There is this question asked as per what my problem with people really is; but it has always been an old case of the fact they think they are better human beings than I am and that they want nothing to do with me as an ethos for living. My position has always been that I would never dream of it but we still have this problem where they will go off and handle my work and then my finances inevitably to secure a reaction from me and just play games whereby they want to see what I am going to do and so it turns out they have found somebody who does not fancy all that money they put aside to do peoples lives and career with celebrity and popular culture, where the problem with their tribalism is that they have not got the money to fun it and the Media bits that follow; so it comes right down to the part where their involvement with me was a problem already but now it has become a case where they need keep their fingers off my bum and their comments where people find their making it useful – keep it off my Books. I do not worry about it as much; if we look at the profile of all the hide somewhere and kill women and prostitutes and people getting home from work characters, these are the ones that fit the bill, they just like to target me because they think they have fallen off the system radar and its it remarkable what people would do if they felt that they had fallen off the grid as such; now they tell me they have made money through popular culture and celebrity lifestyles and that there is nothing I can do about anything when my whole life is swirling around media getting used to make popular culture and celebrity culture and films and television and documentary but its only a matter of their insults which is what is really swirling around being tolerable otherwise cracked up out of my league will hear from me again and end up with something to complain about. They love to claim I brought it on myself by taking precautions when I was not yet targetted which just encouraged people and its utter nonsense; what happened is that I wrote a Book I did not want them to be interested in and was never going to be so incompetent as to write it in a way that saw them feel comfortable if they started to show interest but if push comes to shove, I have come across depressed people and people who suffer from self harm and spending some time standing beside me on Public transport does help them and so on but in the case of these goons they have reached a stage where their involvement has made them sick and they will lose their minds if they cannot make use of my personal space and my temperaments and so on and I do not care if they would or bad things would happen to them if they do not anyway, it is not my problem; I have been talking about career and big picture for so long that they now think we are jointed to the hip and that if they do not wish their stupidities to give me a breathing space it will not happen. We have now ended up with a National Media that is obsessed with rummaging through the lives of people to make itself look good in Public and so what we have is a case of rummaging and finding nothing and then opening up some drawer where people kept underwear and then finding that to be the latest things to report to the Nation – so it applies that if the Media job does not become a job to them again, although I am unlikely to do something dramatic enough to ensure their families become aware of the nonsense I have to tolerate on account they have jobs on Media, others will not have anything that looks like normalcy and I have no plans to start making any of the processes comfortable too. What we all think is that they put on suits and go off to respectable media job, its more of a world of vandalism and I really do like to use the other two comparisons where their families are not affected and they would not be out of pocket if they had stopped. Hence I do get told I am not paying attention to what the facts are telling me about how much of a vicious set of goons they are but I am rather interested in the way I have always handled it i.e. they said I will be stabbed or shot if they do not have money and I will ensure they made money as well, they will not make it as a threat to the Public, they will not make it as a threat to me, they will not make enough of it to keep up insults and abuses that distract me from important things, people love to control the lives of idiots who threaten them and I do not care how much money they lose when they invest entertainment on my work without buying their copy, prepared to destroy all I have instead of buy a Book, to see me pull the plug every time they thought they had it all figured out. I have done vengeance and correction for botched academic work, I have done it for Public transport sexual context insults and abuses that started long 7 years before I wrote my Books by the way, now I am faced with doing the same over nightmare landlords and celebrities but it has become ever more obvious that each time there is a new one the reason was media picking up information I put around to run a Book shop with and making a mess of what I have done about being bothered by society and culture goons, to make up excuses based on those stupid cliché they bully people with at the end of it; so it seems that their case will amount to the vengeance that really solved a public problem. They always all of them start out as a very insulting joke of what is happening on the left and on the right and then they stay and ruin everything from academics to the simply process of just stepping out of the door on the day and we are now in a place where they are trying to get rid of my Books and my Bookshop because it does not allow them that sort of access after they had spent years making up tales of how it has the same effect as these practical jokes; this is where the nightmare landlords and celebrities come into the picture to wreck everything I have left telling me what to do to make them comfortable i.e. they have not got the money that can fund their tribalism, an even bigger practical joke than the one that botched the academics and they even claim I brought it on myself by taking precautions before it had happened.

