Of course there is that talk of the story of me and psychopaths as such but I have no idea what they want to hear when they already have stories to tell all over about my treatment of those that are younger than I am and this process they have of elaborate way of showing people that I am a sadist that needs to be controlled by those that are older or bigger than me. I will not stop hitting them each time that rubbish provokes me and I will never stop no matter how much damage I have done -  it seems they expect me to wait until they become murderers with those behaviours they determine how I get to tolerate, murderers that creep behind me and stab me or something, roll their eyes and feel good about it and such a thing can only happen in their bloody dreams as well; it seems as though they wish to get the entire world to ensure I cannot hit them any time I want while they can make me tolerate their rubbish to a point and yet they have always known this to be a possible outcome of those games they play, where we put up with their havens in the US (not that they have it easy there anyway bearing in mind such films as gangs of New York were actually made on the basis of historical fact and the US government really did bombard areas of New York that were occupied by gangs from the sea using battle ship Artillery so nobody had to get anywhere near them while they die) and other places like Germany and that they have always complained about people like me who as Christians cannot exist unless they are a problem for the freedom of others but as royalty cannot let people breathe due to the fact that children exist; now they know that I in particular have a publicly active and operable half monastery office but almost 90% is spent on me and around me and what I own. I mean it is convenient to speak of their freedoms but in the US somebody is shooting dead with a machine gun school children, none of which were beyond the age of 7 meaning that every mother who lost a child in that event is experiencing a process where it is only three years or so since the child stopped crying their eyes out because mum did not return from work early enough, which if we break up how it works is the one old story of ‘give me my stuff’ with 7 year old children that ends in a process where somebody machine guns them; the suggestion therefore is that when they are famous or belong in street gangs nobody is aware they are capable of such activities and so I will wait until they creep around me and carry them out before I act – I mean they are always seeking out what my opinion of them is by the way and also talk way too much for their own good. I stand by my position; in my view it is a matter of shut them up – anyway and in any mean and anyhow that maybe done, none of us wants to hear of it and of course they can do their gangs and people can do their stuff and continue to make out it has something to do with me for their purpose as well.

 Their freedoms of which I did mess around with by the way and my message for that remains the same; they need to move on, make time to think about it and move on as there isn’t anything they can do about it, otherwise carry on and there will be only one freedom and I will be the one that has it. No use complaining when their older men play with me in ways I do not want people to or appreciate because it is hurtful and their women spend all their time relentlessly taking away my Christian blessing and replacing them with that their stupid violent and filth, while they think they can do anything they so please with all I own and my person as well. The first waves of consequences for these things have already taken place and the next are coming up and I bet those will have to do with the freedoms I interfere with. It’s like the days in school when we can tell people not to do things with us or to us that we do not appreciate and can take care of bullies if we want, except that now we are grown up it seems their main point is that since it is impossible to bully anything the bullying must exist in people’s minds and that is now the question i.e. what if it fails to, what then? I mean when I say I am expected to wait for them until they get to the murderer part and meanwhile tolerate those really insolent sociopath behaviours for it, I am saying it like they are the statesmen and I am the ordinary citizen at the moment but it is the other way round and I guess I know what it means when they need to be statesmen for their part too; its revolution (fuck them). A decade ago they could easily see a republican president is unable to crack a nut of a person who lives abroad and bank account reads £20, today a decade on I have been waiting for them to get ready to harm me while I get disarmed and cash strapped as they are doing so; makes you wonder what they make of themselves, who the hell they think they are.

