They say Celebrities are onto me again after the Golden Globes and I do not see that they are anyway – they are trying, that is certain but unto me they are not – I mean the part about University was largely because I knew there was aspects of my studies I knew nothing of because I was not informed and there were parts I was really good at and so it was a case of nothing preventing anybody from doing very well with the part they are good at, while they seek extra help for the part that they are not but we all know that when Celebrities and Politicians want to peddle your personality, it will end in an outcome where you have not got a chance at all. So the result we face today is that Politicians were not the only ones to help Celebrities make money they have not worked for, so as to escalate problems in other peoples lives; they now want a solution and think the best outcome is with the use of criminal scum who want to suck up to the system and were not very far away from the bullying that I suffered at University since outside of it was where I experienced their own version of stupidities which largely involved a process provoking me with Politics until I reacted to it, so they can whisper nonsense in the ears of Politicians but now what we have here is one where they wish to handle my property and finances and wish to be in a position where they have the freedom to after taking permission from the Politicians – this is the part they refer to as me struggling which is utter nonsense since we can all see there is not a single thing that makes sense about celebrity and that I am actually the only one trying to help people makes sense of a very stupid world around them through my Books and since the Celebrities know that, they are always tackling the Books without paying for it too but then again I suppose my point has been made that since we now know it will go haywire again when they tell me the boys want to beat me up because they wish to make use of my life for money and I think it is never going to happen, since it was always clear to every normal person that it was impossible for their stupidities to mentor somebody who hated their civil rights money loving insanity to such an extent in the first place. The trouble with Celebrities is what those who have made them deal in life get up to – where they go left and such persons go right, they go right and such persons go left but when they get involved with my concerns it is so abusively insulting that any Royalty that wanted to support me on anything will howl and then leave and never get seen again, while they showed up here over the last decade on a daily basis to find out what my Books have revealed I can do for their stupidities and its sisterhood, as those who make deals with them make me feel sore all over and it becomes impossible just to have my Office to myself for any reason, let alone step outside of my door without being bothered. It is all meant to be the worst sorts of moral disposition possible in our society but the reason I do not do too much about it is obviously that I already have done most of what I need to i.e. the goons at Industry that enjoy throwing money at them need to understand that the money is gone not sit around talking nonsense a fat cat boasting it will never run out but has now ended up with a fat arse, about getting returns from those who cannot put up a fight – the media ones enjoy wading in all the time but in their case when done talking nonsense about being insulted by an Arch Prince whose Public image they built up to practice how to become more important and will not stop or give back they do not wish to live in a queer society because somebody else wants to live in a neighbourhood with them as well, its the stupid big mouthed threats they enjoy so much yap yap yapping all over my television all the time. As for the bit where I am not an Arch Prince, that was an old story where it people are saying I am not an Arch Prince it could be a problem because I really am but if it is a matter of their own opinion, they need to keep it somewhere it will cause offence to others in less measures because it is going to be a problem for them very soon; for my bit its not just a case where decisions the Queen has made are never important to their stupidities, it is a case of the fact I am selected to assist HM because I had a talent to work matters concerning the Church and the State Comfortably i.e. if I got on the streets to distribute leaflets about the Bible it would still be in the interest of the Queen because of the way I would have worked it and if I were out there to assist Politicians on the moral fabric of society, it would still have been in the interest of the Queen because of the way I would have done it – we are here with me having this strong persons, powerful fighter that is indomitable persona because this scum show up here all the time and never spend time on what really should be bothering them – they are keen to get all over the bits of Monarch's business that concerns keeping the territory in order but their insults never target those who get out of hand, we see it target those who are not to such an extent that we have now ended up with a society that is split in three parts and one part is owned by criminals, the other by law enforcement and the other by normal people and we know that this has affected the Queen at Buckingham Palace as well, while the idiots have become quite accustomed to talking so much rubbish at me about my own identity; we all know it works for the media and celebrities too – in their case of which they say they now have help from Military personnel and I need to eb scared while reality is that these are people who deploy my life and work while doing National service to ensure they returned alive and even after that we find them build celebrity stupidities to get rich quick all over the aspects of my life that matter, such as where I should have friends and family and a spouse and a career but even this is not being resisted, what we find surprisingly after is that people feel sore and sick all over all day long because they want it quick and they want it now, talking nonsense at me about who I am not, so the celebrated fools might then get off telling me that they have found how how monarchy works – while reality is that the anus and penis and tummy insults are possible because I do not have as much spare cash to snack all the time like I used to even though my feeding has remained pretty much the same and have since picked up some extra responsibilities that have destabilised how I had institutionalised with the world – we will never know why they do it but what is clear at this stage is that it is all possible because their retarded Media and Celebrity stupidities enjoys showing up around my Books without paying for it. It feeds into this idea that I like Celebrities as well when I don't i.e. I decided to pursue my dream of providing an Intellectual Property Administration service especially because of Celebrities; the same group of scum who do things that amount to a process where you find out people are ripping up your finances and gathering information on you that it might be impossible to defend yourself from Industry idiots by means of your own pocket money and the reason has always been that when they deployed your property for their own ends, they will be too big to be stopped. We hear all the time that they are out to enforce the disposition of the bread winner lady in charge and that I always get myself involved with women that are out of my league and to it builds up this picture of making sense of a family at their expense and making sense of their stupidities for them in the process as well but its never new as we know these are very foolish individuals who have never said anything others can understand but where their stupidities do really come into its own is when they have problems that gets them closer and closer to the prison service and so it is time to make use of those who have the answers by abusing them - adding up to this whole insanity of being disciplined by scum that form societies of bread winners that have the right to discipline everybody else while their foolishness gets stuck in my face as though I was a talented comedian to have something I can laugh at like that all the time, which suggests they create problems for themselves in such ways, blame others for it and make up tales about how certain ethnic groups which although just as stupid as the other is being treated unfairly as an excuse to latch onto other peoples livelihoods and finances and public image any time that they wish to - so its all yapping for now while I know what to take from them if I want to stop it too. I hear that talk that Celebrities are not my enemies often but what we have here is that my whole career and life and Estate has been grabbed by the scruff and bent over for any goon that has lost the will to live and any criminals who seek mobility as long as they agree to pay for films and fight me later over patent issues - so what we are doing now is about how difficult it has become for them to simply comply when I have made it clear I want nothing more to do with them all together; the details I am supplying therefore which includes the fact that I want them to take their Films and Music and Celebrity stuff out of my backyard and make it from their own backyard every time that they wish to make it; its a group of people with the one same habits you see and then the wife will complain and the neighbours will complain but before that it was the siblings and parents and school teachers, after which it would be the Judge while handing down a sentence but where I fit into the picture is that I am dealing with a particular kind that will never end up in such a situation (the rest of the populous, each group has something to complain about me for at this stage, just cannot keep an inventory but it has become quite clear there is no way they can handle somebody who hates their civil rights money loving madness to the extent that I do all together).