So this is not to say I am enduring some form of abuse as such, what is happening here is that I am caught up in a situation where people want to abusively bully their problems into my mind and expect some solution for it while they show up on Media and the reasons are a collection of fools that are always performing some form of discipline on me; so I am now in a place where the vengeance for botched academic work is almost done and yet there is a new one concerning nightmare landlords and celebrities who have something violent that I have to do while I give up property to them, so that they might be comfortable. At the heart of it of course is the Politicians conducting some form of paedophilia that will replace the benefits of the sexual abuses that were possible before modern ways of law enforcement caught up with their corruption – these are the people who rip up the finances and academics for these goons to play with and are now complaining about me as well because I have brought them to a point where they work and it is gone and their equities are never mature before deployed and hence fundamentally dread election day on which their career itself depends. They always like to say most of my problems are as a result of my behaviour towards Politicians but it is obviously the importance of having an executive with a clear straight temperament and not recycled ex-cabinet members into top positions, we can already see that they want a way out of it by means of some form of paedophilia that is beyond the reach of the law and have consistently viewed me as the target for it – the talk of me not seeing them as leaders is utter nonsense, its not that I do not see them as leaders, its just reality that they are incompetent and because I have been paying financial price for it, wish to be left alone by them. I mean their case goes beyond incompetence, which would for instance involve a process where they may have created a sense that one ethnic group is more important than the other or allowed an ethnic group to think that way of itself – their case involves a tribalism of being a better human being than I am, which they have no money to facilitate and therefore need my finances while creating conditions there was no evidence that I had any – so usually the stupidity is what beats the imagination but it is the confidence they have developed over time that picking up peoples cooking pots and dashing it against the wall will come with no consequences especially if it is to facilitate an outcome where these idiots chasing anus and penis all the time are to feel as though they were powerful over such a person because of it and so the end is that if I continue like this I will make a certain kind of friends but beyond the bit where they are very interested in how their insults make what they are saying correct as far as they are concerned, this is what I have been saying all along; I am not suffering an abuse, I am being disciplined by a collection of foolish men who spend their time on the bullying conducted by motorists, people who return at 6.00am everyday with satisfaction that the evils of the day have been done and not whether or not it was a good day, idiots who claim if I fought back I have not got a job that is better than their own therefore it would amount to something rather like getting into a fight with a woman, while the fools at government office prop up their various forms of insanity with tax payer funds that can ensure people do not tell them they are bloody idiots and then run off Political paedophilia over it but then at the end of the day, if I do something to ensure they had stopped chasing my anus and penis a nightmare landlords and celebrity madness, there would be another problem that takes this form because the Media thinks it can do whatever it pleases with me. The Celebrity and their need to get involved with me beats my imagination all of the time; we are looking at a situation where somebody will get off and get involved with a big company through which his whole life will be based on a story of how nobody knows who the hell I am, causing me to get on my high horse and teach them all a lesson or two about the Industrial communities, if they had broken dreams – those that do not have broken dreams however do not really fit into the processes of earning a living where in terms of business I may have sold a product to a company and that means I exchanged my product with another product but want a pocket-able means of carrying around the value, so I went off to the bank of England who took it and signed me a paper that showed that I had that value and could exchange the paper for another product if I wanted, even if it means going to the back yard to buy my product back all together if somebody else had not exchanged it for something that is and various other complications that mean business is not like service which involves supporting somebody physically and getting a certificate in return that can be validated by the Bank of England in return for the value that is on it – the celebrities that have not yet had broken dreams do not fit into these, what they fit into is people who get around picking up any little equity I have built up, destroy my personal and family life, trade it with poor people over revolution fundamentalisms, make some money and get around with rich people building up equity that will facilitate a life of riches, enjoyment and happiness, so I do not know if it is the same with everybody else but they make me very angry very easily and I find it impossible to locate what their involvement finds appealing about me; they do say for their part that I will need them which is utter nonsense, if they had stopped these behaviour before it is too late for me to set out time that I can sort out my pension by there will be no problems, if not, I will visit them with revenge that will pay the Bills, period. Eventually I hear of this case where my case with the media has become so sour compared to the relationship we once had, which is utter nonsense; what happened was that I was always being dragged out to get educated in some vice they can later deploy as a means of bullying me with the support of Politicians while they clung to my public image and finances: so it began with me finding out what sleeping with peoples wives entails, after that I was finding out what group sex where the house belongs to the Man and I am the outsider entails, after that I was finding out all about anal sex, now we have reached the stage where I am always doing something bad and they are always feeling sorry for me on Media – this is not sour, sour does not do it justice, what we have here is an acrimonious divorce, similar to the case where the Politicians find out bitterly that they do not run the executive or the Legislature or the Judiciary and that they only run the Constituencies and the lives of those who voted for them and visit their Offices regularly, which is why if I suffer due to their incompetence so much, I have the right to be left alone but their own is far worse; we