With respect to the direction in which I would actually vote on the matter of Scottish independence (bearing in mind those who run campiagns for it do not want it to cost them anything because of what they will find out if they actually run a proper campaign, which is therefore why I get to spend the campiagn itself for my part whenever they ensure it involves my work and hence another setting by which I loose the power to control absolutely everything that happens to it), the way it works is that the Country side and the Welsh and the Scots and Northern Ireland really do need to get the English Parliament to realise certain very important things about their needs and rights. The problem is that once they had begun parliamentary proceedings on it, it turns out that the English Parliament who continue to get madder and madder everyday have been playing the National front. What I mean is that if it were up to me, celebrities and celebrity culture controllers and the media by which they make their huge abusive profits would decide by vote whether or not Scotland is independent, while I would supervise the process myself. I believe too I have made it clear to them things will get absolutely horribly bad before their attitude changes, they rather think I am playing some game with them and the Politicians will come through for them. hence the process of being scared of them as I can remember is a factor of making sure I am flexible-it seems that any punishment I inflict can always be undone on the basis of how they can manipulate which truth people believe with media, hence I am completely useless.

The idea that there are now evidence which prove people should be allowed to be innovative whenever they want to, otherwise the Country will not be rich and prosperous, is the biggest ego trip I have ever seen in my life on Public TV. It seems to some people that the rest of us are just waiting for them to take us off the streets give us a job and give us a life.

The truth of it is that when the country does not allow me to be as innovative as I want to, it is the Nations loss not mine, when employers are more interested in what their enemies tell them about me, than they are in what I tell them when is it before them at an interview, that is their loss and not mine.

This idea that the UK is a country where people expect to get lots of respect when they have no money is created by idiots whose grand mothers spend other peoples lives in a lock horn fight without reason, without such things of which they can never do well in anything from academic work to jobs. Next they feel they are fascists and everybody ought to live in a high rise building in a cosmopolitan city which is utter rubbish as well.

The idea I need to be taken up and given a job and given a life is the biggest ego rubbish I have ever seen. Obviously if each time I learn 2 things in school and Mr A learns 2 things in school, I always tend to become more talented with my 2 things than he is, I will always have more professional capability than he does and will always be able to do more things than he does and so if he is the worlds worst envy freak, he will not like that very much and the question is whether the government should get involved th outcome of which is not up to me. The bottom line being that these are a set of fools that always like to do two jobs, one involving my job and the other involving their own; so worse case scenario is when I decide that I will never allow their jobs to function and they and their attitude and insults are already making sure my job does not and the result is that the government has got a real problem.

Of course I speak of the things people do with the job centre regularly, the reason is not because I want to be saved, it is because it shows great levels of Political immorality. At the end of the day which all there is to it is that there can only be so much tax payers money in the world for Politicians to spend on them, after which economic problems are blamed on the Banks. I don’t need them to take me away from anything or let me to be innovative over anything or indeed give me a job and a life, they need to fuck off.

That I am currently in a shameful difficult low paid job is my stuff and none of their business as it were. It is difficult to hold together a royal office while picking up on a small job by the way side because you have allowed some things to happen to pull you behind on your finances but it is my small job and my way side and not theirs-they need to stay out of it.

AS it stands I have taken steps to ensure I speak of Pornography in Public even while holding government office and the reason for this is that I have no privacy and so their celebrities will have none too, so we can live in a country where people demand respect when they have no money. Apparently it seems the process of making sure I have no privacy so all I come up with can be crowded out as if it is their lives which will then be kept up for the rest of my life is paying off and so I have no money. As for speaking of Pornography by itself which ensures they can have no privacy as well, that is with respect to the fact that I am not currently having any-I will not make my privacy a matter of conversations about innovation either however. The point they raised was about people who want respect when they have no money. So as it were I am speaking of Pornography in public now and will think of something as long as I am not disturbed-it is one of those things for which the Queen will demand my presence on pain of death.