There is talk of course about how my position on homosexuality is vague and thus creating problems but I wouldn’t know anyway, not aware of vague positions on homosexuality here – I am aware however that my position does reflect the fact that the Bible prohibits homosexuality in Church and not outside of it because people go out of Church to preach to homosexuality and try to get them off the behaviour but that tends to mean as such that when its pouring down with rain and a homosexual is outside he or she cannot come into Church or that when a homosexual wants to listen to the gospel, they are prohibited since it is our gospel as a whole thereof as it were – so I do get told this is patronising but it isn’t in anyway whatsoever; the reality is that it tends to suggest one is fond of homosexuals that have been homosexuals for a while and not so fond of homosexuals that have only been recently homosexuals, the reality of which it is not okay to conveniently fancy the one that says he has been homosexual and now needs to look to other things which may or may not include seeing what is happening at Church and not fancy the one that says people think I should not be homosexual but I actually am homosexual. In the end homosexuals could want to take up a position at Church; I may be fine with it as a Priest but cannot make a unilateral decision as the Parents committees and Youth Committees have to agree to it too and if they do, there is not stopping homosexuals attending Church. I do get told by the Politicians that in view of Laws made to ensure people are not discriminated against, this is a very complicated way of going about it but it’s not complicated to me at all; all the complications come from Media frenzy of idiots ripping up people’s lives to top up their incomes, which creates the two spectrums of positions that we have ended up with around matters of the right to have money; on one hand they tear down people’s lives to get that £250,000 salary instead of the £120,000 salary they have had to endure for 6 years running, on the other hand, tearing down people’s lives leaves people with nothing, which the idiots are also comfortable with: I have been clear on their case enough times – made it obvious I put my information to culture and society, then have it recorded on a patented website so that I can actually do an intellectual property administration job associated with selling my Books and if they have gathered a story in a way that damages any part of it, what they need to do is edit out the part that does, same with when somebody wants to copy my Royal Estate or some couture in it in order to do his own couture on the left and talk nonsense about my sex and body type which then overpowers anything I am actually doing for a living that is worthy of respect from him, what the media does in such a circumstance is edit out the information that will facilitate it, otherwise go ahead and put it out to create big problems for me like that incessantly risking a process where I get to control their own stupid lives as well; it’s never really a difficult matter as such because the Court is female only and I have not actually gotten used to the male idiots we see on Media all the time getting to address me – they like to say there is a reason for it especially associated with broken marriages that have happened as a result of them incessantly claiming I sleep with peoples wives to gather up crowds that will help them gain access to my mind set and concerns but the real reason is the fact that the Court is female only and when they were told at first the ego of their western corruption of involvement that hates religion got the better of them and they became more interested in informing me that if I asked their families and wives I would find out that they always get what they want, now that the idiots have to look after their anus all the time we see them, of course there is a reason; I just need them to edit it out and clear my fucking space. Personally the process however is one where I never move them on from anything while they shower attention on it until the job is done and that also gives rise to an outcome where the fact if this continues, their behaviour will ensure I spend all my days completing one job after another around my writing career that people can use, which does not actually pay me, so the exit has become one where their stupid media existence and careers will be topping up income for Royalty soon enough as well – so we can see that when this kinds of conversations becomes necessary the reasons for it can be quite important and we are not talking about difficult matters like con men looking to their activities for support because they need to run this risk of building themselves a life that suggests they are upstanding people on one hand while carrying out their criminal activities on the other, one can therefore be accelerated to compensate for the other being exposed. It’s never really a difficult thing for me as such; I mean I put my information to culture and society so people can listen when I do not want them moving into my right hand or rounding up their kids on whom their future depends to build popularity culture of which sometime in the future near, I will not want and hence there will be a need for it to go to somebody else – same with these media goons asking questions, whereby we hear them brag I have been taught a lesson whereas I have only started taking my writing business very seriously in the last 7 months or so and they have in turn gotten really close to losing that tax payer funds Obama promised in the US – the excuse these fools have involves clinging to my Public image to claim that if they did do their jobs properly in order to avoid making trouble for me, that public image that is actually their own will not be anymore, alongside accusations of some history that has happened with that big mouth but we all know the complains about me largely began with racism threats on that stupid media while they got to handle my livelihood and public image as they got about it and they