hear I will have nothing left when the need to pillage my equities continues to operate as a process of bullying me and then picking up some damage for my Books to create en effect which largely concerns what they do between my warehouse and my Office but so have I been having this conversation about the career and big picture or tolerating all sorts of nonsense that makes me feel like vomiting while they later claim I am filthy for way too long; they need to keep off my Books, it is all about the Books and its warehouse, nothing else, revolution just means to me a poor people who want free Books by the way, they need to keep off the Books and are free to keep all the other practical jokes if they wanted; it it in fact the price of the Books as compared to how much the earn that sets the stage for the divorce itself. As for the tale of my state provided security being the reason for my problems because of what they have done to people; its usually a question of the kinds of insults that set a platform for the bad heads at the Monarchy to show up at University, push me out of my studies and spend the next decade grabbing my whole Estate all together – I mean if it gets worse I will unleash the same on the stupid Media and Celebrity goons for my part anyway, however which the question still stands. We even hear that my Books are not relevant but everybody else can see that the Books are Elitist and that unless they are interested in Royal Propaganda or indeed such fans of mine they want to read something I have written, it should never have appealed to them at all; what happens is that the Middle Class is full of young gentlemen telling me I have got the problem that women can solve and then when they put women on it I end up with mistresses, what happens with Lower Class is that they really love to keep my History and this is how I end up approving some who do the popular culture to support other young people at school and get rid of the rest, so its another question here of apart from insults and showing up on my concerns to know better, what people would have expected from a Book I had written. In the end I need to be seen as a Hermit first and then as anything else after and if 70% of my time is not spent on other peoples frivolities there would be no misunderstanding at all; this is the reason I am always being tackled at the Monarchy for picking up temporary relationships with Sister and then distant Cousin after that. I hear of this case where I am attacking my own Royal Minders which is not the case at all; what happens with these goons who really need to clear my space is that they play some part of it and the whole purpose of doing so is generally to ensure that the mistakes people make which I can predict by the way is retained as an atmosphere and of course eventually we hear them claim I am suffering from schizophrenia which is quite the idea but its difficult to tell if what they mean is that I am a Monitor evaluator, a Co-ordinator, an Implementer or all three but we do know when I look at them when want to own my personality, when I work with people they want to steal the equities and deploy it to get rich, when I remotely put my foot down on any matters, they had created me a new fight already; so this schizophrenia must be a theory that needs disproving and I suppose the process will be fun as well. In the end its the same old evil and if it has the evil we all know others will be fighting for their lives in the neighbourhoods but if it does not have it, people will be punished for the rest of their existence over culture damage – however it is the insults and cliché that ensure they are involved with absolutely every aspect of my life since last I detached their wickedness from mainstream living because they are always chasing my finances in a bid to wait for me around street corners for a chance to have homosexual sex with me and these insults are always coming from Media and Celebrities, now picked up by nightmare landlords and neighbourhood fools. They do say I am scandalous when the effect I have on culture and society goons is not serving their purpose but I am not; its the case where making myself less appealing to civil rights money loving criminals will be taken from me by Politicians blabbing a cliché and the same when I make myself less appealing to racists and so on – so where the Royal duties are concerned it is usually a case of clearing out the evils that facilitate a process where they are always doing the wickedness that really pays i.e. making a deals between the moral criminal and the media goon type which when it goes wrong sees them set up women for the violent bits while I look like I can do a better job of it, each time its cleared out of which we see the Celebrities and Politicians and media scum build me a new one, followed soon after by their stupid girls who want somebody to make them go to the sex industry and fuck their brains out talking rubbish at me about how it is nice to see I am a service to women, star in the tummy, my Books which were created to help people save their minds but is the reason I am now saving my body instead so to speak are irrelevant etc. - very stupid individuals, always a wonder why they do it save the part where getting into trouble with gangs helps build an atmosphere in which they can do the jobs that got to their heads and brought about all the problems in the first place, without risking their bodies as well. Most people are not like me you see, whereby I have a way to save my mind and my body as well; so mostly they save the body and let go of the mind and so I write Books to help save the Mind and it would be nice if they kept off my Books and were content with the rest of their practical jokes lest a need to see people get into trouble with gangs to build an atmosphere where they can make money attacking and destroying peoples lives safely will get me sorting out a way of ending it very badly for them too. Now they say I will never be free of them and will have no security for my career and it is utter nonsense; we are in this situation not because I have society problems or culture problems or issues with crime, those are matters that were settled, we are here because the new issues I need to settle in my life involves a media fool picking up something I had done or written and then set out to make a case of themselves on public places which provides him the platform to pass abusive and violent insults at me concerning how my whole life exists in a condition whereby I am doing his stuff over a tribalism that he does not have the money to afford. So I am left asking why they do it; all