So I hear that I say everything and do everything by mentioning something about my Books which impedes my success, it is not actually accurate; what happens is that I have a busy schedule and make time to allow a bit of my Business take some space, this is what Media idiots damage because they are maintaining the version of Me they have made up which Community croons follow up with tales of my personality being a function of how I sleep with peoples wives of which when I see the wives that want to sleep with me I refuse to share some sex and so the immorality and evil and Satanism of wrecking my finances to make me have sex before I earn a living runs along these lines all day long and when they are asked why they are doing it find all these lies to tell which does further damage. So that especially for the Politicians, if the Books I write since I make the peace and quiet around my person and this Office for their convenience and self seeking as far as they are concerned, is not part of their mental state, then things will never get done as there is no other way of making sure those lies they tell such as my Christian personality being a function of sex with peoples wives will never get stuck up on their throats, hence the reasons I do it. The Media ones however the Books now being part of their thought process all together which is a start, know that the made up version of me will never become the real Me but they will continue to rip up my finances and business in order to nurse the hope. I have never for my part thought it is a problem, just that it is very frustrating for every little time I make to sell my Books to be taken up in such ways all of the time: and so am I aware of the question of why it happens which they give various answers for but the real one has always been that they are evil and when it started it was a tale of how I think their master the devil does not know how I am doing my moral stuff while I do it to put some light in their eyes looking for trouble, when I practice it in my personal life and with friends and family that is; which contact with me like these is what Politicians and Media have achieved, talking nonsense to chose my crowd all of the time and so it has now developed into the fights they lost and the fact they want to get me stuck somewhere as the human being they can copy to evolve, which is one of the clearest indications of how useless they are and the reasons they are always getting behind Politicians to throw stones at me rather than get real jobs and why I cannot tolerate any system that supports it. It all happens as a result of the kind of leadership Journalists want to provide in the Local communities – I may meet some poor people that are poor but are happy to rip up my finances and suck up to celebrities that will get on media to keep it wrecked for the rest of my life of course, just like the wealthier ones do it simply because it will make them more powerful and more of the violent bullies that they are but once settled I have to face violence from them and their cronies claiming they fit into suits and have chiselled Jaws and are the Celebrity type while I am actually in a position to steal their Public life and so there is always that question of whether they have been blind and did not see the issues I had to contend with and could not possibly imagine how provocative such behaviour is likely to be; so it is a kind of leadership Media wants to provide and not some public anomaly that those affected cannot make set out plans to deal with. So the vandalism of my Business always starts at around 11.00am everyday – I don’t know why but like to think it is because I am well organised, the finances are therefore affected because they work really hard at it. It seems to be the most important thing; violent bachelors Club and the social leadership of Media and I must consider their physique and physical endowments and let them have what they want, lest they add the tricks they play to get away with things to their muscles and I shall never have survived – yet they need the ;Politicians to add to their Media as well due to how my own tricks tends to be completely overwhelming and some of them will then go the extra mile and suggest why the Nazis lasted as long as they did, which was because of the tricks they played to win their battles and that I have to consider the tricks I see will be deployed and where I thought I would win will I fail and this is where I usually need them out of my space.

I do not think it is a do or die affair; they simply love to pretend they are the only ones that have things they hate even when they cannot work out why some people are on the left hand side of life all together – then there is the Labour Party that makes it really personal and behaves as though it is peoples God given right to lay claims to where I had my childhood and friends and where I had my personal development etc by having some form of relationship with my Mother so she can stop me from doing things while they screw around with me as intensely as possible. In the same way they speak of how I lose every Woman I love whereas what really happens is that Women get involved with me and then go after not the guy whose life is about selling things and behaves very flamboyantly all of the time to a point where some construe it a social problem who is obviously below the Guy who creates things that he can sell in terms of social position, what they do is go after the ones that are mad about showbiz and as a result my ego can never get pricked. I for my part take responsibility for being shut down emotionally for too long as well which has led to this point where I am always below my real person and unable to fight and also having throngs of people pull me out of it all day long but I do not see myself risking anything over men at showbiz chasing women I love, it does not make any sense; I mean I am not in any way referring to anybody in particular as such, it’s just what Women do all the time, then claim I will ignore all the advances and end up with none at the end but I have no idea if I am supposed to chase Men at showbiz to have a Woman in my life anyway, it’s a social status matter all together.

We are apparently always left in no doubt all day long, that the meaning of existence for them is to fabricate and run this structure of society where people are responsible for other peoples actions; they do like to claim the greatest prize is civil rights self improvements they can extricate with their Media from Peoples personal and public lives but I do rather enjoy pushing it to a point where conflict is a possibility, then diffuse it and start them all over again, the pain of which means people cannot get famous, leaving me only with the problem of Celebrated idiots that simply cannot keep their hands off my Royal Estate and the public life and especially my income.