The Politicians say of course that I bring most of these problems on myself because they were violent matters I could never have handled in the first place but it is no new story either; I mean they can carry on like that and I will do them again; the basis of all I do it seems unclear yet, is that what I do to them is designed to ensure I am a good person in the eyes of the world. It is the same old story of how the Christian is the problem when others are gangs and murderers and criminals – the wonderment of how they will protect people from the criminally disobedient when they claim the Christian is the problem because he provokes people to do bad things by grabbing all the attention. It does not seem to be acknowledged that it is how they handle what I have done to them that creates that similarity of message which results in a hung parliament in the UK at present, I am simply being overwhelmed by problems that I bring on myself as it stands. First they get involved with these trouble makers and then they realise the Christian is the problem that grabs all the attention and of course they will tell me that in African countries I would not move a muscle, where we all know it is a matter of seeing leaders and then deciding they want to get things from them without asking them and thanking them lest they become inferior and I clearly do not know that such behaviour is racism, so first it was the one where I could do nothing about it and now I would not move a muscle in an African Country. The same matter applies to my books of course; they say I tell people the contents and bring the problems on myself which of course is what I am validating now as well so I cannot make out why they complain too; that I tell people the contents of my books, then get off to write and publish them means they cannot see that it does not change what the books are and what is required of them seems to be the idea; the question of whether they can give to the frugal? For the politicians it is rather a matter of the fact if the contents of the books were condensed into an item and they were told to buy each and let alone the property that has been written in them by the owner and sold in a price that is not more than the asking for the books, they would not have enough money in the world to buy any of it as such. They never listen; I have made it clear a process where those books are available to buy and they want information from my personal life instead of buy them is a discourteous behaviour that is bad and intense enough to make a perfectly normal person into an animal and I will handle them again, especially for the problems I bring on myself. By the way of which people were always aware I am capable of these things anyway; especially because it was possible to see that I speak of my hatred for a process where people see grown up men and their families but choose to call them cunts; I mean cunts as per when a brother disagrees with the crimes of his really bad sibling that is – I mean at the end of the day I know it is difficult to find yourself at the receiving end of government wrath on the basis that even your brother disagrees with what you are doing, especially when it involved getting bombed and getting shot at but they should have known such an outcome was likely too, as equally as they knew I was capable of making sure they make no stupid alliance with communists and grab my property or other peoples own and stick it somewhere on the right hand side to get rich with, even on the basis of all these facts and they know that speaking of problems that mentioning such things will create is utter rubbish too because they cannot even take me – I mean they have my books and my websites and technically my finances with media at their disposal, so what really do they suppose they can do? It’s all together a validation of how I bring problems on myself because of course when I write books, on account my business is intellectual property administration, the products must be handled by fools who claim that my work is to seek out fame and stand aside thereafter on account that idiots have created products, so they can set out to get rich.

As for the idea I deny that most of the problems that happen in the US are linked with me and or my work, I have no idea where that came from either. I mean like I said people kill children and another people decide that what should be done about it by the Nation is parents toning down their instincts about their children while the government control guns and soon enough as well it has something to do with me when they know that this is exactly how it will appear before me; so taking on children needs to become more difficult – children need to be shooting fire balls from their eyes and thunder from their arse. Clearly of which if I did mention such things while republicans were talking about guns, it would all have become a lot less funny than it is at the moment and I would not have to be having conversations about where I stand with psychopaths either. So where I stand is that the technical idea behind a process where I deny things suggests I am afraid of them, when in actual fact I know that the killing of little children while they are at school and the shooting of fire men at work which work was created as a trap for them is linked, although I am of the opinion the American people and where my work fits into the picture are doing very well at the moment with the matter of handling the villains in their population. As for the idea I like suffering financial problems on the other hand, the fact remains I first of all abhor a process of having my Court sent on stupid errands of getting on Television to report such rubbish for them and of course secondly, the fact that I set up a website and take ages to do marketing for it is something I do because I am armed to the teeth; so that anybody who wants to make claims my job is to work for fame and leave it to those who have made the products for it can please have themselves as much a go as they want too. It is all together a validation of the problems that I bring on myself.  As for the fact the government of the day wants to build economic recovery on the back of poor and elderly, clearly it seems the confusion is that when a Government needs to make more money than it used to which is what economic recovery is about, what the government does is shed its responsibilities, when the responsibilities should really be with them at the helm while they are doing so, hence they make their own decisions as it were and I have no serious opinion about that either. What I think should be done is another matter; what I think should be done is that when a Government is no longer able to take care of its responsibilities and shed them when it wants to make more money, then people should get out of it then, the earlier they do so is the better and if they cannot because the government needs to use them to make more money, then that is another story entirely. It will not have been the first time, it happened in school when some could stand more pressures than others and their gains in life could be used to adorn those that want to go places in politics, that was the beginning, what they got used to like the psychopaths insults I say they get used to and really do get used to as well. That stupid Politics and its respect for the fathers as it were; they say my words and actions amount to rebellion against the State, which is utter nonsense because I have never said a word to them about The State. The fact of the matter is that for years they have continued to insist to a point of creating a penniless me, that they know where people vandalism and the problems of wealth distribution is and where and how it should end up at my earnings, they have continued to show they have the power no matter how competent people may be to avoid a process where small harmful things people do around them to make money harms them, they cannot be allowed to earn a living. So I intend to cheat them out of the air they breathe and have mentioned they always knew there was real possibility I will not tolerate grabbing my property and sticking it on the right hand side to get rich using alliances with communism. Now the rebellion against the state issue comes through when they expect me to take years to realise I need to get out of it, that building economic recovery on my back after that is not on; the same argument goes for that notion I am allowed to do as I like of course and yes I do know I am spoiled – you always find out at some point but my being spoiled has nothing to do with them and or their affairs in any case in anyway; when they do these things I get to choose if they are entitled to rest.