can always edit out the insanity or risk more difficulties, that will help them keep that big mouth firmly shut – it’s actually not my job to decide most of them; tough to see what you have to do when their insults get to a stage where you are fighting off being pushed into a gang fight after your business finances have been completely pillaged at the markets as though you exist in a world where rules do not apply which they have created and it has been this way for years and years now, talking nonsense about which part of it is my fault too; not paying any bills cannot keep its insults to itself of its own accord so far; I mean what I do not like as well is the 5.00pm and the roads are full of headlamps gratifying themselves on the evils of the day beings done which they think amounts to a fucking job – at some stage of which I am still an introverted person and the story of seeing what they will do when they are finished churning my tummy to talk nonsense about the bad smell will eventually become serious enough to amount to something altogether. They always say it’s all talk and there is nothing I can do but we all know I regret in the same way that there are community croons all over the place beating me down in my own bed which has allowed them go from being scared of me to threatening me all the time because they think they have become healthier; the community croons of which are mostly linked to the Labour Party without whose insults and need to play the role of my mother we would not be in this place where I have a need to rip up everything they can threaten me and defend themselves and play out treachery at my expense by, so that the scum that support that system can have a go when they think they have developed the guts for it too; apparently they got themselves all these protection systems by going around getting sodomised when they were younger and I suppose they can always gamble that civil rights too, like these media scum do with tools they claim they deploy against extremism being used on me all the time. Here they will claim they have gotten me doing something about women, which is a whole new lifestyle choice as well and of course it’s their job to edit out any such nonsense when they have to report the news, otherwise it’s a calculable risk, the one where if I attend a higher institution and they follow me around again over it there is going to be trouble as it were for instance: of course they always ask if what I say indicates I am likely to do anything physically which is a matter of the fact it probably does and it probably doesn’t, the reason I do it however is because people behave in these ways because they think handling me is just another passing and it isn’t, its where they will be stopped. The Politicians have been talking of a link between my attitude and the government’s inability to control rising criminal behaviour all day today but reality will still be that the rise in criminal behaviour is due to the Political idiots wanting to show the scum they are associated with overseas are capable of bad things which people should fear them for and it is an outcome of resisting them concerning their selfishness which applies to other people’s property and is also worked on those who actually own the property all together but the main aspect of their attitude that causes this matter to get serious is that they want peoples help but want those people to give the help knowing they were superior, want help but know better and push people into a corner where people are being forced to pick up whole new lifestyle choices all day long, doing nothing useful with themselves as well to add to the problem; their excuses always have something to do with the fact they have suffered and have been robbed of a prospect but not responding to them has lasted in my case for 15 years with new ways of messing up their lives to blame somebody else for it being invented whenever it is cleared out for them – the reality about me however being that the world will always be inhabited by people whose whole existence is about grabbing somebody else’s life and career and property, taking over somebody else’s existence and so on and so the reason this matter is becoming a powder keg that will explode in a big way is that these idiots on media and television building their fools criminal a sense that there is domination to be had by messing with me and having conversations with Political opponents and friends to do talk to the hand routines at me have been spending tax payer funds on their fools to ensure people cannot point out the stupidities when they are rich; so that when it does come to the threatening me bit, the story changes from that of tolerance to one of a question of whether they know what they are doing or not and those their ageist idiots talking about Christianity burning people at the stake starts to make sense again. Even now, everybody can see that the heart disease is their own and the stress is their own and the illnesses is their own but they need to change this like they need to get criminals rehabilitated on my public image in order to have them as civil rights based private army while pushing me into criminal activity to rehabilitate me away from my personality that they can claim to make themselves look glorious and for that they have developed a need to strike people in a soft place all day long and talk nonsense that give hardened criminals a sense of dominance which serves as an incentive for their activities – when I mention it like so it turns out the Political and media scum were never prepared but in like manner we have seen them spend all day today talking nonsense about which link there is between my attitude and an increase in criminal activity in the land with that big mouth (even now, we see the primary behaviour towards me is that I have no right to support from other people, hence a constant involvement that ensures I am always miserable and cannot sell my Books because I am not a happy person, which is actually one of the clearest indications they are working criminal activity).