Recent events have now turned to the case of Brexit where there is quite ample confusion about what the British Government is doing with the EU; so the reality being that the Prime Minister is not negotiating Brexit for Britain, she is for the purpose of achieving the days when rich Politicians that were connected in Europe ran the Country – the Irony of it is that the EU Army building Brussels has agreed to a deal that she has come up with while they claim the reasons that the Brexit referendum became important in the first place was that the British wanted to organise racism. My position is that I do not want them to deploy any of my Property equities for any reason whatsoever and I want them to cease playing practical jokes on me over the Literary Empire Market that they have clung to and will not let go of, ripping up everything I own and do by exhibiting their stupidities all over it as they go along and telling tales about contributions Royalty must be forced to make for the good of the general public the whole time.

On the global stage however some pests in suits have made it clear that I cannot stop people deploying my equities or extracting an income from my market but I rather can; there is their own lives bearing items such as illicit sexual activities that their narcissism popular culture goons may use as weapons on others and their Industrial activities as a whole, ripping up my academic work and running off all sorts of abuses at Industry for the precise purpose of making sure they extract money from my Property whenever they run out of ideas on how they should make their own but have no wish to change a behaviour all together. I on the other hand have a life where I need look after some Royal Property, sell my Books and watch how my Empire only exists in my head if I stopped them all from taking money out of it as equally as they know the stupid things they do around my work and Public image has a damaging effect since they are not devoid of a thought pattern themselves.

So I do not deploy my own versions of bad behaviour and deviance to the tune of wrecking their livelihoods, thus testing me becoming more attractive, if only I deterred them from handling my Books, Business Empire market derivatives and following me around, never mind the media insults in this way, it is rather short sighted to assume then that it makes me thus stupid. The reality is that if it blows up in their faces and the result was that for some reasons attributed to the fact I made them very uncomfortable, they had finally decided they wanted to live in a world where the jobs they had was what they did for a living and not the business of getting about developing fantasies about being me and then trying to put them into practice, I am sure they would have assumed that I would not be thinking that I had performed a Public service for my part: the Books are the only equities other people can deploy around here and they cannot deploy it without signing off a copy of their own, the rest is my property and that of the British Government – I can stop people handling my earning margins on the contrary, they do have their own lives to live after all. So the theory that runs wild most of the time is that my parents would not approve my involvement with the Royal Family but we all know the reasons that happens is that the Labour Party is spending Government money and government time to wreck my finances and create this business of my parents having more money than I do until my parents get to decide what is to happen with my existence in a way that makes them feel comfortable and I am never seen anything so stupid in my whole life. The fall out of it are such things are people thinking they need give me stupid advice that says I look to the big things and it’s the small things people get to do better than me by, when I obviously had made myself a Public case demanding advice from them the last time we checked, bearing in mind it’s the sort of nonsense that allows popularity goons to show up and make money on the relationship I have with my parents, then set about disciplining me all the time as it is then decided how I am to respect them, while the Politicians show up at University to perform practical jokes on me until I dropped out and spent my days reacting to the stupidities of society; hence goes without saying if I get hold of the party a second time I shall endeavour to ensure those who own it saw it for the last time as well. It’s the question of what causes the problem being that these guys are spending my Public image for me, especially the Celebrities; no idea what stage exactly making me a character that the Public can abuse while buying products from Celebrities became the way to be famous but we all know that whilst it is a gift that keeps giving on account I am good at what I do the idiots also need to prove at my expense that they were more famous, hence it becomes a case of how you lose an empire by allowing Celebrities screw around with you to a stage where somebody you have engaged with can say they have engaged with another person with a similar personality or have bought products from somebody with a similar personality, hence the colloquialism of doing my stuff and there is no provocation or reason behind it after 14 years of people doing it every day to make out it is what fame means, now they think they are in a position to decide how the relationship I have with my parents affects my involvement with the Royal family, since they were convinced I may never get around making money from the relationship they have with their parents as well.


It’s all done first and the vandalism performed before they wish to discuss with the world the disrespect on my part, the one about the fact they do not like to get into a fight and lose, about the fact they do not want to have arguments with people in which they ended up being the wrong party and the list of the things you should expect when you get involved with other human beings while you are not an all seeing and all-knowing entity continues, garnished with annoying and insulting threats. They say there is Celebrity I am comfortable with and I was rather of the opinion They noticed I am because these are journalists or Celebrities who have a mindset that says they had achieved most of what they had and only need spend time nursing the family to adulthood and nursing the job to retirement, not people with ongoing career needs then showing up here to run my Public image and take care of it for me as well by doing so. In the end of which I am told that I do not need to be a part of the Royal family as I already am but it’s been an issue obviously so I had to respond to this part where it’s impossible to simply write Books and tell people they are reading from a Prince who spends most of his time in a Hermitage – hence the need to respond to the idea that I think I need to work for money as well which I do not; this is all fun – getting along with Celebrities and other people who get along with me and selling Books to those who are involved with my concerns, I am here now trying to make sense of what it would mean when people have created themselves a job that means helping themselves and a crowd to spend it for me, while telling me they are to work with my parents and set out a sense of disagreement with my position at the British Monarchy, all added up to create a sense I need to make a Public case of acceptance for people who want to do some fighting on my behalf because personal and private acceptance of them was clearly not good enough. This then fits into the case of the concerns expressed everywhere that I am being taken advantage of which is not really happening even though they intend it; what is really happening is that they have a culture and they have male and female thing in that culture but then again are not completely devoid of a thought pattern, so they are aware that doing the male and female thing on people’s livelihoods whether it be on social media will damage it – the result is that they have been complaining about me because I had taken up the process of handling them from the moral high ground and so we have ended up with this case that involves the most destructive of the lot i.e. the employers and the kids; the kids say that I am too old for what I am doing or that it is female and therefore should be handed over to those it applies according to what they had decided and that I am also too old to finish my academic work when there are kids waiting to go places and so they have an imagination that goes up the anus all the time no matter how much they complained about the consequences because the incentives are there, the employers on the other hand are the sweet thing that it used to provide people with jobs building an obsession for seeing me do violent things that will make them feel good and protected. They do claim that these things are necessary just as I see them work hard to ensure they get people to kiss their arse and do not have to kiss other people’s arse but it all depends on the working environment; the factories and warehouses are supposed to be full of ex criminals and probably extremists that have decided to give up the bad ways, so those who got to the top there need to lay off my Books as they have not signed a Contract that permits them to handle it, since doing so is part of a process of putting me in a position that means people can pick on me in order to get to the top like they did and handling my Books is criminal; those that have no wish to comply will face an outcome where this business of a link between hurting me and knowing how I work at this Royal Hermitage is also translated into a process where each time they complain about me it would have been happening because there was a link between handling them and knowing how they do their jobs and make their money, then it will likely stop because there will be businesses going under and jobs being lost.