The business side of them like the UK Public transport are confident for example that if I say something about monopoly it will affect me worse than it will them and it is the same story all around with people thinking they have got me over a barrel all over the place. The fact of the matter is that Monopoly works very well, the part that the US leads the world and supports trouble makers for is the crimes of monopoly; it is never true that fulfilling the arrangements of a certain market equity contract I have with people to supply them goods that they pay me for do doing which is what my job is, it does not necessarily mean that I can do and undo – this is not what the rule book says. If I then set out to ensure I plan my life around how much I expect my customers to pay me and how much they are earning, that is something else entirely and my opinion of how it is to be handled is simple i.e. if we cannot get competition from the Industry or indeed help from the Politicians, then we are supposed to realise that we are close to that business enough, there is an interweaving of earning pots in it to give us a stake in it and so if we are unwilling to pay more, we withdraw our market equity contracts and that brief period of pain we were supposed to put up with so that services can be updated with be the brief period of pain we will endure for their demise. It is never true that monopolies can do and undo; some might say it is impossible to see to the demise of something as powerful as a rail company but clearly if people earn money and rail companies look into their earning pot and do as they like, then people need to look into the earning pots of rail companies and do as they like; so it may start with evacuation procedures such as never buying a thing from the station, which results will be shops being happy to set up new the station but never inside of it and then we can do as we see from then.

I mean I have never said or suggested anything like the media makes claim I said we should all get up every day and work really hard but it is not to say that I have also suggested that I am willing to sit back and take rubbish from them due to the fact they think their irresponsibility for their families means that their stupid selfish jobs where they suppose they are generally better than journalists in other countries, exists to help them hurt me for pleasure. It would imply as such that those things might continue because I have not taken steps to ensure their families live in fear too, since it is not quite clear why people who get on National media to introduce themselves and read news for a living, would want to enjoy the pleasures of terrorising others and it is like their Politicians with respect to whom I am more important speak less of their stupid children they go home to be nice to and climb of parliaments in this country to try and handle me like an animal with a big mouth for which I always say is not hurting badly enough as well anyway, never mind the need to validate problems and issues I bring upon myself due to my behaviour with a big mouth. The fact of the matter is that if this whole stuff about people that are meant to have been shallow and academically good at what they do is to be put in context, the best of them live in the US and the next best in Africa; these idiots in the UK regularly set themselves up to be killed by extremists because they cannot stop barging into people’s lives to trick and cheat and steal from them which is how they get themselves killed by racists and make out it is the problem of those who are not currently in the same predicament with a desire to enforce their stupid will, then sit around in their community relations to try and lay control to me and all I own in order to deploy it for their ends and therefore regularly make such insolent statements which suggests I am simply the biggest while they, the dunces who fancy themselves bullies to have hate figures and try to pay exams in school when they have people to take their frustrations out on are the best and of course it expresses what they do with my academic work each time I walk into an academic environment so they can invite racists to do the same as well and we are not sitting examples of South Africa for example and the apartheid issue – the playing stupid harmful bully hurting games with people who have expressed on a global stage they do not want played with them. Of course this is what I say in a professional point of standing, personally; they make noise now that all these wickedness is a factor of their needs and things they want but I find it impossible to forget about the fact it began from some strange desire to cleanse me of that my Christianity that gets in their eyes and this is how I look at it and the reasons I love to pretend I do not know everything filth and violence around me is Politics and intend to lay to waste everything that provides them the stupid insolent money that brings it on and of course I get info through first class first hand learning style experimentation from them on the need and process of doing things to them and getting away with it all the time and intend to cheat them out of the very air they breathe as well.