal Estate that will never be their own as it were and of course we all know the Politicians that encourage it are doing very well presently too for good measure. They do not get to touch me and need to keep their hands to themselves otherwise unacceptable actions from me can become the least of their worries too.

We hear that talk of segregation when they think they have got a scapegoat all the time but it is still always the same old case of what the law means of them and why it is that when they have a problem settling their case with it in order to move on with what they want to do with themselves since they are not legal practitioners and have no use for its knowledge, they find that it is somebody else’s problem to at all times and we are not talking about religion either – it is always somebody else’s religion set out to take up their time which means people should be attacked for the religion they practice in their own personal lives because they are preventing segregation from happening to them any further and it goes on and on and on and in every turn there is a layer of repression being worked only successfully through a degree of involved stupidities that beats the imagination and it is not clear how long they expect me especially them loquacious American ones particularly when Negros, to put up with all that very abusive ways of replacing respect for me and what I do for anyway.