that need to express some brutish British stuff while forgetting I am British too, fancying themselves bullies the whole time and blowing off their big mouth like there is no way they will end up with a fight they would rather have not all together. Its not the only time I have had to tolerate them either; the other ones that build up at the background involve me being attacked, people deciding what I say or do whenever they want to show they care about women, choosing their girlfriends like they were preserving their genes at my expense and using my work and public image as a torchlight that helps them find the most beautiful women who do not fancy them, wrecking everything around here, now we want to know why I cannot leave my Books anywhere and return to find my work the way I left it on account that they exist, why they organise themselves into communities and my bottom hurts all the time as the means by which they will build up my Public image and then ensure it belongs to another person, why I cannot have my Office to myself: logically we say people who have had their work and efforts deployed by another to boost an income would usually have deserved some form of respect from the person but in their case we are beyond that, I am not deserving of any respect, what happens when they deploy the way I do my job to boost their incomes is that I get bullied even further as I walk down the streets being named the kid on whom their future depends. Nobody knows why they have to be so insulting, nobody knows why they do it, nobody knows why they think they will not end up with an enemy they do not fancy around here and nobody knows why they are always issuing those stupid threats at me. So the heart of this matter is still the fact that renting a home from somebody means ending up with a goon that has an intense fantasy to see you do something wrong so you might be punished by losing your fame and or public image to somebody else and so if their own happens 4 times every hour, that of these media fools happens every minute, hence the question still stands. We see them claim all the time that they will never comply with anything I wish to see them do over my property just like the women want to own every temperament associated with when I am relaxed and we hear them claim its about the secret service – the secret service where people are learning these days that there are individuals out there in the open world that can drag them into a corner where they do their jobs with a certain respect for the jobs that others have to do as well given the right tools and the proper measures; they always say I will sell the disposition to the enemy which chance does not exist as we can see that they understand what I write on my websites along with their popular culture civil rights destructive money mad vandals better than everybody else. This is all a handful of stupid things people believe they can do with a person they have always wanted to make use of when they drop out of the radar; the night mare landlords are about seeing me put my body between everybody and the bad things that are happening in the local area, these secret service scum are about taking advantage of a bad situation when their families know what they do which leaves others grappling with the corruption of the armed forces, to pillage my whole life using Celebrities and very stupid women they have described as socialites. The question however of the reasons they do it when the outcome has never done them any favour still stands; the question of what would happen if I took advantage of the risks associated with what they did and enjoyed insulting them over it a lot as well, the question still stands as per why they cannot leave alone either my Books or information I have put to culture and society in order to run a Bookshop for it. So this is what they are complaining about as well; they may have dropped out of the radar because Tony Blair was a genius and all other spin doctor governments after him but I find it difficult to see what danger I am in when I have put them on my own radar and they have with the help of the entire civil service and national parliament and media been unable to shake it off. Now they say I am out to attack the Media which is not the case, these are all things I need to do to extricate a proper divorce from them – I have to get the issue of the community croons and civil rights money loving goons in there, I have to get the nightmare landlords issues with a need to discipline people by making sure people lose a public image issues in there and in the end apart from them taking a warning when they see one, I am hoping to achieve a process of making sure their jobs are just like any other job and there are no loop holes that can allow outcomes whereby there are things they can do to be famous, which will add up to a public service where if Government decided what the size of population was and what they were going to do with it no other effects or forces will have changed those plans or perverted them. I do get told they will not just go quietly of course and I am not expecting that as well; its like when they tell me they made me while reality is that they want to put my Books in a public place and take my money doing so as it got to them because it was not already on one in their view, so what really happened was that of my publicity not being controlled by me any more and an outcome where I accepted the challenge to make them get the job done. It is said that this is what sexism really looks like but it has always been what sexism looks like; when I was a child women were always talking about being harassed and I was always reading it in the magazines about women saying they were harassed as the men did it because they were afraid of something but even then, even at that time, it was still called harassment and has not become a new thing in anyway. There is that talk of me being scared of the Royal Family but wanting to be there all the time which is not based on fact; I was troubled about my abilities in the early years and if given the opportunity back then I would have bailed out, now I know I can do it, I am a bit more confident than before; I am referring to the Royal duties of the matters of fame based criminals on the left and moral ones on the right and the deals they make with each other and shaft women for the violent bits when it goes wrong; each time I clear out the social system, what happens is that the Media and Politicians make a gladiator out of me by creating new problems and they are never out of pocket nor are their families affected if they had stopped doing so.